Organic methods bring abundant harvests to a farmer in India - 10 Nov 2011  
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Mr. T. Sampath Kumar of Chikkakallahalli in Karnataka has grown bananas, tomatoes, sunflowers, pigeon peas, finger millet, and mulberry for more than four years on his approximately six acres of land.

In addition he has started mango, drumstick tree, and sweet potato, reports the Deccan Herald of India. With his natural methods, Mr. Kumar’s first crop of bananas was 30 tons.

Moreover, to water efficiently, he uses drip irrigation and prevents moisture loss by covering soil with a blanket of waste sticks and branches. Mr. Kumar said his methods have improved the fertility and quality of the soil.

Our accolades and appreciation, Mr. T. Sampath Kumar, for your wonderful example of the numerous benefits of organic practices. May many be encouraged by your success to start eco-friendly farms and gardens for flourishing fruits and vegetables and a healthier planet.