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Bees : Colony Collapse   
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Bees : Colony Collapse
VOICE: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports that 90% of all food consumed worldwide originates from 100 main crop species, 71 of which depend on bees for pollination.
But bee colonies across the globe are collapsing due to pesticides, climate change, pollution, habitat degradation, and genetically modified crops.

In speaking of the impact of such a loss, Kevin Hackett of the US Department of Agriculture said, “This is the biggest general threat to our food supply.”

Fiona Johnson (Vegan) – Head, Tierra Verde International, UK (F): There are a thousand solitary bee species which are on the verge of extinction or extinct already. Basically, it’s pretty dire. I mean, these bees are so crucial to global food production.

VOICE: The most widely eaten fruits, vegetables, and nuts are pollinated by the vital bees.

Fiona Johnson: You can see this beautiful vegetable patch, and it’s all pollinated by bees. And this is what we will have to live without if we don’t do something about it.

It’s reported that there are several causes for the bee’s decline, like genetically modified crops, chemical pesticides, and other spray substances for plants. Climate change also affects the environmentally sensitive and fragile bees.

Protect the bees that so willingly protect our food supply.

Be Veg, GrOw Green 2 Save the Planet!

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