Tuning into Oneness: Telepathic Animal Communicator Candi Cane Cooper   

Being able to communicate with animals, people can see we are all one universal mind. We are all connected, every little thing. And that we are not different from our animals.

HOST: Greetings, precious viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants.
This is the first in a two-part series featuring an insightful journey into the inner world of animals
with telepathic animal communicator Candi Cane Cooper of Los Angeles, California, USA.
Ms. Cooper’s work with animals has been profiled on many prominent television channels in the US including E! Entertainment Television, Animal Planet, and others.

She is the founder of Adoption 911 which is a non-profit animal rescue organization that also operates
an animal sanctuary called the Sweet Water Ranch near Los Angeles.
Adoption 911 has rescued horses, alpacas, birds, dogs, donkeys, cats, bunnies, sheep, turtles, snakes, goats, pigs, and other animals and strives to re-home them with caring families.

Since childhood, Candi Cooper has always had a deep connection with animals and every being has
a special place in her young and loving heart.

Ms. Cooper realized she had the ability to communicate and to truly understand animals at a very  early age.

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