Scientists on Climate Change
Dr. Rebecca Lee: Observations from Hong Kong’s Famed Explorer on Climate Change (In Cantonese)   
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Hallo, eco-minded viewers,welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home. Today on part two of our program we once again talk with Dr. Rebecca Lee, the founder of the Polar Museum Foundation.

The Foundation has the goal of conserving our environment by highlighting the importance of polar scientific exploration to the general public.  Dr. Lee is renowned as the first woman to have explored the “Four Poles” of our planet – the North Pole, the South Pole Mount Everest and the Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon in Eastern Tibet
which features the deepest canyon in the world.

In 1970, carrying her backpack, sleeping bag and camera, Dr. Lee started her dream journey of traveling every corner of the globe. After nearly 40 years of exploration, she has seen the world’s five oceans and touched the seven continents.

Dr. Lee joined the Chinese Antarctic Research Expedition team in 1985 to conduct polar research. Since then, she has traveled six times to the Antarctic, 10 times to Arctic, four times to Mount Everest, twice to Taklamakan, a large Central Asian desert, and once to Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon. Based on her wealth of experience and knowledge, Dr. Lee has written “The Poles Declaration” about her explorations of the poles and “Polar Power” regarding the energy of the poles and their influence on global climatic conditions.

Our Supreme Master Television correspondent in Hong Kong visited recently visited with with Dr. Rebecca Lee. In their our conversations with Dr. Lee, she shared her experiences of conducting research at the poles as well as her insights to spreading the message on the dangers of global warming.

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