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Oberon C. Silva: Visszatérés Isteni énünkhöz a levegőevéssel - 1/4 rész (portugál nyelven)   

HOST: In script-xures, the human body is often referred to as the temple of God. Yet, it is quite an uncommon privilege for any soul to attain this sacred abode that houses the Divine, as it is truly a blessing to be reborn as a human being. On several occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the rarity of this phenomenon:

Supreme Master Ching Hai: To be reincarnated in the human world is hard. You have to have enough Human Quality. You have to have affinity with the parents and with the society, with the people around which you are born. Very difficult.

To be a human, you need some merit. You have done something good in the past in order to be able to pick a human birth.

HOST: As a living temple of God, the human body is fully equipped with miraculous wonders that can be awakened in those who are spiritually conscious and have complete faith in the Creator of all life.

Inedia, Latin for “fasting,” is the human ability to live without food. Since time immemorial, there have always been individuals who can sustain themselves on prana, or the vital life force. Through the grace of the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves:

Supreme Master Ching Hai:  They live on the chi from the ground, or from the forest, and from the sun and from the air. They make use of all that. Or they live on love, on faith alone.

HOST: These individuals are known as breatharians, solarians, waterians, or pranarians, and they come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and all corners of the world.

Indeed, the possibilities and miracles in this life as our benevolent Creator has designed for us are endless; we only need to connect within to recognize our abounding largess as God’s children.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly recommended a weekly series on Supreme Master Television to introduce those individuals of the past and present who have chosen to live food-free on Earth. May their spiritual stories enthrall you; may hearts be opened, and horizons be expanded.

We now invite you to join us for part 1 of our 4-part program, “Oberon C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism,” on Between Master and Disciples.

OS(m): People perceive nutrition in physical factors, and I would say this supply is much more subtly present in a field much higher, that is this physical field that nourishes people. So, pranic consciousness or living on light we'll be nourishing at a state of consciousness and, in that case, a state of happiness.

And when we are living this happiness we are creating a vibration in everything, a higher vibration. So, perceiving the world as an organism and we are like planetary cells as we would be raising the vibration of the planet for a more expanded consciousness... higher. And I think it is much more important than to stop eating.

HOST: Greetings, conscientious viewers. Today we visit the vast and multifaceted country of Brazil in Latin America to speak with Oberon Silva, a big-hearted breatharian who has a profound respect for life. Oberon is food-free for nine years.

OS(m): I realize that the vibrational pattern that enters the body when you eat some physical element, if you are in a sustained happiness, it does not vary. If you're caught up in the daily dramas of being a victim, of control, of fear, of suffering - all that you place inside you interferes with your vibration. You become totally vulnerable to external vibrations, the outdoor vibrations.

And it's the same for the environments that you hang out in, the companions that you have, your entertainment, television - everything will bring that dense vibration, each more inferior and will also undermine our energy, and each time that we are linked, we are caught in this circuit of survival, of hunger, of the need to eat.

And this also applies to food. If you eat low-frequency food, of death, pain, suffering, violence, fear, you are entering the vibration of these elements, which are very dense, very low vibrations. So it's hard for you to live this happiness - I'm talking about this continuous happiness, this awareness of being happy.

You live moments of joy here and there and then enter again into this rollercoaster of sensations and feelings. So the main idea that I see, even for the purpose of pranic consciousness, is that the people are established in the consciousness - no longer the ego creating structures, creating games.

Thus you can get out of this ego mechanism of living in the past, living in the future, transiting through pleasures, just watching and being happy with everything, being thankful in the energy of gratitude, which is sublime. Gratitude is divine. It brings this unlimited vibration, a vibration of God.

For more information about Oberon and his work, please contact:Oberon C. Silva Mailbox 108
São Lourenço – Minas Gerais / Brazil
CEP 37470-000

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