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Smart children "more likely to become vegetarians"   
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The British Medical Journal reports that the more smart you are, the more likely you’d be vegetarian

In a research that followed 8,000 people from birth, scientists discovered that those with an IQ five points above the average had become vegetarian (vegan) by the time they were 30 years old.

Trish Kennett, chief executive of the international high-IQ society Mensa explains:  “Smart people consider all aspects of their life very, very carefully. 
People who think about the ethics of killing animals will naturally choose vegetarianism(veganism) more often.” 


Smart children "more likely to become vegetarians"

Vegetarian and Vegan Elite of the World :

Philosophers, Spiritual Leaders
Paramahansa Yogananda (Indian Spiritual Teacher), Socrates (Greek philosopher), Jesus Christ & early Christians, Confucius (Chinese philosopher), Shakyamuni Buddha, Lao Tzu (Chinese Philosopher), St. Francis of Assisi (Italian Christian Saint), Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Buddhist monk\writer), Yogi Maharishi Mahesh (Indian writer, philosopher, leader of Transcendental Meditation), Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy (Russian philosopher), Pythagoras (Greek mathematician/philosopher), Zoroaster (Iranian - Founder of Zoroastrianism), Muhammad Al-Ghazali (Iranian Islamic scholar and Sufi Saint), Muhammad Rahiim Bawa Muhaiyadeen (Sri Lankan Islamic author and Sufi Saint), Bulleh Shah (Muslim Sufi Saint), Etc.
Writers, Artists & Painters
Leonardo Da Vinci (Italian painter), Ralph Waldo Emerson (US essayist, and poet), George Bernard Shaw (Irish writer), John Robbins (US writer), Mark Twain (US writer), Albert Schweitzer (German philosopher, physician, musician), Plutarch (Greek writer), Voltaire (French writer), Sadegh Hedayat (Iranian novelist), Etc.
Scientists, Inventors & Engineers
Charles Darwin (British naturalist), Albert Einstein (German Scientist), Thomas Edison (US scientist/inventor), Sir Isaac Newton (British scientist), Nikola Tesla (Serbian-American scientist/inventor), Henry Ford (US Founder of Ford Motors), Etc.
Politicians, Statespersons and Activists
Susan B. Anthony (US leader of Woman's Suffrage movement), Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Civil Rights leader), Coretta Scott King (American Civil Rights activist and leader, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), Dr. Janez Drnovsek (2nd President of Slovenia), Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (President of India), Dr. Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India), Dennis J. Kucinich (US Congressman), Etc.
Actors, Film stars & TV Stars
Pamela Anderson (US actress), Ashley Judd (US actress), Brigitte Bardot (French actress),  John Cleese (British actor), David Duchovny (US actor), Danny Devito (US actor), Cameron Diaz (US actress), Richard Gere (US actor), Daryl Hannah (US actress), Dustin Hoffman (US actor), Katie Holmes (US actress), Steve Martin (US actor), Demi Moore (US actress), Ian McKellen (British actor), Tobey Maguire (US actor), Paul Newman (US actor), Gwyneth Paltrow (US actress), Joaquin Phoenix (US actor), Steven Seagal (US actor), Brooke Shields (US model/actress), Jerry Seinfeld (US actor), Naomi Watts (US actress), Kate Winslet (British actress), Etc.
Pop stars & Musicians
Joan Baez (US folk singer),  George Harrison (British musician, member of the Beatles), Paul McCartney (British musician, member of the Beatles), Ringo Starr (British musician, member of the Beatles), Bob Dylan (US musician), Michael Jackson (US pop star), Morrissey (British singer), Olivia Newton John (British-Australian singer), Sinead O'Connor (Irish singer), Pink (US singer), Prince (US pop star),Justin Timberlake (US pop singer), Tina Turner (US pop star), Shania Twain (Canadian singer),Vanessa Williams (US pop singer), Etc.
Sports Personalities
Billie Jean King (US Tennis champion), Bill Walton (US Basketball player), Carl Lewis (US 9-time Olympic Gold-Medalist in Track & Field), Edwin C. Moses (US 2-time Gold-Medalist in Track & Field), Elena Walendzik (German Boxing champion), Alexander Dargatz (German Athlete, Body-building champion, physician), Etc.
Christie Brinkley (US supermodel), Christy Turlington (US supermodel), Etc.
And the list goes on…     

  European Parliament supports reducing meat to lower greenhouse gases. 
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