Climate Change Public Service Announcements
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Global human casualties due to meat consumption and just 3 of its related diseases, namely, heart disease, cancer and diabetes:

2004: 25.6 million human lives lost
2005: 26.0 million human lives lost
2006: 26.5 million human lives lost
2007: 26.9 million human lives lost
2008: 27.3 million human lives lost
2009: 27.7 million human lives lost
2010: 28.1 million human lives lost

Not included are the many more humans who die from other meat-related diseases.

Global animal casualties due to meat consumption by humans:

2004: 53.0 billion animals' lives lost
2005: 52.8 billion animals' lives lost
2006: 54.3 billion animals' lives lost
2007: 57.1 billion animals' lives lost
2008: 58.8 billion animals' lives lost
2009: 59.3 billion animals' lives lost

Not included are the billions of fish and other marine animals killed and eaten each year.

End the war on animals.

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet.

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