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Veg Appeal to Leaders & Vegans in The World   
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Supreme Master Ching Hai: I am very grateful to courageous leaders in the world for stepping out of their boundary and to speak out for the sake of everyone. Even if the public does not appreciate their goodwill, Heaven will take note.

And they will have a great reward hereafter. It is of course very, very difficult to be in the position of authority. To be a leader is to be endowed with bravery, compassion and nobility. That’s why you are a leader. It’s not easy, of course, to be in the position of a leader. That’s why leaders are few, yeah? You see in a nation, there’s only one king, one queen, some princess, some prince, one president, one prime minister. Very few leaders, compared to the multitude of this world.

But fewer even still are brave leaders, courageous leaders, righteous leaders and wise leaders. To such a wise and courageous one, we offer full support and respect.

We pray that Heaven give them more strength, more wisdom to carry out their noble duty. Because as I told you, leaders are few. And fewer still are those who are wise and courageous. Being a leader, we must know what is good for our subjects and what is not. And what is good, we have to encourage them to do, facilitate them to do. And what is bad, we have to stop, to protect them. That is the true meaning of a leader.

 Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Supreme Master Television, Los Angeles, California, USA - July 31, 2008

All the information about harmful meat diet and beneficial vegetarian lifestyle, just print them out, put it in your pocket, and wherever you go, just give it to people. It doesn’t take time, not much money, even if it does, please do sacrifice to save the planet if you still want to live here. And also to save the animals that you so much love. And to save our people who are not aware of the bad consequences of a meat diet.

It’s our duty to do that, all the vegetarian, all the vegan all the fruitarians, breatharians, solarians, waterians out there, please, do this. We cannot do it all alone, we can also save some people, but we cannot save all if we do not have your help. Please, do help us to help everyone. Thank you so much.

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