Special Aulacese Breakfast:Sticky Rice with Roasted Sesame and Ready-made Vegan Silky Ham    Part 2
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Special Aulacese Breakfast
Sticky Rice with Roasted Sesame and Ready-made Vegan Silky Ham

Aulacese Sticky Rice:

  1. 1 Kilogram glutinous rice
  2. 7 ounces mung (green) beans, shelled halved

  1. Roasted, ground sesame
  2. Crushed peanuts
  3. Salt
  4. Brown sugar
  5. Condensed Coconut milk (optional)
  6. Fresh Shredded coconut (optional)
  7. Fresh mango
Side Dishes:
  1. Ready-made vegan silky ham (in Aulacese: chả lua)
  2. Aulacese coriander (in Aulacese: rau răm) (optional).
  3. Cucumbers


  1. Wash 1 kilogram of sticky rice and 7 ounces of mung beans.
  2. Cover the rice and mung beans with an inch of water and cook with electric automatic cooker.
  3. Sticky rice could be served with choices of toppings: - crushed peanuts or crushed sesame and a little salt; - fresh shredded coconut or condensed coconut milk and brown sugar; - mango.
  4. It could also be served with vegan ready-made ham or vegan ready made chicken with cucumber.

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