European scientists warn of link between climate change and infectious disease - 29 Jun 2010  
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A recent report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) signals the risk of more illnesses as global warming creates conditions for disease-bearing insects to mature faster and produce more offspring.

The EASAC, chaired by Dr. Volker ter Meulen, is comprised of 26 national science academies of the European Union member states. Dr. ter Meulen, a virologist at Germany’s University of Würzburg and president of the Germany Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, cited the mosquito, which is known to transmit a number of diseases including yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue fever, encephalitis and chikungunya.
In particular, chikungunya, a viral infection that causes fever and joint debilitation, has already been diagnosed in over 200 people in Europe.

In addition, rising temperatures provide new habitats for insects, also known as vectors, to spread.
Dr. ter Meulen stated, “… We have had a higher temperature over the last 20, 30 years, which is documented. These higher temperatures provide for the vectors and the viruses to grow faster and produce more. More vectors, more virus, and this will cause more disease.”

Our thanks, Dr. ter Meulen and European Academies Science Advisory Council scientists for this important message and report. May humans unite with all swiftness to stop global warming and restore stable conditions to our cherished planetary home. During a 2008 videoconference with our Association members in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the most direct way to stop the warming of the climate and its related detrimental effects.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: And some places may have more mental illness, and all kind of other illnesses, and diseases go where they have not been before even. Like mosquitoes, they migrate into different areas where they have not been before because the climate is warmer.

So it depends on how many people join the vegetarian diet. The more vegetarian people, the less killing of the animals, the more time we have to rescue the planet and the lives on the planet.

So everybody has to join to into the vegetarian diet, and stop the killing, stop the harm to other people and the animals and save energies every way possible and go green wherever possible.