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*I am Dr. Richard Schneider,broadcasting live from Taipei,Formosa (Taiwan). As my guest tonight,I have Supreme Master Ching Hai. Today we have been at an exciting and extraordinary event,the International Human Rights Conference,which has been sponsored by Master Ching Hai's Association. The reason for this interview is we want to give a voice to the pain of the refugees of the world,and I believe there is no better voice for that pain than Master Ching Hai. Master Ching Hai,what do you want the world to know about the refugee situation?

You see,last month your radio station has helped broadcast the suffering of the Vietnamese refugees inflicted by the government because they have monitored nearly 2,000troops,armed forces,and used hundreds,hundreds,hundreds of tear gases to oppress these people. Also mace was sprayed directly onto the children and women,and pepper fog was sprayed from the air by the airplane,etc.
This caused a lot of damage to the people,bodies and minds. Some people mentally disturbed,some people are still burnt all over the body,and some people,some children,still cannot see because of the mace and the tear gas. So now,we would like the world to know that this is not the way that the human being should treat another human being,especially in the near 21st century.
And after all that Jesus has taught us,after all the Buddha has taught us,we should have learned better than this. And refugees come here to us,to our feet,for refuge,for some safety corner of the world,and we should respect their human rightsrespect their dignityand help thembecause it could be us. It could be that one day we become refugees,because the war always goes on from one country to the next. We never know when it becomes us. And God always says you have to love our neighbors,yes.
So we hope that the international people will open more their doors,accept the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. You see,I think the people agree. It's the problem,stuck with the government: if they decide not,then the people cannot do much.

*It seems to me that average citizens,though,can certainly write,call their governments,make a noise about this. That will perhaps begin to make a small wave that could conceivably become a larger wave. How can the citizens of the world help in this situation,help what you're trying to do?

Maybe they could write to the newspapers,supporting our idea. Maybe they could write to their government. Maybe they could write to the United Nations. Also they could write to us. We have a formula,and if they could just sign in agreement and we will submit these signatures to the UN and to other governments concerned to let them see that the people's opinion is supporting the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. So maybe the government will change their policy and open their arms to receive these unfortunate people.

*I understand,Master,that you have made certain concrete proposals about what you are willing or able to do?(Yes.) Could you tell us about that?

Right. We are willing to donate whatever we have,our property,in case any nation is willing to accept these refugees. Also,we will try to help with manpower,different expertise people,in order to train those who have not skills in any job,so that they will be productive to the world,instead of being a captive in a prison-like condition. Because that serves no one any good. I don't know why they don't let people out and work for them.


*Now,I understand you were at the camp recently. (Yes.) Could you tell us about that?

Yes,we were at the camps because the government has used violence to hurt these unarmed and weak people. They are already weak with hunger strike,because they want to voice their love for freedom. And then the government wants to stop the hunger strike perhaps,but using violence,using arms,and beating and forcing and kicking - this is not human standard.
Therefore,we go there with about 3000disciples and sympathizers for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees all over the world,in order to have a meditation,prayer,for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees; also to voice our objection to this violent treatment to the weak and unfortunate people,as well as to persuade the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people to not carry out with their 『commit suicide』plan,because they planned to commit suicide en masse.
At that time they,some of them,told us that they will not do it. But the other camps say that they cannot stop some of the people who either hunger strike to death or mutilate themselves,yes,and it already… It happened. They did not do it on the set date of 30th of April,but then they continue to hunger strike until recently,in middle of May.
And then because they kept waiting too long with hunger strike - and the government does not bother about them,does not take their request into consideration - so some of them also try to commit suicide. Some are in critical condition,but nevertheless,we heard that they are still alive. Yes.

*I understand that some of those children were born there,in that refugee camp,and have never been outside.

Never ever.

*Tell us about the children.

Well,what can I tell about children who have no freedom,who never know any sun outside the barbed wire,higher than six of you put together. And children,some of them do some painting,and all they paint is a cubic-like living quarter and barb wire,and frightening dog claws and things like that. A child is a child,and if they are born and forced to live in such conditions,this is really unbearable. It is above everyone's imagination.
But the policy is above humanitarian. Actuallythe law is to protect peoplenot to use the people to protect the law. But this is the case of ignorance. So we hope that human beings will raise their standard of conscience,(*Conscience.) otherwise our world will become hell.

*But certainly it will take voices like yours to do that,and you speak of it,and I sense and feel the pain that you feel for these people. Not only are they people of your own heritage,but they are human beings,and I feel this pain and I support this pain. My concern is getting the world's attention. Getting their attention and then having that attention diverted into action,into concrete action,and saying,『Listen,this cannot go on.』It's only people who can stop it.

Yes. Well,I have been and am trying my best and still will try. I do not know the result out of my effort,but I think somehow it will make some change somewhere,even in some corners of the world. And the more change,the better. And also,we need someone like your group who supports us and who carries our voice across the ocean to different listeners of different corners of the world. And if we can change one corner,and you change another corner and another person changes another corner,then,of course,we make some progress.

*Make some progress.

Yes. Yes. (That's great.)*

People also need some good guidance.

*They do need,(Yes.) that's right. What occurs to me is with the state of the world today,there's probably never been a time where there's been more need than there is now. I was reading not long ago that a Visha Suerna said,『My God!My God,an age!What age thou has cast me!』And that was in the 1500s. And it seems like we go through these painful cycles.


*But now with the population of the world so large,the pain has been magnified so significantly.


*How do you see this in spiritual terms?

I see that God wants us to change our way of life,our way of thinking. We have to lean more toward loving compassion instead of material craving.  Yes. But it needs some physical voice also in order to explain these phenomena and to drive home the main point of this,you can say,planetary disaster. Otherwise,people take it for granted. They do not think about it,and they don't. They wonder why but they do not go into deeper study and they will not take a measure and thus they would not do anything to alter it. Yes.


*At this International Human Rights Conference that we both attended,I was very impressed that you had like 1,300,000signatures on a petition that you presented. Could you tell us about this?Because I think this is one of the avenues that may make a difference.

Yes. We also collected… In one and a half days,we collected over 100,000signatures in Hong Kong - at that time when we were in Hong Kong. And these over one million signatures were collected during one week,one week's time,in Formosa (Taiwan). This is to support the refugees,to request the Formosan (Taiwanese) government to accept the refugees.
So we hope that Formosa (Taiwan) will do it. That's why these people,who signed this,are supportive of this idea,that Formosa (Taiwan) should receive these Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. Because they need them. And there are so many Formosan (Taiwanese) who go out every year,so if they take,even 60,000of the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees or 40,000,it's not much!
Not much. And also they can use them for working force,which they need in Formosa (Taiwan). And besides,we will support them,every other means,anyhow. No problem. Really,they should take them. Any country,if I am a president of any country,I'd take them right away,no consideration,especially when there is such a group,standing by,and helping financially,and as manpower-wise,if need be. So I don't know why any government doesn't consider this.
It's so easy - they don't even have to do anything. We will do everything. We move them,we transport them,we train them,we find jobs for them,we find houses for them. The government just signs 『okay,』and then get international prestige,reputation. And why don't they do it?I think the world is… Something's wrong with the world.

*Well,it sounds like quite a few nations need their attention concentrated on this issue.

They're supposed to protect people,( *That's right.) take care of people - any nation at all. So long as these people are not criminals,are not infesting any misbehavior into the society,and are willing to work,why not?Why should we think of ourselves as a Hong Kongese or American,instead of thinking we are citizens of the world?Before we were born,there were no America,no Americans,no Hong Kong - nothing!
It's only God's land. We borrow itGod granted to us to stay for a while,( *Right.) and each of us can stay only 100years. Why territory conflict?Why hoarding all this that doesn't belong to you in the first place?Even if you are Governor or you are President of the United States,you are there only for a few years.

And afterwards you are just a private citizen; nobody even bothers about you. Why don't you just do something good?

*There's so much opportunity to do good,and yet there is so much inaction,( Yes.) politically. (Right.) You know,inertia,if you want to call it that.


*And this inertia,it just keeps people from doing what they need to do.


*Some of these people even know ( They know.) what they need to do.Yes,but they don't do it.

*But they don't do it.

Something's wrong with our world,definitely.

*Right. And obviously the only ones that can change it are we human beings,ourselves,right?And if we don't do it,it isn't going to get done,if we don't try.

Yes,we have to try,definitely.

*It has to be done.

Yes,I have no choice.

*That's right.

I have to help them until the last resort is done.


Otherwise,I would also… never can sleep. I cannot forgive myself.


Because nobody else does it now,and if I also go to sleep,then that's it,good-bye. Good-bye morality,good-bye humanitarian,good-bye loving kindness,good-bye God's entrusted covenant: 『Love each other,like you love yourself.』
Everyone is the children of God. If you love Godhave to love your neighbor. That is what God entrusted to us to do,in order to grow,as angelic beings,as children of God,as a representative of the Most High on Earth. And what we do?Do we ever represent HirmWe do if we help one anotherif we love one another the way God loves us,see?But we try not to do it,we try to forget this; and something's wrong with us. Right.


*I heard you say earlier today,you gave a reason,an explanation,for why we have refugees and these kinds of problems. Would you speak to this?I thought it was a very…

Yes. Because war!Because the greed of a few ambitious and vicious people. These are the victims of a few political manipulators,yes. They have done nothing wrong except wanting the basic human rights that every of us has in plenty,and every of us wanted - just freedom,just a corner of the world to work,to earn their living,to live out their life that God has allotted to them,to take care of their children,be productive to the country. War,war is the worst enemy.
But also,we are the worst enemies of ourselves,because we do not remember what God taught us to do: to love one another.  We don't remember we come with empty hands and we go with empty hands,and now we're trying for a few years,short in this Earth,to try to grab everything to ourselves,and then accumulate bad retribution for our next life. Or when we go and face God,God will ask us,『I gave you so much money,so much property,what did you do with it?Did you give my brother?Did you give my son,who came to your door?』No. At that time,you'll feel sorry and it's too late.

*Yes,thank you.



*It seems to me that,of all the critical issues in the world today,certainly population is a very,very critical one. ( Right.) Of course,it extends well beyond the refugees,although this is our main concern. (Right,right.) But,could you speak on the population of the world today - I mean,you know,we're bursting at the seams.

It will balance out. Besides,it's not the population. It is ourselves that do not love each other. Otherwise,there are so many people who are so rich,they don't know what to do with their money,they go out gambling,take drugs,and girls and all kinds of extravagance - for nothing. And then other people who have nothing to eat. So,it is the imbalance of this world that causes war. So,you see what I mean?(

*Right.) War and greed.

*You are an extraordinary example of the kind of changes we need in the world,and of course,there aren't enough of you to go around. And I'm sure you get very tired with this,but your people have done,do,so many good works - I see so much good work going on in so many places - and it must be an inspiration to you to see this happening. What can be done to further support this?

We continue our work,and hoping other people will join,by our example. I try to help my disciples to understand their own goodness and develop it,and that's what they are doing. That's why you see they are doing good work,because they develop their own goodness.
Many people need to be pointed outto point outthe goodness within themselvesthe Kingdom of God within. That's what we're doingthat's what my meditation teaching's doing. It bears fruit.You can see through my disciples. ( *Very,very much so.) So that's the thing that encourages me to go further.

*That's quite good.

*Now,you have refugees who have incorporated your teachings?

Yes,yes,yes. Yes,we have many hundreds of refugees who were also disciples,inside. I do not intend to help them alone,therefore I help the whole,non-discriminating,(*Certainly.) no condition.

* We want to give you as much international voice as we can. You know we've been very supportive of what you are trying to do,we're very happy,the Radio for Peace International family,(Thank you.) to give you the widest,loudest voice possible. (Thank you so much.) And I think it's our working together that is going to be really fundamental if this is going to be done,and the message is going to be heard. (Thank you.) What last thoughts might you offer to the world?

Everyone should remember that we represent God on Earth. So everything we domust consider it will be God-like qualityand that's the only thing that can remind us of the original Heaven.  As our Father is so good,we should be also a replicaa copy of it.

*Well,with your voice and with your message,there's a lot of people beginning to hear this,and this is very,very encouraging. And you certainly have our full and complete support in this,and we appreciate all the kinds of things that you are doing. The University of Global Education and Radio for Peace International awarded Master Ching Hai its highest award,The World Citizen Humanitarian Award,today,and she accepted it on behalf of all the people that are doing the work,(Right.) and yet we know that those people had the leader that made it possible. You are pointing the way,and we have enormous respect,profound respect,for you. (

Thank you.)
This is Dr. Richard Schneider,reporting live from Taipei,Formosa (Taiwan). I might add,it's in the middle of the night here in Formosa (Taiwan),and so I appreciate (Over midnight.) your staying up (It's all right.) very much,and speaking with us. And we wish you the very,very best,and our profound gratitude for making a difference in the world,Master Ching Hai.

Thank you. We try. Thank you,all the audiences. Thank you,Dr. Schneider.

*Fear seems to be driving a lot of people's thoughts,(Right.) and I'm not sure how to put it into a question. I just want to know what you think. (About fear,and how to drive it away?) It seems to be so prevalent in (Yes,everywhere.) decision-making.

Right,right. You are right.

This is evil force. Fear paralyzes every inspiration and courage. So,the only thing to drive away fear is enlightenment.  Only after your enlightenment,every corner is clear. So you are not fearing of the unknown,you see?(*Yes.) Your walk is illuminated. That's the only thing that can defeat fear. That's the only thing I know. And besides,even after enlightenment,maybe your fear has not gone away,but you don't fear your fear,you don't let your fear drive you,but you just accept it. 『Okay,I fear. I'm fearful,I fear this thing,I am afraid of that thing,but so what?I still do it.』(*One more question?And then that's it.) Please,any question.

*Okay. When I saw you in December,I believe it was,in Portland (Yes.) some of your disciples were talking about UFOs and how we watch 『Star Wars』now and 『E.T.,』(Yes,yes.) and these are to try and get us somewhat thinking about the possibility of aliens,(Yes.) and so that implied that you believe that aliens exist?(Yes,they do.) And I was wondering what part you thought…
Do they answer to the same God?I assume that they must. Do they think of things spiritually?Do they have any influence over,say,the refugee problem?Say,the Bosnian problem?(Yes.) Rwanda…?

Yes,yes,yes. They have influence. There are good ETs. Good ETs help us,sympathize with us,and influence,sometimes silently,about some of governmental decisions or the world trend.

*What do you think they would get out of that?What would they get for themselves from that?

The good ones are trying to work for the universe. And the good ones believe in the same God that we believe.

(*Yes.) Yes. Yes.

*Thank you very much. I have enjoyed this very much,and if we have another opportunity - we're leaving Saturday,I think - we would all think that a great honor.

Tomorrow we have maybe Buddha celebration,Buddha birthday,so you are invited (*Really?Thank you.)

*Thank you. We very much appreciate your staying up…

No. We appreciate your staying up.

*It was wonderful. Flew all the way over here,we might as well have a good time. (

Yes.) Together,

* we can change the world.

Yes. I hope so. Well,for me this is normal,very normal. Most of the nights,I am awake. I just hope that my effort will help the refugees. I don't mind if I die. I don't mind if I die for them.

*I'd say it already has.

*And we want to do whatever we can to support that. (No problem.) That's why I think things like recognition are important,because what we can do is let the world know that there are people doing the right thing,(Yes.)for the right reasons. The world needs to know this. The world needs to know there are examples.

Actually today,we're also the 『United Nations,』because we are human beings together. We have to help each other. Who else is there?ET we cannot see. (*That's right.) God,we don't know yet.

*We get so much pleasure out of helping than we do hurting.


We cannot  avoid having birth,old age,sickness,and death in this world because we have planted a lot of bad karma (retribution),and the fruits have ripened. The fruits are ripe and they will fall,but what is important is the future.
Buddha can cut this tree for us so it won't bear fruit again in the future,but if some fruits are already ripe and already there,you cannot remove them. Understand? The tree has blossomed and has borne fruit and everyone can see them,but it won't bear fruit in the future. Buddha doesn't need to rush to do things like ordinary human beings. He does things with poise and ease.
It seems like he doesn't do anything,but he does a lot. Although he does many things,it appears as if he's not doing anything. That's why Lao Tzu said “do without doing.” To attain this level,we have to become a Buddha and we have to become egoless. A Buddha has countless transcendental bodies,but he doesn't go anywhere. That's why he is called “Tathagata.” He is called Tathagata because he doesn't come and doesn't go. Understand?
He doesn't go anywhere,but we can see him everywhere. That's why he is called Tathagata,and this is the meaning of Tathagata. If a person can be omnipresent,we call him Tathagata,because he can go anywhere,but he doesn't go anywhere either.
Many practitioners don't know the meaning of Tathagata. They think only Shakyamuni Buddha was a Tathagata. This thought is too pessimistic,too pessimistic! Every one of us can become a Tathagata. If it's our destiny to save sentient beings,we will become a Tathagata.
If it's not our destiny to save sentient beings,but there is a need,we can still become a Buddha. But very few people know we are a Buddha and very few people know we are a Bodhisattva. It is best this way because being a Buddha is very hard.
Even though you don't have any suffering,everyone brings suffering to you. As an ordinary human being,we already suffer too much,right? If one person's suffering is already so painful,can you imagine what it is like if the suffering of all of the beings in the universe becomes yours? Is it fun? (No.) It's not fun at all. So most of those who became a Buddha did so quietly.
We cannot blame them,either. Even as great as Shakyamuni Buddha was,after he became a Buddha he shook his head and said,“No! I don't want to save sentient beings. It's too difficult! Too difficult!” He shook his head and he wanted to go to Nirvana. It means he wanted to enter samadhi and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility in the so-called Nirvana. To go to Nirvana doesn't mean you have to cut off your head and leave your physical body. It's not like that.
Being in Nirvana means we become worry-free and we enjoy the higher realms when we are in a state of samadhi. This is called small Nirvana. Going to the great Nirvana is when we cut off our karmic relationship with this physical world Forever and we leave this physical body and this world.
This is called great Nirvana. We won't come back anymore. But if we want to,we still can come back. So it's not that Shakyamuni Buddha didn't have compassion,but he knew it was too difficult. During his era,people in India were very kind and India had been a sacred place century after century,right? Most Indian people were vegetarians and they knew how to practice from when they were young.
They recited mantras and the name of Buddhas,they worshiped gods and Buddhas,they practiced many methods; India is a very spiritual country. Moreover,his time was called the “Dharma-image Age.” Our time is called the “Dharma-ending Age.” At that time,people were still very kind,and there was not a lot of material wealth so people were still very pure.
Also,he was in India,the kind of country where sentient beings were easier to save,and it was easier to save sentient beings at that time. Nevertheless,he still shook his head at that time,not to mention nowadays. Today,if a person has become a Buddha,would he dare to tell others he is a Buddha? Only if he is a dumb Buddha would he do that.
That's why I didn't go out to advertise myself before. It's because the time had come and people kept pushing me to come out. You are the Brahmas,the Arhats,and the Dharma guards who keep praying to me. Then more and more information about me was revealed,like my level and who I was,etc. All this is new to me,and I never knew I was this and that.
I am just a very ordinary person,but you gave me all kinds of titles. Since this already happened,I will accept this position,if everyone has already agreed. It's just like electing a president,right? If people agree,then this person becomes the president. I do things for your benefit. As long as you get benefit,and as long as you are saved,you are happy,you are helped and protected,I'm willing to do anything.
As long as it's good for you,it's fine. I just told you that you might be a Buddha yourself,but because it is not your destiny to save sentient beings,you should become a Buddha quietly. It's best to become a Buddha quietly. If we have any merit,any power,any virtue,it's best to hide them and not brag about them. If you brag,you are not a Buddha.
We should keep quiet. Or,if by accident we know we have some power or certain good qualities,it's better not to let people know. Since ancient times,all saintly people have been very humble. Understand? They don't think they are virtuous. If you still think you are virtuous and that you are a Buddha,then you are not a Buddha yet. It's very strange. It appears very self-contradictory.
If it's your destiny to save sentient beings,people will dig you out. Understand? Regardless of where you hide yourself,it's no use. People will dig you out,introduce you to others,call you Buddha,praise you,and spoil you. But only a person who has really become a Buddha will be treated like this,understand?
If you haven't become a Buddha,this won't happen because you can't handle it. For example,if you didn't graduate from college and you are not knowledgeable,no matter how many people introduce you and praise you,you know you are not capable of doing certain things,right? After a while,people will find out who you are. Understand?
It's because you cannot deceive people forever. Therefore,these things won't happen just because you want them to happen or some organizations make them happen. These things are arranged by the Creator and they have to be part of the universal plan.
But after you are elected,oh my! you are finished. You won't have personal time,personal opinions,personal occupation,or personal emotions anymore.
Although the whole universe belongs to you,nothing is yours. You have to help every being in the universe,but no one in the universe will help you.This is a terrifying position. Can you imagine such a lonely person? This person is called “Buddha,” understand? So if anyone becomes this kind of “famous” Buddha,we should have pity for him,and there is nothing for us to envy about him.
Not only does he suffer loneliness,he also suffers from people's envy,jealousy,slander,misunderstanding,and obstruction of his work. He has to listen to people's slander while he is working but he still has to continue doing what he is supposed to do. No one understands him,but he still has to keep doing his job.
But it won't be that painful either. I think it is still tolerable. I just want to let you know a little bit about what it is like to become a Buddha so you won't have any illusions. Even though as a Buddha… Of course,he is always in Heaven and in higher realms,and he is the best,but he is still in this physical world and has relationships with the physical world.
As long as he has the physical body,he has to go through countless trials and tribulations and bear much suffering. But he can still bear it. If an ordinary human being were to do his kind of job and bear his kind of suffering,that person would become dust instantly on the first day.
It's not that the person will turn into dust every day. No,he will turn into dust on the first day because he can't bear it. We all remember the story of Milarepa. He was about to die because a person who was jealous of him had poisoned him,right? Then the person who poisoned him pretended to be very humble and compassionate. He cried and told Milarepa,“Master,you are so great. You cannot die.
You can transfer your pain and sickness to me,your humble disciple,and you will be fine.” Understand? “I will bear your suffering for you and I will die for you.” That was what the person said. Milarepa said,“No,you can't bear it. You don't know how to handle it.” That person still kept asking because he thought Milarepa didn't know how to do it. He thought Milarepa was pretending and didn't have the magical power to transfer the sickness to him.
Since that person begged for so long,Milarepa decided to let him try. Milarepa first transferred his pain to a door,right? What happened to the door? The door crumbled into dust,right? The door was completely destroyed,right?
But that person still didn't believe Milarepa's power,and he said,“Don't transfer your pain to the door. Transfer it to me and the pain will leave you.” Okay. Milarepa transferred a little bit of his pain,just a little bit,to that person,and that person already started rolling on the ground. Only at that time did he realize that Milarepa was truly suffering and it was not a joke. Most people who become a Buddha or enlightened master seldom talk about the suffering they have to go through. Even if they talk about it,they talk in a humorous way so we won't feel it's a big deal.
But it doesn't mean they don't suffer. We only have to bear our individual suffering and our individual karma (retribution),but a Buddha has to sacrifice himself and make the whole world's suffering his own. Only in this way can the world be elevated and further developed. The so-called barriers that exist in people's minds have to be resolved by the Buddha. Understand? It's because when there is a cause,there must be an effect.
When the cause has been planted,one can't avoid getting the fruit,and Buddha has to eat the fruit,regardless of who planted the seed. Such a person is called Buddha. There are many levels of Buddha and they aren't all the same,but they are all one. After people become Buddhas,they don't differentiate between who is higher or lower in level. But the levels do exist,just like in college or school where there are many teachers,and they are all teachers,right?
But there are some who have more seniority and are more experienced,and there are others who have just graduated and become teachers,right? Some people become the principals,right? They would be the highest in rank. It's similar among the Buddhas. Even though they don't differentiate,they know the difference.
Basically,this is just from the perspective of the ordinary people. The Buddhas themselves don't make such distinction. Understand? One Buddha wouldn't say,“I'm an old Buddha,while you've just graduated.” The Buddha wouldn't say,
“I have more experience,and I've taught many people in many lifetimes while you've just debuted and you don't have that many disciples.” Buddhas wouldn't think that way. Sometimes,they would even exchange their positions. That's why the brother just said that Manjusri Bodhisattva was originally the teacher of the Buddhas of the ten directions. When it was the turn of Shakyamuni Buddha to come to the world to preach the Dharma (true teaching),Manjusri became Shakyamuni's disciple and his Dharma guard.
He helped Shakyamuni propagate the Dharma (true teaching) everywhere. So who knows who is who? Our ignorance is so terrible! Our differentiating mind is so great! Why do the Buddhas do such kinds of role-changing? It's because they have nothing to do,and they are bored,and they do whatever they want to do. They don't have any concept of status, so they don't have to go through elections like we do,begging people.
To them,they don't care which position is good and which is not good. If one wants to go to the physical world to save sentient beings,then the Buddhas of all the ten directions will support him by becoming his disciples,his subordinates,or his ignorant attendants,etc. Understand? They will become the elders in his family,his disciples,his Dharma guards,who go out and put up posters,etc.
No one cares. But eventually everyone will know that he is a Buddha. Many sentient beings need our help,but training us to become Buddhas is also very difficult. It is because we've been here for so long that we've forgotten our status. Life after life,we've been an ordinary person,so if we suddenly come here to be a Buddha,it is very difficult.
It's hard in that we can't accept ourselves. We just can't! It's not that we're not a Buddha. It's just that we forgot. Now,since those who are newly initiated haven't changed their mind-set completely and are still lacking in self confidence,how can we rely on them to save sentient beings? That's why every Buddha brings his own helpers here when he comes down. Understand? Those who are very supportive of an enlightened master and understand his teachings are actually Bodhisattvas.
That is what a Bodhisattva is like. Similarly,the ancient sages are no different. Ancient Buddhas were also like this kind of people. They didn't behave in any other way. So you see,were Shakyamuni Buddha's disciples very enlightened? Right after initiation,they became Arhats or some kind of Bodhisattvas.
And they immediately supported him and went in all directions to spread his Dharma (true teaching). It's because they had already learned these things before. That's why we could also be a Bodhisattva,and it's possible that we were a Buddha. so don't look down upon yourselves. We have to try and find out by ourselves.
You shouldn't just believe me. You should try and see. What if we really are a Buddha? Right? If you miss this opportunity of discovering who you are,wouldn't that be a great waste? What if what I say is true? Right? What if this Master was right ? Or do you still want to think about it?
*Dear enlightened Master,I have two questions. Please enlighten me. First,after we get initiation,can we buy stocks?
If you need to,you can. If you don't need to,it's best that you do not buy them.
*For a person who hasn't been initiated but who believes in an enlightened Master,can he ask the Master for help when he encounters problems? How should he ask? Thank you.
Ask my disciples this question. They know better. Brother Su,please tell him. You tell them what to do. I never know what you should do. I've never begged for help myself so I have no idea.
*Just recite Master's name. So easy! It will be good enough to recite Master's name.
If you have any problems,just ask for help inside.
*Dear Master Ching Hai,I love to read kung fu novels and cartoons,can I get initiation? Is reading these kinds of books violating the precepts? How can I repent?
After initiation,you will start to feel that those things are very boring. If right now you still enjoy those books,you can read them. In the meantime,do your meditation.
*What is our true Self?
Ask Brother Su to answer him.
What is our true Self? You just explained it so much,you must know.
*One's true Self is the greatest,omnipresent power.
It seems like you know. Our true Self we can only know after we're enlightened and after we start practicing. No one can tell us about it. I'm sorry! It's because this is our own Self. Who can know this Self more than ourselves? Right? If we don't even know our own Self,then who can answer us? It's not possible and not logical.
*Master Ching Hai,what should one do if one has made mistakes? Does one have to meditate and recite sutras to help compensate for his mistakes? Please give me some advice.
If we have made any mistakes,it's because we were ignorant. Of course now we have to make it up; but at the same time we have to get enlightened. Otherwise,we'll repent for this mistake today and then make some other mistakes tomorrow. All mistakes come from our ignorance,so we still have to get initiation and we still have to find our own wisdom.
*Why is it that some people who know the Dharma (true teaching) still make mistakes?
It's too hard to change our mind. But no problem,every day we start over. We start over,and do the right thing again,and change again.
*Dear Master,for people who don't have affinity with the Quan Yin Method,are there other convenient methods that can help with their faith so when the affinity increases,they can enter the gate of the Dharma (true teaching)? Please enlighten me on this.
There are. There are many convenient methods. You can recite Buddha's name,or mantras,or sutras,or you can repent.
*Dear Master Ching Hai,I work in a pig husbandry research lab in Miaoli. I'm responsible for computer management and data analysis in the computer division. Do I have to change jobs if I want to get initiation?
Computer systems for pig husbandry? Why do they need computers for pig husbandry? Strange! (Computer management.) Even though it doesn't involve killing,your livelihood is still related to a business involving killing. Okay,you can get initiation first and change jobs later. This way your conscience will be clearer,and you'll feel you are making cleaner money. Then your conscience will be more peaceful.
*Dear Master,what's the difference between humans' way and Heaven's way?
What's human's way? Do you know? What's Heaven's way? Do you understand? The person who asked this question,please tell me what humans' way is and what Heaven's way is,and then you will instantly understand what their differences are.
You don't need to ask me. If you still don't understand what humans' way is and what Heaven's way is,then you'd better get initiation. The Dharma (true teaching) and the Tao (wisdom) I teach includes everything. It includes Heaven,human,and Buddha. I will also teach you how to be a good person,and then I'll teach you a method to transcend Heaven.
I'll teach you the Buddha's way and how to become a Buddha. If we only learn humans' way,we might not be able to attain Heaven's way. If we only attain Heaven's way,we might not be able to attain the ultimate Buddha's way. That's why we have to know everything.
*Dear Master,I'm not initiated yet. A few days ago,one of my subordinates became possessed. I was anxious so I put a necklace with Master's picture around his neck. But my actions maddened the spirit who had possessed my subordinate and he tried to choke me. Luckily Master saved me from being choked to death. Because of your help,I have no fear,but I wonder if what I did has hurt this invisible friend.
No,no. In the future,whatever you do,don't have any bad intentions,and then he won't come to harm you. You should ask the inner Master to help him,but not to chase him away. Then he won't harm you. Any act,as long as you do it out of love,won't harm others. Instead,you will help them. Anyone,even if they don't know me- any beings,ghosts,gods or humans,who don't know me- but since you know me,and you pray to me to help them,I will help them. But don't use your anger or hateful heart and don't use my pictures to terrify them.
*Master Ching Hai,the so-called mediums,are their bodies possessed by Buddhas?
What do you want me to say? The truth or lies? (The truth.) Most Buddhas are very pure,understand? Most of the Buddhas I know are very pure. They won't enter the bodies of people who eat meat and drink alcohol,and they won't make people do chaotic things that they themselves have no control over. If a Buddha wants to enter a person's body,he will do so while you're conscious of it. He won't make you collapse and become unconscious and then talk about a lot of things that you won't know about when you wake up. He won't destroy your body or make you cut yourself up or do a lot of frightening things. Buddhas use very gentle methods to save sentient beings,methods that suit people's minds,or methods that people can bear. They can't overdo anything to harm the person. Buddhas don't often enter people's bodies. Understand? If they want to,they'll come as a transcendental body.
*Master,currently I'm learning the Great Saintly Zen practice. What should I do after I get initiation?
Is this the kind of chi-gong that does healing? That's right. One of my disciples used to practice this chi-gong. He used to be able to hit people,and he was very powerful. If he hit you from here,you'd fall down.
He could clear your meridians,too. After he started to follow me,he gave it all up. He realized that those methods weren't high enough. I'm just relating his experience to you. Okay? If we practice the Quan Yin Method,all our meridians will become clear,and all our power will come out on its own.
If we practice other methods,we'll only cultivate part of our power. Understand what I mean? For example,if you learn how to heal,you can only heal people. If you learn how to summon the wind and the rain,you can only do that.
If you only learned how to clear the meridians,that's all you can do. Our Quan Yin Method is omnipotent. It can clear out everything,including the meridians,cure all sorts of diseases,and destroy our karma (retribution) from all our past lives. I think this method is more complete and more worthy of our study.
But I let you make your own choice. If you want to follow me,follow me,and if you want to practice chi-gong,then do so. Since you asked me,it's difficult for me to answer you. I don't want you to feel that I'm trying to get you to follow me and give up your chi-gong. Or you can do this: go practice your chi-gong,and after you've accomplished it,come and get initiation. All right? If you are still alive then.
*Yesterday at Fengshan,I listened to your lecture. Before I went to sleep last night,your vision came to my mind. Was this an illusion?
If you felt good,then it was not. If you didn't feel good,then it was.
*Does a person have to be enlightened and practice spiritually to become a Buddha?
Yes. How else could you become a Buddha? By being ignorant?
*How many ants can a soul transform into? If a soul can transform into many ants,would it be necessary for these transformed beings to all come together to become one in order to be reincarnated again?
Why are you asking this? You are already a human now,so just hurry up and practice spiritually. Why are you asking about the ants? Are you asking on behalf of the ants because they can't write? Let me deal with the ants. This matter has nothing to do with you. To the ants,I teach the ants' method,and it has nothing to do with you humans.
*Dear Master,what are the Three Worlds? Why are there Three Worlds?
The Three Realms are different worlds. For example,the First World is a little lower than the Second World,and the Second World is a little lower than the Third World. Like in our society,there are people with more knowledge and some with less knowledge,and there are people with more wealth and some with less wealth. It's like this. It's just naturally this way. What we have in this life depends on our karma (retribution). Our current level depends on how we practiced in previous lives.
*People originally have Buddha Nature,so why do they have to come to this world?
When you become a Buddha,I will answer you. But I've already answered it in my “Question & Answer” books. And in many of my audiotapes I talk about that,right?
*Good evening,Master Ching Hai. Does the Quan Yin Method cultivate one's essence and life?
Why cultivate essence and life? Why so complicated? We just want to find our true Self. Understand? You can call it “the heart” or “life” or whatever. We just want to find our true Self. We just want to find our greatest,almighty wisdom so that we can deal with things we couldn't handle,to understand things we'd never understood before.
*When Buddhas have physical illnesses from carrying people's bad karma (retribution),could medicine reduce or cure such illnesses?
Medicine can't cure illnesses from bad karma (retribution). It can only cure common illnesses,like fatigue from overworking,or lung weakness from over-talking. One can drink some medicine that helps the lungs or the throat. But if a Buddha is carrying people's bad karma (retribution),no medicine can help his symptoms. Given time,he will naturally recover.
*Dear Master,how can one put up with slander and not hate the person who slanders us?
You mean what to do so you won't hate that person,right?
You should let it be. After we've practiced for a long time,slander and praise appear the same to us. They can't affect us. When people praise us,we won't be happy or excited. When people slander us,we won't feel it's anything important. We have to practice to reach this stage. If we don't practice,it's very,very hard. We can ignore people's slander,but it's impossible not to have hatred.
So we must practice spiritually. The more spiritual practitioners we have,the kinder the society will become. That's why I say that if a lot of people practice spiritually,our world will become the Pure Land. If people forgive one another,and everyone practices spiritually,then no one will slander other people,so how can anyone get angry? Understand?
*The great Master Ching Hai,I'm an overseas Argentinian Chinese. On Dec 26,1988,we had a car accident while vacationing in Argentina. My wife died,but our six-month-old daughter who was in her arms survived. Can you tell me where my wife is now and whether she is fine? How can I help her transcend to a higher realm?
When you get initiated,you'll know and you'll be able to help her.
*Master,you emphasize meditation,but why was the Sixth Zen Master against meditation? In his sutra he says,“While living,one sits and doesn't lie down. When one dies,one lies down and doesn't sit. How can a filthy bag achieve any merit?”
What he meant was even though many people practiced meditation,they were just sitting there and they couldn't find their true Self. Therefore it would be of no use if they sat for one hundred,one thousand or ten thousand years. Understand?
What we cultivate is the mind,not the body. We sit there just so that our body becomes calmer. But for us,it's not the body that's practicing. All Quan Yin practitioners know that we are practicing not only while we are meditating. Right? But since it's all Zen whether we are walking,living,sitting,or sleeping,we still need to sit,or we will lack one element and we'll only be walking,living,and sleeping,and we won't have the sitting part. Since other people sit like this,we will also sit like this.
For beginners,if we sit,our minds become calmer. Understand? Also,when we enter samadhi,we won't fall down so easily. That's why we need to sit and meditate. It's not that by sitting and meditating we can become a Buddha. That's what he meant. Understand? But the Sixth Zen Master Hui Neng did practice meditation.
What he meant was he was against practicing the wrong methods,because meditation doesn't just mean sitting in a lotus position,closing one's eyes,or half-closing them. No,this is wrong. It's the wrong kind of meditation. If you only sit like this,you can never become a Buddha. You have to find your Buddha Nature,and then it won't matter if you sit,lie down,stand,or walk. You don't necessarily have to sit.
But Hui Neng himself meditated,which is why in his “Dharma Treasure Sutra,” someone asked,“Master,while you are meditating,can you see or not?” Right? (Yes.) This indicates that he did meditation. If he didn't,people wouldn't have asked this. Then what did he answer? “I see but I don't see.” Right? (Yes.) He indicated that he meditated,but it was his mind that was meditating,not only his body sitting there. And he cultivated his mind. You should understand this. You misunderstand too much.
*Dear Master,five of us drove here today from Taipei to come and listen to your lecture. I see a golden circle of Light,ten times larger than you,radiating from your body,and it shines from behind you and reaches the flowers off the stage. Now I firmly believe that you are a Buddha who has come to save sentient beings. Last Christmas Eve I was going to get initiation from you,but because of my job,I couldn't. But for three consecutive nights,I have dreamed of you giving lectures while sitting in the lotus position. After I woke up,I only remembered the gist of your talk. May I ask you if I have affinity with you,and if I can get initiation? After initiation,what level will I achieve?
Wait till you are initiated. You folks always talk about all the visions you've seen,but there are people who can't see any Light. Many of you say you saw Light,so those who haven't seen any Light feel bad when they go home.
*Master Ching Hai,while I'm meditating,I feel a hole in the crown of my head,and I feel very cool there. Is this bad for my practice?
No,it isn't. Just continue your practice. Focus your mind on the hole and try to open it up more,and then go out from there. It's not bad for you. Don't worry about it. There are many holes in our body. What does it matter if we have one more? It's not bad.
*Dear Master,does Swami Rama work together with you to help liberate sentient beings? He did not help initiate people but wrote very powerful books similar to Master's. Why is this?
What does it have to do with Master power?
*He only wrote powerful books like Master's but he did not initiate sentient beings.
Well,it is hard to say. He did help many sentient beings. He has achieved a high level in spiritual practice,which is good enough. Thank you for your love. I wish you all sleep well today and tomorrow,eat well and work well,and come to listen to my lecture in the evening. Please translate the following lines,thank you.
God Quality means the original,untarnished nature of the universal power of love. This power is inherent in all beings,humans and non-humans,even plants,trees,even rocks,minerals. The more GQ a being has,or recovered,the more loving,the more selfless,and more noble that being would be.
As in India,especially in the old times,cows are loved and even worshipped as second mothers to children,not slaughtered for meat,like in other countries. Yes?And they give milk naturally,you see?They give milk naturally. So the lacto diet came from there. Yes?The cows live in a natural environment. It's okay to take that kind of milk or the cheese from there if the cows just give lovingly and willingly,naturally. So,of course,in India they follow lacto diet,and it's normal. You see what I mean?Yes.
So we can understand why the people still follow a lacto-veggie diet in some part of the world,or in India. Not everyone knows about the horror of factory farming animals. So some vegetarians even eat eggs!That's bad. Egg is not a vegetable,is it?No. Egg industry,James,is another form of cruelty beyond our imaginations.
I just tell you,very short,because I can't bear it if I talk too long. If the chicks are males,for example,James,they will be thrown into a grinding machine- alive!- to be made into food for dogs or something. I saw a little chick in a show of the 『Cruelty to Animal』shows,he was wandering on the edge of the conveyor that would lead him to the grinding machine.
He was wandering so innocently on the edge,looking for Mama. My God!I broke down. I just broke down. I cannot go into more details because I cannot bear it. I will just be broken down again. Please,if anyone listens,just log on to for all the facts and info you wish to verify,or contact any vegan groups near you.
Contact PETA,for example,international PETA. There are things even that you also need to know before you buy the next animal products or food,because they are not only cruelty manifested,they are also poisonous. If you know what is in there,you wouldn't put it in your mouth or into your children's mouth. (*Right.) Now,to convince the religious community,we can send fact-checked info to all religious leaders.
We are doing that,James,as well,yes,(*Yes.) me and my colleagues,yes,my Association members. You know,we must have an association because the government demanded it,not because we want to have any association or official anything. But we have an association,and my Association members and I,we are sending these fact-checked info to all kinds of people - to world leaders,religious leaders,community leaders,to farmers,to slaughterhouse owners,etc.,etc. We are still doing it.
We cannot do everything in one day,two days; we continue. I wish I have done it all yesterday,but we have so much to do,James,so much to do. The more we do,the more work,and… But,you see,you are doing your part,luckily,and I'm grateful. You see?You give talks on radio… Also,other people can do the same or they can go grassroots,go on air,go on TV,like we do on Supreme Master Television.
But I don't feel like we are doing enough. Of course,because we are just a small group compared to the world population. And every vegan should also help. Please help. Help all of us. Help each other. Help us. Help the world. Help yourself. We need all the help we can to create a "wake-up," strong wake-upcall and to maintain the trend. Yes. (*Yes.)
* Yes,you mentioned that it was due to the meritorious good karma (retribution) that makes it possible for souls to be privileged to incarnate here,and live on this beautiful Earth. (Yes.) It sounds like we have some important lessons to learn in order to evolve. Could you explain about karma (retribution) and the dangers that the world faces,if there's too much bad karma (retribution),bad actions,in the world?
Thank you for asking,for the sake of your listeners. Karma is the law of cause and effect,or "as you sow,so shall you reap," that we mentioned early on - meaning every action provokes a reaction,and some even cause chain reaction or domino effect. It is very logical and very scientific. We don't have to follow a religion or any meditation group,any guru,in order to even see this.
So we cannot go on creating bad karma (retribution) and then waiting for good result and not worry about its effect. It will come sooner or later. Up to now,humans have created and still are creating tremendous bad energy,you see,bad karma (retribution) - that means 『bad energy』- that twists around us like a chain,and it gets tighter at every passing moment so that maybe,at some point,we can't even escape.
We can see evidence everywhere now,that we suffer so much violence,wars,catastrophic disasters,everywhere. Almost every day we look on TV,there's a disastersomewhere in some country,one way or another,yes,or war or conflicts. We need intervention now,more than ever,from a force that is much stronger than this binding chain,to break it loose.
That power is the universal love within ourselves. We must reawaken it by actions that are in tune with this love. By loving all beings,respecting all creations of God,we will forsake vengeance and war,we will stop torturing and killing humans and animals. 
Only then,James, only then can we overcome the opposite dark force,which we invited in,in the first place,and we even strengthen it by our unloving actions. Like attracts like,you know,very logical,very simple. If we want peace,we have to act in a way of peace. If we want mercy from Heaven,we have to act in a merciful way.
* Yes. I started doing more programs on vegan diet and peace issues Becausespirituality is so linked to… We need to have a planet to live on if souls are going to evolve or become more enlightened. We need to have a breathable atmosphere and a healthy planet to be on.  (Right. Right. Right.) So spirituality just compels you to care or to be compassionate,be a BodhisatTVa of compassion,towards all life. (Okay,James. That's right.) Yes.
Continue your job. Thank you.
*Yes. I believe most everyone who has become familiar with the facts about climate change would be in agreement with the information presented in your new book, 『From Crisis to Peace,』which I have a copy of,and there is also a strong spiritual component in 『From Crisis to Peace.』Your teachings are based on compassion towards all life,and the principles of ahimsa,or non-violence,in thought,word,and deed. Communicating with followers of various world religions is,of course,what I do,
but there are so many ways people can get involved in changing the world,or 『being the change,』to quote Gandhi. What can each of us,what can all of the listeners or viewers of this program,do to "start a vegan trend," as you suggest in your new book?How can we all pitch in,in different ways,you know,all of us?
Yes. Yes,we should all do. Everyone can print out info about vegan benefits and the harms of the animal diet,then pass it out,wherever,whenever,we can,of how,what,why,when,where to find veg food and how to make veg food. And I'm glad you're doing it,and many are doing it,and we are doing it,and pray that more will do the same,by whatever means they have,through internet…
Nowadays,it's more easy even. See,we have internet,we have all kinds of informationtools,yes,to use and to pass it out for people. We can write letters,or have group talks,school talks,school conference,open vegetarian/vegan restaurant,café,snack bar vegan supply store/company,plant organic vegetables,sell organic vegetables,ask the government to subsidize those endeavors,etc. Every help counts. It's time. It's time that we all must work fast to save lives in our world; and even save ourselves.
* Yes. You mentioned in the book about extraterrestrials,there are other vegan civilizations in the universe,and that's a subject I've been always quite interested in, SETI,the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. (Yes.) Do you think that that we're about to be contacted,or,you know,have…I don't know… some help from above,and by that,in addition to God,you can say 『help from above,』you know,from other intelligent life in the universe?
Did you see them coming?
*Not me,but I've interviewed scientists who are part of the SETIprogram. (What did they say?) They listen for extraterrestrial radio signals,clues,that there are others out there. And the search for alien life is really picking up,because they're starting to find planets out there,Earthlike,the size of the planets are like the Earth,(Yes.) in warm parts of solar systems and other stars. So they're starting to look for life.
And that that's really becoming a serious search right now. So some someday soon,they will find evidence of life,probably. (Probably. Probably,yes. Okay. ) Probably so. It's picking up pretty… The pace is picking up.
What is your question?That's what they're doing,yes,(*Yes.) but you think they're going to help us?No. I do not fully agree to this concept and expectation,(*Yes.) that the aliens are going to play a role in saving our planet and they are going to do it. No. I don't expect that. If they do,well,that would be a miracle,and it'd be lucky for us. But you see,you can see evidence of catastrophic disasters and wars and violence everywhere,but did you see any aliens who came?Any extraterrestrials who came and appear to help us?
* They're not going to pick up after us. That's our job as human beings to work for…
Yes. Yes,you're right. You're right. They can't interfere with our karma (retribution) also,you see?(*Yes.) We can't just continue walking into darkness and ignore the wise counsel of the elders or past and present masters,and just keep continue doing what we do,walking in darkness,don't turn around the way they told us,and expect that light is there when we keep walking in the direction of darkness. See?
We ourselves must do our part. You're right. They don't pick up after us,okay?We are not babies. (*Right.)We are an intelligent race of beings. We are supposed to be even the crown of the creation. Proud. So proud of us. Then,you see,even if we start to do things in the goodness direction,yes,then goodness will come. Like attracts like. This is always the talk of the town but nobody really understands,yes?
Like attracts like. Everybody says that on the tip of their tongues and they don't do the 『like』thing. We have to do the things like heavenly beings; then we will have Heaven. We have to be merciful; then we have mercy. Yes?We have to act like peaceful people; then we have peace.
Not only by praying on our knees or waiting for others to clean up our mess. Just like we should stop drinking alcohol if we want to stay sober and healthy, then we will be able,either to help ourselves or find extra help from experts. Unlike many of our planet's inhabitants,the aliens do not believe in flexing muscle to solve conflict and karmic problems.
They rarely do,rarely. (*Yes.) They know that it would not help much in the long run,James. Rather,people have to change their pattern of habit to live according to the universal law of love. This is so simple. So the aliens,as I think,guess,or intuitively know or talk to,they just let the spiritual masters do their job,like reasoning to humans by philosophy,by example,coaxing them to change their way of life.
Actually,it wasn't a change,it was just to go back to the original goodness that we are,see?But what a monumental job that is for any master at all since the beginning of time; you know very well because you study many religions. All teachers have a hard time; try to convince humans,most often at the cost of their lives. (*Yes. Yes.) Look at Jesus,what did he do?
What did he do to deserve being nailed on the cross?Look at Buddha,what did he do to deserve insults and attempts on his life,(*Yes.) and slandering his reputation,etc.,etc. All they did was just teach humans to be good,to be kind to each other,yes?- and elevated them to a higher spiritual standard. That's all they did. They harmed no one. They took nothing for themselves,yes. Not just Jesus,Buddha - all the masters do the same,the Sikh gurus... And what did they do?What do they have,for return?Nothing,except trouble,dangers,and losing their lives,their family members,etc.,etc. (*Right.) So,do you think anybody would like to come and help us?Yes,tell me.
* We're a tough crowd. Human beings are a (Very tough.) tough crowd to work.
Very tough,James. Sometimes,sometimes I'm driving on the street and look around me and I say,『Oh my God.』You know?Or go into supermarket and see all the bloody meat there and, 『Oh my God!where am I?』You know?
What can I do in this kind of world?And so many things that you saw on TVthat it doesn't seem befitting the children of God's behavior and actions at all. (*Right.) I… Sorry,I don't want to criticize. Forgive me. Continue your questions.
* The extraterrestrials,where do you think they're coming from and what is their role?
They are not all aliens,the 『extraterrestrial』that we call them. Some of them came from under our planet. Yes,because in the planet there is empty space,inside our planet,empty space,and the people live down there,it's about 4,800,000-something,the population down there,and they're more technologically advanced than us,yes. So,they came from,also,from other planets and inside the empty space of our Earth,you see?They're good neighbors.
But what can they do to help us in any case,if we don't first help ourselves?They might be able to deactivate nuclear bombs here and there,or avert a tsunami,but how long can they continue to do that if we continue to create more and worse disasters with our 『tsunami』actions?We destroy huge forestland,drown,torture,maim,murder billions of innocent,harmless helpers,like our animals co-inhabitants,daily. They are our helpers. But these acts,aren't they not tsunami-like destruction?
Well,if we stop all that before anyone can help us to stop the destruction of our Earth,why do we destroy our house and wait for help?Suppose they will take pity on us,and even take us to their planet or home,hopefully,would we be willing to leave this Earth where we are used to and attached to?Would we be willing to adjust to their way of life,even if it's better,but different?Would you,James?Maybe. Maybe you and I will go to a different planet. But not everyone would like.
* Yes. And certainly we would need to change our ways here on this planet (Yes.) and make this planet a nice place to live.
Yes. You see,we can't even forgo a piece of meat,with all the poisons in it,on earth. Think we can leave other things behind or forgo them to live with so-called "aliens," yes?They might not have meat,alcohol,or any of those poisons that we crave!They might not even look like us. Then we might blame them,fight with them,or make war on their planet. Who knows?Scary,James. They're scared of us,truly. (Probably.)
They told me they're scared of humans. (*Right.) Yes. We are making war here already in our familiar environment. We're killing our neighbors and friends,next door,next country - this next door,right?(Yes.)
Trust that we won't make war in a strange world?I shall be blunt and honest with you,James. Here,with,well,more or less primitive technology and we are already using them like toys to kill real people,real beings,to maim,to kill,to destroy ourselves and the environment,and so many species on the planet,from the high sky to the deep sea,like nothing matters,like they don't feel pain at all.
Now,if we get a hold of those high-tech secrets from the aliens,imagine,James,what more murderous weapons we will invent to even destroy their race or make interplanetary war!Trust that we can handle it all and make peace with them?Even if the aliens can interfere and help us,do you think they're not afraid to do so?Tell me,yes or no?(*Yes.) Are they?Will you be afraid to help us?Tell me,James.
* Yes. Hopefully they follow the Star Trek prime directive and not interfere with us or get too close to us.
Yes. They're afraid,yes.
* They want to stay out of trouble,(Yes.) stay away from us until we mature.
Yes. Shall we even blame them if they won't even go near us openly?Okay. (*Yes.) What can we do,James?Even if they have high tech,yes,yes,more advanced,more civilized,but we have weapons of multi levels of lethal,murderous,dangerous killing instruments,everywhere; stacked,stuffed,exposed and hidden in all corners of our planet,and continue to develop more and more,mightier and mightier,more and more dangerous ones,you know,weapons.
So you think they have nothing better to do than forever go hunting for weapons to disable,to destroy,or to annihilate,for us,or can they even?- without disturbing our planetary pattern or endangering lives on Earth,yes?They might have shown us some example here and there,but it's up to us to wake up,yes,shake off the dust of our ignorance and start making life a Heaven for all. Don't you think,James?
* Yes,hopefully we can learn to get beyond war (Yes.) and conflict. (Right.) What can we do?What needs to be done to get beyond the idea of war?
What can I do? The people's consciousnesses have to be more elevated. The spiritual leaders have to try harder to enlighten themselves,more than what we are right now,more enlightened. And then the spiritual leaders should enlighten the leaders of the world more,if the leaders of the world are ready.
You see,we have many things,even more better technologies that help our planet already,and that even being stopped,because of some business giants who do not want to lose their influence and their income,their profit,if some other things better are on the market. We should have had free electricity long ago.
We should have had free medical care long ago. We should have cured many diseases long ago,yes. But we,many,don't want to do that,because - profit. We should never have hunger in the world,but we still do,because - profit. We should not have any more war on the planet,we should not even develop any more war weapons,but we still do because?You know,profit. That is the problem with us. We could be more advanced than we are right now.

*I'm very concerned these days about the possibility of war between India and Pakistan,and at the moment,see this as one of the most troubling developments in recent decades. There are other "hot spots" in the world of course,but these two countries are armed with nuclear weapons mounted on hundreds of missiles pointed at each other,on standby alert,ready for launch in minutes.
There is the same danger of false alarms,radar errors or mistakes as there were between the US and USSR for many decades,you know,a flock of seagulls (Yes.) being misinterpreted on radar as an incoming attack when it's not. (Yes.)
Even a small number of cities being attacked would impact the environment around the world. We would all be affected. (Yes.) It would cause a global food shortage,a famine and be a major setback for the vegan diet in the world. All the smoke in the atmosphere would make global cooling the issue instead of warming.
A year without a growing season would mean crops failing. People would be trying to feed themselves anyway they could and nations would no longer wish to export rice or other foods,if they could no longer feed their own populations. (Right.) As I see it,the vegan movement,and a positive vision for the future of humanity,are linked to peace in the world,preventing major wars. We're all going to be affected by any major war like that. (You're right.) What can we do to work for peace in the world?
Yes,James. I'm asking the same question. (*Right.) Yes,well,you know,I don't understand this. Because… I don't understand war at all. I also don't understand how people can make war with each other,yes.
How can they not stop all this senseless killing?Because the person you kill looks exactly like you. Maybe a little bit different in color of the skin,but he's you,he's human. So how can they not see the light and keep creating darkness,these war-makers?Yes. There are many causes of wars,but I think it all boils down to ignorance,James. You know,people are being given false promise,or brainwashing or false interpretation of doctrine,and 『the blind lead the blind,and both will fall into the pit.』
The people who make war for any reason are really pitiful people,because they have been misled,I think. I am sure they have been misled,misinformed,mis-educated since they were young,already. But,despite all that, if everyone,or the vast majority,now turn at least back to benevolent lifestyle,then the war-like atmosphere,war energies,will die down,and peace will be emerging like a miracle. Because the killing,injuring energy will disperse with time.
If we choose to go in the opposite direction,then we will arrive at a different destination,that's for sure. You see?If we want to go south,we have to go south. We cannot keep going north and then expect to see the southern city. Of course,if we keep going forever,maybe. You see,all the meditators should intensively meditate for peace and a vegan world. 
It will help to some degree,more or less,depends on one's level. I,myself also,right now meditating day and night,trying to inject some more spiritual blood into the deficit energy bank of the world. But I am not always free even to do that all the time. I do as much as I can.
I minimize every other activity,unto the minimum,so that I can meditate as many hours as I can. I should meditate like,at least,13hours a day - thirteen,one,three - but sometimes I couldn't make it,maybe 10hours,maybe 11,maybe less. You see,because I'm not always free,with all the demands of the world.
I can do maybe 60of the intended retreat every day,and I'm not very pleased with it. I'm worried about the world,to tell you the truth. But everybody who knows meditation should intensify their effort,with the goal to create peace on this planet,and a vegan diet,a vegan planet. Vegan planet is a peaceful planet,you see?(*Yes.) One thing leads to another,yes. (*Yes.) Hopefully,we will make it,James,with everyone…
*A diet of kindness leads to kindness in the world.
Yes,everybody must help.
*Yes. Well,your book ends on a very positive,hopeful note about the future of humanity entering into a Golden Age,or what some have called Sat Yuga or Eden on Earth,the Golden Era. Will we see the beginnings of a Golden Age during our lifetimes?We're all waiting. Will we see this happening,(Yes.) or clues or the beginnings?
Yes,we see some. (*The beginnings.) We see some,and we hope to see more,James. I mean,we see some in some corners,but the other corner is still boiling. It's just like a house is burning and you have been able to douse it out in some corners,and in some other corner,is still burning or still smoldering.
But we hope to have more,James,if we deserve it. (*Yes.) But it all depends also on humanity's direction,now and in the future. As more and more people join the vegan trend,the more and more hope we will have,see?  
As we have discussed before. Right now,we hope that humans wake up fast,and fast,and realize the house is burning and know that organic vegan is the sure and quickest way to cool down the fire and save the world. If we look into all the religions of the world,all the old prophets,masters,they all say to us the same,『Like attracts like,』 『Sow the seed of love and compassion,and then you will have it yourself.』
So we hope our planet and people will survive,first of all,by turning back to their own compassionate nature: be vegan. That means love for all beings.  Then Golden Age,not invited,still comes,if we continue with our benevolent,vegan,compassionate lifestyle. Even if we don't invite the Golden Age,it will crawl into our house. So I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction and I hope I'll be of some help to your listeners. And thank you for all this.
* Well,certainly it is my pleasure to be speaking to you today and to be reading your new book,『From Crisis to Peace.』(I'm glad you like it.) And spreading the word about this,and yes,we can all step in there,personally,individually,we can all have our own individual Golden Age.
That's right.
*You don't have to wait for the rest of the world: we can jump in right now.
That's right,that's right. You know,to me I have my Golden Age all the time. (*Right. Right.) To most of my Association members,they also think they are in the Golden Age because they meditate a lot and they feel calm and peace,and whatever they wish comes true. So they think they're in control of their life and everything goes well for them and peaceful. Yes,so we can have our own pocket Golden Age. That's right,James. It's a lot of things that we could discuss,but we all have our other things and time (*Right.) so maybe next time.
*Right. Well,it's been great speaking with you today,and it's great having this opportunity.
Great to see you. (*Yes.) Great to see you again,James.
You look younger than last time I saw you.
*Well,I hope I am going in the right direction. Yes.
You are. You are. But you're very busy,very busy. (*Yes!Well…) Doing researching and writing for radio and hosting the radio.
*Yes. We're trying to keep up with everything and…
You are faring well?
*I do believe in what I am doing,and that's what keeps me…
Yes,I know. That's why,yes. That's what keeps you going. (*Yes. Yes.) Yes,you have to believe in what you do,otherwise there's no sense of doing it. (*Yes.) Like a job,it's not.
*Right. So I fast or, I… don't spend much money and just...
Understand,understand. Don't go out and no vacation,nothing.
*You know me well.
Yes,almost like what I'm doing. It's just that I am also a frugal person. (*Right.) I only spend what's absolutely necessary. For myself,you know,just one or two meals a day,simple vegan. It's not much that I spent on myself. Everything is for the world,for others.
*Yes,I always have felt led to do radio and to read,you know,Kabir poetry,(Yes.) and all of these beautiful saints of the East. And so…
Yes,but you must meditate also. (*I do.) Must meditate. Yes,(*Yes. I do.) so that you can balance out the karma (retribution) that you take in while you're doing this,because you don't do this… (*Yes.) Nothing is for free in this world. (*Right.) If you want to do something good for the world,you know,the price we have to pay,spiritually - I mean,spiritually. So do take care that you meditate enough. (*Right.) Four hours if you want to stay above the water.
*Yes,good to know.
One hour on the Sound at least,and three hours on the Light. Okay?Or half and half. If you can do two and two,it's good. I'm only telling you as a friend,not as a guru. You know all this already,but because you do more for the world,you have to meditate more,James.
*Just to keep this magical,you know,keep the Divine grace coming?
Yes,otherwise you'll be in deficit.
*Yes,yes. I see what you're saying.
Yes,okay?Remember that. Saving others is good,but you have to also be able to swim back. All right?
*That's the thing.
Yes,four hours,meditation. Okay,love?(Yes.) Well,if you don't believe me,you go ask your guru,and they'll tell you the same. Did they tell you?Four hours.
*Well,two. Four hours is a good goal to have.
You must try. (Yes,four hours.) Not two-and-a-half hours. Two-and-a-half hours is for ordinary people (*I see what you're saying.) who is doing nothing for the world,just taking care of their own self or families and job. (*Yes.) But for the person who wants to do things for the world,at least four hours.
*That's a good principle to follow,you know.
Not principle. It's a must.
You have to do it because otherwise you'll be depleted. (*Yes,I see what you're saying.) Because if you want to spread this to the world,that means you will be saving some souls,and the bad karma (retribution) will be more on you than normally,do you understand?(*Yes. Yes.) I guess you are not so often in contact with your master,so I am just trying to remind you.
*Right. Yes,that's a very good thing,to increase the amount of meditation.
Yes. So that you stay well and balanced and healthy and even-headed. Because if you keep giving without earning enough,then you'll be in trouble. Just like money,James. (Exactly.) Yes,if we spend more than we earn,then we'll be in trouble. See what I mean,yes?(Right.) Meditate more,okay?(Right.) It's not good enough that we do good and then we will be good,no. Maybe in Heaven later,but in this lifetime we must balance the spiritual energy and the world energy that surrounds you. The more you want to help the world,the more you have to meditate. That is the problem. But the more we want to help the world,the more we're busy already. You see what I mean?(That's true,that's true.) That's paradoxical,but what to do?
*That's true.
Okay,James,your master doesn't tell you that if you,for example like,his contact person or his representative,they have to meditate more?Or the person who helps the master in the ashram to do correspondence and all that,they have to meditate four hours at least. Didn't your master remind you?
*No,I haven't heard that before. Of course,the teacher that initiated me years ago passed on.
Passed on. But you have other masters,yes. Okay,now if your master has passed on,then you have to contact with the successor of your master,(*Right.) to be more refreshed and reconnected. Okay?(*Right.) Your master will take care of you anyway even if he passed away,that's for sure,yes,but physically,intellectually,we need sometimes to be refreshed,you know,be in contact,supported spiritually,mentally,psychologically,okay?
*Right. That's why I am always very friendly.
With whom?
*With you.
With me.
*I'm very friendly. Very open.
You're a friend. That's good. It's good,it's good.
*…from Light and Sound,Light and Sound teachings.
Yes,must meditate on it,okay,because that's our essence,that's our God Quality. God Quality is manifested in this world as the inner Light and Sound,the lightless Light,the soundless Sound. And this will help us to be able to overcome all troubles in this world and to stay balanced and spiritually uplifted.  At the same time that we want to help the world,we must also continue to help ourselves. Yes,(*Yes.) you can visit the successor of your master,or talk to your master,also fine,but meditate more.
*Good advice for me,yes,four hours,four hours.
Try to make it.
*Really,I will. I will remember.
Try to make it. Yes,really true,one hour on the Sound at least,(Yes.) and then the other,Light. You try to make it another 3hours. (*Yes.) Yes,otherwise if you don't have to do radio,you don't have to try to help the world,then you don't need to meditate so much; two-and-a-half hours,as your master said,is enough. (*Yes.) Normally,yes.
*That's the standard,yes. (The standard. Yes.) Yes,the standard,but yes,I agree that,yes,we do need to build up that spiritual charge and live in that level of grace in order to change the world for the better,help people,help others.
Yes,but you have to be strong,you see?(*Yes. Yes.) Have to be strong. That's why the more you give,the more you must strengthen yourself,yes.
*Right. Right. Good advice.
No,no. It's not an advice,it is a must,James. Your master didn't know you were going to do radio and help the world,so he didn't tell you,of course.
*Right,that's true.
Yes,but if you ask the successor of your master,he will tell you the same,the same as I told you. We need more energy to give,you see what I mean?
*That's right.
Yes,that's what it is,James. If you push just a car of 20kilograms and you don't have to use so much energy,but if you push like 50kilograms,then you have to use extra energy,see?Same. If you want to help the world,you have to stay connected,more strong,strong,taking more from the bank,you see?- because you want to spend more,(*Yes,right.) like money,you want to spend more,then you have to take more from the bank in order to have it.
*Have enough spiritual charge,blessings.
* (Yes,definitely.)
Your bank account must be more in abundance in order to give,otherwise you might be in trouble. Nothing big deal,maybe sick or ill,or in financial difficulty or (*Very true.) cannot talk or whatever. Okay,be strong,right. Thank you for inviting me today.
*Absolutely. Well,thank you for your assistance and for speaking to me today. It's great to share these goals of (Yes.) Vegan Law and working for good.
Yes,we are friends. (*I'm working for the good.) We are friends. (*Absolutely.) we are friends,we do the same stuff. That's what friends are,you know,look in the same direction.
And I wish you all the luck,okay?And I pray for you.
*I very much appreciate this.
Pray your master to bless you more so that you can continue your noble work. I'm sure he's blessing you,but you have to take the blessing. Sit four hours so that he can bless you more. (
*Right.) Understand,love?Yes,sit. (*I do. That's a very good,very good…) Sit so that you can receive more,and then you can be stronger in here. All right.
*Right. I believe Gandhi said something like that once,too.
(He did?)
*『I have so much to do today that I have to meditate more.』
*Gandhi said something,yes,to link meditation with doing things in the world.
Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes. The more we meditate,the more wisdom and strength we have,then the more efficient we are in whatever job we do. Well,especially like your job.
*It's all Divine grace.
* I live with Divine grace.
Yes,that you are right,you're right. Okay,James,see you then.
*Namaste (I greet you in God).
Namaste. Be blessed,be loved.
Pray to your master to help you every day,yes?Don't forget him.
*No,no. Thank you.
Thank you. Bye.
 *Dear Master, near my home there are  a group of stray dogs, 15,running around.      If I alert the council and  they terminate the dogs, I will feel responsible  for their deaths. If I do nothing   and someone gets attacked by these dogs,I would  also feel responsible for  my inaction to prevent it. In addition,more dogs  will be produced until it becomes a big problem. How do I  solve this dilemma? I thank  your graceful wisdom.      
Is there any dogs’ home  in Singapore?Yes? Then why don't you  contact with  the dogs’ home  which receive dogs  and take care of them, and they will take care  of them.  They don't take care? They put them to sleep?  Poor dogs. I don't know,really. You have to do what  you think is the best.   I don't know  if the dogs are vicious or the dogs are kind. 
Some people  just take dogs home and take care of them. In Hong Kong, we have many dogs also  running around like that, and there's one person, he took care of them. They don’t take them home, they just put them  on the land somewhere, on a friend's land, and then he built a kind  of a primitive shelter and then every day  he jogs around and brings food for them. In Hong Kong Center, we used  to have a stray dog also –   from where,I don't know. She came to  our meditation center and so  she got vegetarian food.  All right.
No problem.  Mostly,wild dogs,  except when they're sick, they don't attack  the passers-by. Mostly,it’s only the dogs  that have an owner  that attack, because they have to  protect their property, and they know  where their property is. When you trespass, he will bite you. But the wild dogs, if they're sick, probably they will; but I cannot judge because  I haven't seen the dogs.   Use your  own intelligence. 
*In Singapore, there is a proposal for  a law on the living will. A living will is  a document  which tells a doctor  when a patient wants  treatment terminated. The religious bodies  in Singapore that have  given their views are  split on the proposal for  a law on the living will though most support  the idea. Dear Master, please advise.   
Now,the religious body  is not exactly  representing all  the Singaporean people. So,why doesn’t  the government just ask the people? Ask the Singapore people.    It's the Singapore people's  business. I cannot mess about  with your business.   Besides, every case is different. Sometimes people  just die for a while, like the story I told you; people die  and come back again. 
One person in America – I told you last time – he was struck  by lightning  and the whole body  was burned inside out, and he got a heart  problem,everything, and he couldn't move.  He was burnt. But then  he went to Heaven and they gave the choice  to live and carry out  some mission and  come back to Earth again. And he was suffering  a lot. He couldn't see the light for many months. He had to wear dark  glasses – not only glasses, but those that you wear  when you do the welding.   It was very difficult. But then  he stayed alive again. He was in a coma  for a long time. 
And recently there was  a man in Korea, he just woke up  after six years in a coma. You know that? And he just woke up  like nothing,just like  waking up from sleep and said,"Hallo!"    So,it's very difficult  for us to determine whether that person  is absolutely useless or whether  he will come back again and be a mighty speaker or a useful person  for mankind.  I'm not a doctor, I'm not also  a religious body.  Some case is useful, some case is not, and it’s very difficult  to pinpoint that this is  good,this is not good. Same with  the death sentence.  
 If the person  really committed the offence, maybe it's justified, even though  it shouldn't be that way, because God says that  “revenge belongs to Me.” But even though in that case it may be justified, but sometimes  it's not justified at all because  that person is innocent. But sometimes with  evidence and  under strong pressure,  the person is forced  into guilt without  doing anything wrong. So,in that case, it's very difficult and it's not justified, and nobody  can revive again. 
That's why England now banned the death penalty because they realized   many times before they had made mistakes and  killed the wrong person, killed an innocent person. Sometimes  20 years later, they found out that the person is innocent. It's too late.  For example like that.  So,I think,whatever it is, just let it be. Let it be,naturally. If we can save a person, we save him. 
If we cannot, if it's time for him to die, I tell you the truth,even if  the whole world’s doctors  gather together and want to save him, he will die.  If that person  is not yet at the time to die,  even God  cannot kill him. That's why  many people die  and went to Heaven, don't want to come back  but the angel kicks them down, “Your time is not yet up. Go back there  and do something. Learn your lessons.  You’re not finished yet.” 
Things like that.  You have read  many books like that, of the people who die. Sometimes many days, sometimes many hours, they went to Heaven  and got the sermon  and learned something and then they go back  and be good.    
*Dear Master, I have several questions still unsolved  in my mind. Please be compassionate  to solve them for me. If you so often say  that Jesus Christ  and his disciples were  vegetarians at that time, why did Jesus give  assistance to St. Peter  to "catch fish"? 
Do we always  have to talk about fish? Even if Jesus ate fish. why do we  have to imitate him? Be your own self.  Do something better. Jesus said to the twelve disciples, they were fishermen. He has to talk  in the fishy term. He said,"Come!  Throw away your net. Follow me, I'll teach you  how to catch men."  All right? So,afterwards, because they are nostalgic about their job, so Jesus said, "Go and ‘fish’. Do some ‘fishing’. And go give initiation, go gather disciples, go and ‘fish’ for something!  Catch a big fish."  You weren't there. You didn't see any fish  from Peter. 
Why talk like that? Even if I'm wrong,you're  not absolutely right. We're both not there.    Why bother about fish? Let's talk  about something else. Let's talk about God. Let's come to see God, and let the fish stay  in the ocean,all right? Because we are free, we're moving in the air. We're moving  in Singapore where there is freedom, a democratic country. Nobody will catch you  and chop your head  for nothing. So why you do that  to the fish? They have their kingdom. They have  their movement, their freedom in the sea. They do nothing harmful  to our society. Better leave them there.  Very simple.  
*If God is full of love, why did God create  that big rain and water  to finish all the rest  of the human beings, which  didn’t believe Hirm  to follow Noah? 
Because  God's very loving, that's why Hes did it. Hes wanted  to purify the planet, make a new one.      Just like your house, sometimes it's  out of livable condition, so the government  tears it down, builds a new house for you, gives you compensation, gives you a better living standard, safer dwelling. Because your house is already so rotten, anytime it can fall down and hurt you  and your family even though  it looks good now. But it is not safe.   
So sometimes God  wipes out everything and  builds a new house again. Because the body is  really not that important. For us,it is important. For God,Hes can create  one million again  out of one person if Hes wants to. So God can create, but God can destroy.  It's entirely no problem  to him. Just like  you can make cars, even if it's an expensive  Benz or Volvo, if it's already no use, and it could cause  car accidents, then the company will collect it  and crush it into powder  and build another one  out of it, and add in other better ingredients.  In Singapore, you cannot drive a car  more than ten years. You know that.  So that doesn't mean the  Singapore government  is very cruel  or not loving to the cars, but this is unsafe for you, unsafe for other people  on the street.             
Then  it will cause an accident.   So just let God decide what God thinks is best. Actually, we cling on to dear life but we don't know  the life eternal; therefore,we blame God for our short time  on Earth, for our sickness,for  our physical suffering. But if we know  life eternal – actually, our short lifespan  of 100 years, or 60 years, is absolutely nothing. God can always renew  our body, give a more beautiful  appearance – the same soul,more  beautiful appearance – more beautiful  surrounding,more beautiful background for us to thrive,to live on, to develop.  
If Hes didn't do that, we'd probably  still be crawling on the Earth  killing each other and roasting each other  for lunch. That's probably what they  did at the time of Noah. And God  just told them “stop,” but they didn’t listen. They were destroying  each other, so God said,"Okay, let's build a new house."   No problem to Hirm. Hes just waves a hand, and thousands,millions, of planets will appear, let alone human beings.   Don't worry about that. Hes knows  what Hes is doing. Well,we hope so. 
*If God is almighty, omnipotent,omniscient, omnipresent, when Hes created  Adam and Eve, why didn't Hes know that they would betray Hirm and eat  that forbidden fruit?       
Don't you think  Hes knows?  Hes knows it. That's why  Hes made the apple.   But Hes also knows  human psychology. If Hes told him to eat it, he won't eat it. But if Hes says, "Don't eat it!"   then both of them  are mouth-watering,   thinking,“It must be  something good that Hes doesn’t let us eat." That's why they ate it.  So Hes is very clever. Don't worry  about this Old Guy.   Just like your children,   you don't let them  get initiation.  
Many children  come to me – three years old, four years old – "Master, can I have initiation?" Just because their parents just keep telling them, "You cannot get it.  You're too young yet. You have to be  six years old. Then Master will  give you half initiation." So they keep asking me  all the time,  tugging my dress, "Master!" They are so small  like this, "Master, can I have initiation?"                           
The apple is for us, not for Adam, so we’d learn  that we could not sell  everything too cheap.  That's why many people, the high class society people,  they buy a lot of things, very expensive. It doesn't matter  if that thing looks  exactly like your thing.  The name is different.  That's important.  The name is different. 
So,sometimes  the big company, they buy cheap things from the small company, but with their name  printed on it,  and that sells  more expensively.  You know all this.   So God is  the biggest salesman.  Hes knows everything about human psychology because Hes created us.   So don't worry  about God's mistakes. Only we make mistakes. God doesn't.  Hes knows. This Old Guy is very tricky!               
*If God created  all these creatures, then who created God?  
This you have to  go and ask God.      But that's no problem, that's still far away. Now we have to walk on the road  to God's home and then  we can ask Hirm.  First,step by step. Now you go with me,  then later  we can ask Hirm together, "Who is Your parent?"    Up to now we're still  far away from God,so we do other things first.  Be practical. 
*Does this universe have a beginning and an end, like linear, or this universe has  no beginning and no end, like a circle? 
It has a beginning  and it has an end, but I am afraid we don't  live that long to know. But we can know that  by meditation. Because  in meditation knowledge, there's no past, no future,and no  present obstruction to us – there’s no time obstruction– so then we will see that  sometimes the universe   rests. And then nothing, no activity. It's just like nothing. 
And then  when it stirs again, then everything springs  into activities, like we are experiencing  now.  But it's not the end.  It's really not the end. It's just the alternative  state of the universe.  But it's a long sleep  and a long awakening. It's not  like 24 hours. Recently,archaeologists  found fossils and say  it is the missing link  of the monkey  and human. Do you agree  that modern humans  evolved from monkeys?              
The missing link  is because  humans and monkeys  are different.  You see  so many monkeys now,  and no monkey  has evolved  into a human being.   Monkeys live longer  than man. And not all of the monkeys evolved  into human beings.  God made man truly for   mankind's sake. There's no such kind of monkey.  Not because  God made the monkey first and monkey  becomes man. It's not so.  
God created  many creatures – different kinds, different beings,for  different periods of time.  So the animals  came first and then later  human beings.  Some of the monkeys  are very intelligent. They're  near human intelligence, but by no means  can they replace man.         
*Dear Master, I work in a company that kills animals  and sells meat for human consumption. Is this bad  for my karma (retribution), even if I'm not physically  involved in the killing? Can I be accepted  for initiation if I continue working  in the company?  
I'm afraid that your conscience  will disturb you. So you can get initiation, and then if you feel  very much disturbed, you please try  to change your job, whenever possible  for you.  Because after  the initiation,we become  so highly evolved inside and so pure  within our spirit that every little  contradiction will hurt us.  
Our conscience is always very sharp so it will not feel right  to do it.  Actually,all the precepts are not really precepts  at all. It's just for you, for the guidelines, for the beginning. Later on,even  if everybody  allowed you to kill, you would not do it. And sometimes you use  leather goods, or a fur coat, you will feel  very uncomfortable because you can sense the suffering atmosphere  still lingering in  these goods that you use.  So,that's the only reason  that you could probably  consider changing your job  in the near future.              
*Dearest Master, after initiation if I can't fulfill  the two-and-a-half hours  of meditation a day, what will happen to me?  Please help me on how I am able to do meditation better and better  each day. Thank you. 
No problem. You do it slowly. You adjust  slowly. You don't have to do it two-and-a-half hours  straight. You try your best. Half an hour,one hour, twenty minutes,it's okay.  It's good for you. You don't have to bargain  with me. If you eat  two bowls of rice then you are full. If you eat one bowl then  you're half full. What happens to you? You're hungry,that's all.      
*Dear Master, you did mention that  when one can see Lights  and hear Sounds  during initiation, it is an evidence  of immediate  enlightenment and  seeing your own true Self. What if a person does not  have these experiences  during initiation?  What has happened?  Should he  continue the meditation? Thank you so much. 
Yes,sure. Very rare, but maybe one or two people  out of one thousand  don't have experience. Maybe only have Sound and don't have Light, maybe have Light only, don't have Sound, but he will have it, 20 minutes later, or three days later, at the most seven days, this exception.  Otherwise,everyone  will have it.  
Continue to meditate. You will have it at home. Sometimes  you're at the initiation you don't have it, you go home  and you have it, or 20 minutes later. You just sit again  for 20 minutes. The Master  will take care of it – a double blessing, treble blessings, all the blessings.   I have to hammer  the wisdom eye to  get it open.  It's too rusted.       
*During meditation  on the Light, the third eye was blinking  in the dark  and glittering very fast. Is it the Light of the  true Self of the universe? 
Yes. I don't suppose  that it is the light  from electricity.   How can the wisdom eye  be blinking? It is really poetry.  Feels like.  Darkness is  not really darkness. If you continue to look further,it  will become bright.      
*During the  Light meditation,I feel  my eyelids shivering like I'm blinking  or like the light is glittering.  Is it okay? 
Yes,it's okay. It's called  the “blinking light.” The light blinks  when it's not strong. If you concentrate on it, it will stabilize. It blinks because you  are not paying attention.   But the wisdom eye  doesn't blink. 
*This is not a question. It's a thank-you note. He says,“Master thank you  for initiating me, bearing my bad karma   (retribution) and  elevating my ancestors  spanning nine generations. I don't know how  to thank you enough. I feel like crying whenever I think of you.” 
Don't cry. 
*Master, you are a great person. I love you.  We will love you forever. We'll follow  your teachings. You are our example, ideal,aim and model. The meaning of our lives is to pursue  spiritual practice and go back Home. Thank you again from  the bottom of my heart. Please take good care  of yourself. I hope  we'll see you often. Although we all have  inner Masters, we still perceive  a different magnetic field  and vibration when  seeing you in person. Heavenly bliss  fills our hearts. The blessing  pervades the air. Joy and happiness permeate our souls. Good night,Master.  Please be well. I hope to see you again  in the near future. See you in the next  seven-day,three-day, four-day or ten-day  retreat. Goodbye, with love. 
Thank you. You could have written another “Key to Immediate  Enlightenment.”  I think other people  would like to hear?   You want to hear? (Yes.) Must be fair. 
*Master, I very much appreciate  and thank you that you initiated me  and carry my bad karma   (retribution), five to nine generations  liberated. I appreciate it so much  that I am speechless. Every time  when I think of Master, I start to cry.  Master, Great Master,I love you. I will love you forever, following  the Master's teaching. 
You're  our learning model, our ideal,our aim, our example. The meaning of living is  to cultivate   and go home. Once again  I sincerely and gratefully  thank Master.  Please take good care  of yourself. I wish to see you always. Although there is the  transformation Master, but seeing  the physical Master, the magnetic field  and the vibration  are different. That is full of Dharma happiness. The blessing  and the happiness and peacefulness  is filled in the air. Master,good night.  Take care. I wish to see you again  and be able to join  the three-day retreat, four-day, seven-day,ten-day.  Goodbye!  
And I said that person  can write a book  of “Immediate  Enlightenment.”  Very poetic.   The Chinese people  are very poetic at heart. And,actually, they're not bad  for businessmen.   They take care  of each other. It just doesn't matter  who you are. If you can speak a little  Chinese,they think that you're a Chinese and they will help you. That's why everywhere  the Chinese go, they help each other and they become  prosperous together, and become the envy  of many citizens of different countries. 
But they shouldn't be  envious,they should learn  from the Chinese because they work hard  and they’re united. Whenever a Chinese goes  to another country, even if he doesn't know  someone,if  the Chinese know them, they take care of him. Or someone will probably  lend him money and  show him how to work and help him to establish  himself in that country. That's why everywhere  the Chinese community  is very strong. Strong and prosperous.   
Chinese people  are very hospitable, very hard working. There are many jokes about the Chinese people. Like,wherever  there's smoke, there's Chinese. Because actually,  anywhere, the Chinese can live. That's what it means.  It doesn't mean the Chinese  are invading everywhere,   but in any circumstance, the Chinese can survive, and they can prosper because  they work very hard. Some people,Chinese, go to Costa Rica, or a South American country    and they work very hard. No wonder they succeed  and have  financial security. Saturday,Sunday, holiday,any day – open.   
Other people Sunday, Saturday,closed. Friday closed– half-day maybe– Saturday closed and Sunday closed. And Monday maybe  holiday,closed again. Tuesday, another day closed, or tomorrow   closed. And of course, God blesses us, but God doesn't bless laziness  and irresolution. The Chinese people are resolute people. 
That's why  everywhere they go, they're successful. And they're also  very diligent.  They don't earn their  money from nothing. They really work hard  and they know  the tricks of business. The most clever trick is hard working. Sunday,Saturday, holiday, rainy day,sunny day, no problem – all open! In Formosa (Taiwan), if you have money you can buy anything. You can tell them  to work all day,all night. No problem. The customer comes first. Even Formosa (Taiwan)  is already  a very,very rich country,  a prosperous country, the 13th financial  business country,   the 13th  in the world,and it's  so small,an island only. Even then, they still work hard. It's their nature  to work hard to serve the customer. 
Not because of money only;  it's their nature. They're very hospitable. They like to help, and they like to work. Without work  they'll feel bored.    They work very hard. So,even if they already  have money, but Sunday,Saturday or even in the night,  they will open for you. Sometimes,like,in Miaoli,  the disciples plant trees  overnight.  They plant trees like the Singapore people. Big trees,one night, and then it becomes a jungle.  We do that also. But because these are big trees,  our disciples have to go  and dig themselves, and then even the owner  just let him do it all night, sometimes help them  also.  
And the crane  picks up the trees and plants them in a big hole.  They also work all night  with us.  That doesn't mean  they need money.  They just do it. Maybe it’s just habit, hard working  and appreciate  their intelligence,  their hands and their feet. Because they make use of their brain,their body, therefore, they get more clever    and therefore  they get more successful  in business. That is the secret. But don't tell  the Chinese. Don't tell the Chinese  that I told you.                    
*Is the visualization  method lower than  the Quan Yin Method?     
Different people want to  learn different methods. Even if I say  visualization is inferior  to Quan Yin, some people  still like visualization. Just let them. Some people like  to stay home sleeping  and daydreaming, “I have a lot of money.   I will build  a very big house. I will have  a beautiful wife. I will have two or three lovely 'little karmas'.            
As soon as he finishes, he bumps his foot  into the furniture and knocks it over, and then it breaks, thus ends his daydream. He is daydreaming and imagining all this. But the rich person doesn't have to do this. He builds a house  right away. He doesn't have to think.   If he wants a wife, he can marry one because  he has the money. He doesn't have to think  that much.  We don't bother to think.   We prefer to own things  right away. If you already have it, fine. If you don't,daydreaming  doesn't help. 
It would be tiring. Some people  are like that.    Some people imagine  that there is a Buddha  and there is Light. It's fun too. But if we can see  the Light and Buddha personally, isn't it less tiring? But it's up to you  to decide. If you are a lazy person, you can practice  the Quan Yin Method  with me. If you are hardworking  and like to imagine,then  you decide for yourself. There is no need to argue which is higher or lower. 
Everyone  has his own taste.   They asked me if   the visualization method  of meditation, would I say  it is lower than  the Quan Yin Method, so I said to them,    “Well,it doesn't matter   whether I say  it's lower or higher, some people still like  to practice the visualization method.” Then let it be.  Just like some people, they like to daydream,  and then they sit there on their sofa,or on their bed, and say,“I will have  a lot of money, and then I will build  a big house, and then I will have  a beautiful wife, and then my wife will   bear a few little, little beautiful ‘karmas’  for me.” Things like that. 
But then he’s just daydreaming about it. And then we people, those who practice  Quan Yin Method,  we don't like to daydream.  We don't like  to imagine things. We just like to have it now  or we don't have it. So this is the choice  of different people. If you want to daydream  then you can choose  visualization. And if you want  to have it now,  without too much   thinking about it, then you can join us.   To sit there and visualize that you have light  in here and you have  Buddha on there, it’s also fun. But to have it right now, see it right now, for us is better. Saves a lot of work.  So I say,“It's up to you, it's your choice. No need to say  lower or higher.”                    
Thank you for your love. God bless you,  Buddha bless you, Allah bless you.   Stay in love, walk in love, and breathe in love because everywhere  God is there. We always live in God, whether you believe me  or don’t believe me. You cannot escape, so don't worry. In times of trouble, always try to remember  God is near. God is in your breathing.   God is in your eyes, in your body, in your cells, in the neighbors, in your heart, in your children, in the air.  You can never escape  from God, so don't worry. Take your lessons easily. Take it easy,try your best to solve your problems. Because that's  what we’re here for. All right? Thank you!    

SOS Climate Change
International Conference

Take Action: Go Veg Be Green Save Our Planet

Immediate attention and action is crucial for our planetary ecological existence. At the conference, participants was informed with the latest urgent data on climate change and its impact on our lives.

Program  featured keynote speakers and panel discussions on the most effective and immediate solution to climate change related problems.

Featured Speakers: Supreme Master Ching Hai, Dr. Will Tuttle, Howard Lyman, Dr. Gurminder Singh, Dr. Jim Stewart, Professor Ryan Galt, Lionel Friedberg, Dr. Elliot Katz, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, John Raatz, and Scott Badenoch.

Special Honored
Supreme Master Ching Hai
World Renowned Humanitarian & Constructive Media Pioneer
Master of Ceremony
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Television News Journalist
Keynote Speaker
Howard Lyman
President of Voice for a Viable Future
Dr. Will Tuttle
Author of "World Peace
Dr. Gurminder Singh
Co-Chairman of Green Technology Institute
Dr. Jim Stewart
Co-Chair of Global Warming for Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Professor Ryan Galt
Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis
Lionel Friedberg
Producer & Director of "A Sacred Duty"
Dr. Elliot Katz
President of In Defense of Animals
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
John Raatz
Founder of Visioneering Group and Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment
Scott Badenoch
Chief Executive Officer of Creative Citizen

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