Anthrax reappears in Sweden after nearly three decades. - 10 Feb 2010  
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The dangerous bacteria was discovered in a herd of 90 cattle following a 27-years period during which no cases were detected. So far, 7 cows have died since the initial diagnosis.

Feed mixed with contaminated soil and dust was the suspected source of the pathogen, with the spores themselves originating as far back as 100 years ago, when dead animals were dumped into a regional river during anthrax outbreaks.

Surviving through the decades, the spores become active when coming in contact with a host through inhalation or touch, or by eating the meat of an infected animal. Anthrax is just one of many contagious diseases that have proliferated from livestock raising, and affects both animals and humans.

Another, in the form of a virus, is the H1N1 swine flu, which continues to spread across the globe. Besides sickening pigs, turkeys and other species in at least 20 countries, severe infections and fatalities in humans continue, with Thailand just increasing her death toll to 201, Hong Kong to 66, and India to 1,270.

However, experts warn that the vast majority of cases, including those fatal, are far too numerous to count. We send our sympathies to the world’s people who have lost loved ones due to swine flu, anthrax, and other animal-related diseases.

Our thanks to the Swedish health authorities who are working to alert and safeguard the public from anthrax. May humanity quickly turn to the organic vegan diet as the most effective way to be free of such pathogens and protect countless lives.