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Supreme Master Ching Hai on Climate Change:The Solution   
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There is solution, only three steps, no? VEGETARIAN, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, PLANT TREES. How more simple, can it be?

If the government and the media jump in and help and spread all this and say, "It's really urgent, and everybody must do it," then we still have time. Two years. Okay, it's short, but we have time to keep the planet as is. As is. Not as good as before, but as is. And not worse.

They ban cigarettes and it's banned. And they banned drugs, and it's banned. It's not legal. Yeah, and the cigarette reduction now reduce a lot of illness everywhere in the world. People know that. The same with the climate change policy. If they just do what they know is good, then it's very quick. In no time we will recover, or we stop the effect. Because if we don't raise any more cattle or animals, then the Earth will be more sustainable. No more greenhouse gas or methane gas from the animals. No more multiplying all the time. Whatever we have already, we keep it. And no more, raising for profit and meat. Then the Earth will recover.

This is the only important thing right now. First you have to survive and then you can do anything else you want, but if you don’t survive, you don’t have the planet, what's the use? Unless they want to kill their children. If that’s what they decided, what are we going to do?

You see, the gasses are fuming from the ocean and from the land that's been defrosting. It's fuming everywhere. It's just that at the moment, it's not so intense. And then you probably have a headache when you pass by some place, you don't know why suddenly the headache come, and you don't know suddenly your heart hurt, burned. You don’t know why today your liver is no good, and then you take medicine and you forget about it. But it'll be more and more intense if we don't do something. It started long time already. It's just not intensive enough yet, you know, the density. The gas amount is not yet so lethal. Okay, it is lethal to some people in some area where it's more direct, nearby. But most people, they live far away, a little effected or not yet effected. Or very little effect, then they just blame it, "Okay, I ate something bad yesterday, or maybe I drank too much alcohol." And blame it on drinking or food or bad mood, or maybe old age or whatever, don't know that.

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