We chop down 99 million trees and flush 80 billion US dollars down the toilet every year.* It harms the environment and our finance. Here are some alternatives:

  • When using the toilet, you can wear reusable gloves and use water and soap to wash your private parts instead of toilet paper. It’s cleaner, fresher, and smells nicer.
  • Kitchen paper can be replaced with kitchen cloth towel.
  • Instead of paper napkin, you can use cloth napkin.
  • Instead of using tissue, you can use handkerchief. Have a ready handkerchief in your pocket to wipe your hands, etc.
The less we abuse the planet, the better for us. Whatever is better for the environment is better for our health and brings good luck.

In the process of making paper, there are still residues of chemical in the paper. The kitchen and toilet paper are not as “clean” as we think.

Invest, ask the one who knows how to help you, in collecting rainwater to use because in the long run, it’s environmentally and financially profitable since the rainwater is “perfect” and the tap water is usually laden with all kinds of chemicals. The less we use, the better for the environment and for us. Use a piece of cloth (or double it) to screen the rainwater, if necessary, and boil to drink. If you have a big swimming pool, you can collect rainwater there instead and connect it to your main water system to use it for everything. It would be good if poor people can get subsidies for collecting rainwater.

Blessed be anyone who takes care of this.

Be inventive in any eco-friendly way possible.

(Supreme Master Ching Hai does this herself everywhere she goes, everywhere she can.)
* For all tissue papers (toilet, facial, napkins, towels)
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