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How Many More ?   
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Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture
“Save the Planet at All Cost” International Gathering August 8, 2009

How many more people have to die? How many more island nations have to sink for that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many million more climate refugees do we want to look at – for that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many more patients do we want to see languishing in the hospitals between life and death, or dead because of that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many more families we want to break up due to this kind of disease and death caused by meat?

How many billion more animals we want to see suffer, agonizing in those crammed small crate factories – for that little piece of meat that we put in our mouth, that we could change?

And how much more energies do we want to waste in producing meat? How much more grains, food do we want to waste to raise animals at the cost of starvation of millions of other people? Right now we have 1 billion people already go to bed hungry. Every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger. How long can we afford to bargain in the face of these sufferings of our own kind and of the animals, of the environment?

It’s not humane to choose to disregard the suffering of our own kind, of other beings on this planet, and the danger that we’re facing, the climate change, which will easily destroy the whole planet and probably all or most of the beings on this planet.

It’s all really not worth it. It’s all really a degrading choice to eat meat.

Be Veg. Go Green.
Save the Planet.

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