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Food Crisis Caused by Meat Consumption   
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(In Norwegian) Inga Marte Thorkildsen, Member of Norwegian Parliament, Member of the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment: It is important to make people aware that their meat consumption is an important contributor both to climate changes, but also to the food crisis in the world. And it’s a big potential to reduce meat consumption, and I think we have to look at the price mechanism and the policy of agriculture within the nation but also internationally in the EU (European Union) and WTO (World Trade Organization), for example.

So there we have to challenge consumers and dare to take some tough choices as politicians and challenge the international organizations. And not accept one-sided growth policy about everyone being allowed to consume more and eat more. I think we have to make some choices from the top and say that our agriculture shall produce less meat.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai with London Center, UK – June 13, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai : I’m sure people will follow what the government proposes, especially when they know it’s good for them, and good for the planet, and good for the future of their children, because they don’t want to kill their children. If the planet is damaged, ruined or bad, or uninhabitable in any way, their children will be affected.

And I think everybody loves their children, including the leaders, and the government officials, the one in power. They all love their children. So they have to do it now. There’s no other choice. They have to give an official endorsement,? And let everybody know about the benefit of vegetarian diet. They have to create websites for vegetarian menus, all free of charge, class for vegetarian cooking, vegetarian club, make it official. Then everybody would follow like a happy trend some new change in the world.

They could also put high tax on meat or ban it altogether or ban the killing of animals, and educate people into a brand new, exciting way of life. And the whole world will change. I can't wait to see that day, when we all enjoy love, contentment, and enlightenment. Live in peace.

  Moving towards a Vegetarian Society 
 The Single Largest Source of Methane Today is Animal Agriculture