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Veggie Era
903 b west foothill blvd
upland, ca 91786
tlp: (909) 982-3882 
hours: tue - sat: 11:00am-9:00pm
          sun: 04:00pm-09:00pm

Veggie Era, the terrifically tasty vegan cuisine restaurant. Serving up their savory Chinese, Thai and Indonesian dishes, there?s plenty to choose from on this enticing menu. Start with a delicious Egg-Less Roll or the Curry Potato Soup, made with veggies, curry and coconut milk. Two house specialties are the deepfried California Chick?n-Less or the Harmony Tofu: a delightful sautee, including tofu, bell pepper and onion. With five kinds of fried rice to choose from and their famous noodle side dishes, it?s tricky to leave room for dessert, but you deserve to splurge on the Black Forest Cheesecake or Vegan Smoothie with these low fat/no cholesterol recipes.

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