At current carbon dioxide levels, seas could still rise 25 meters -3 Jul 2009  
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In a new study by Dr. Eelco Rohling and scientists at the National Oceanography Center at the University of Southampton, UK variations in sea levels over the past 520,000 years were compared to atmospheric CO2 over the same period.

The research found a close relationship between ongoing rise in sea levels and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Published in the UK-based journal New Scientist, the study concluded that even if CO2 levels remained fixed at what they are today, the sea would still continue to rise 25 meters over the next two millennia.

Dr. Rohling and National Oceanography Center colleagues, we are grateful for this information that highlights the need for even more urgent action to reduce greenhouse gases.

Let us quickly join in adopting sustainable lifestyles to restore the Earth. As we face this urgent time on the planet, Supreme Master Ching Hai has offered her insight and guidance on numerous occasions. In the following August 2008 excerpt from an interview with Ireland’s East Coast FM Radio, Supreme Master Ching Hai addresses the concerns of international scientists regarding global warming.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: According to the scientists, whatever they have predicted or prescribed about our critical situation is accurate up to 99%. They want us to change the way we live our lives, to protect our fragile ecosystem, by cutting down CO2 emissions. And the fastest way that individuals can do, without a lot of protocol and ado, is to be veg.

It’s truly critical now, as we have witnessed increasing disaster worldwide, due to climate change. we still have time, we still have a little time to change the course of destiny, thanks to the vegetarian population, old and new members that reduce the most karmic retribution in the shortest span of time.