Current emission goals put world on path for 3 degree temperature rise - 1 Jan 2009  
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Using a combination of scientific sources, the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper presented an overview of the effects of different global temperature increases. Starting with the minimum, it reported that an average rise of 1 degree Celsius is viewed as ideal and would ensure the survival of island nations such as Tuvalu. However, since this goal is considered impossible by many, scientists have called for a more realistic average increase of 2 degrees, which would still bring heat waves such as the one that cost tens of thousands of lives in Europe in 2003 as well as the collapse of Western Antarctica, leading to still-rising seas.

However, adding another degree for a 3-degree total temperature rise, which is forecast if nations continue with current emission reduction commitments only, could push global warming out of control, with billions of people forced to leave their lands. Without any mitigation whatsoever, researchers point to a 5 or more degree rise, which would drastically impact human populations. 

Many thanks, scientists, journalists and Guardian newspaper for this informative overview, despite its alarming scenarios. Let us act in unity to create the safest and most planet-cooling future for ourselves and our children.  As on many occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with concern during an October 2009 videoconference in Hong Kong about the devastating effects of global warming, also suggesting the fastest
sustainable solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: A lot of the ecological and environmental news today is not very good due to the effects of global warming. We hear about glaciers melting, water becoming more scarce, rising food shortages, rising food prices with over one billion people going hungry every day, animals becoming extinct and many species gone forever and so on and so forth.

But even though our time is running out, we do still have time to save this beautiful planet and restore it to its original splendor, or even more so if all turn to the vegan diet.

As it has already been mentioned, recent research shows that more than 50% of emissions  which
heat up our planet, which put our lives in danger, which put our world into the perilous situation of mass extinction,  are from the livestock industry.

The solution is at hand for each and every one of us, which is simply to forego animal products and become vegan – one small change; it’s no big deal.