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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: Love of Centuries, Mongolian Edition   
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*Hallo ,cherished ladies and gentlemen.
*Hallo,honored guests and representatives.
*The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in Mongolia,in association with the Vegan Youth Union,Vegan Children Union,and Loving Hut international vegan restaurant,is presenting Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creation, 『The Love of Centuries』Mongolian edition,and it's a great honor for us and we thank you for coming.
Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned spiritual teacher,artist,and humanitarian - a great person. In honor of Earth Day - and Mongolian Tree Planting Day also begins - we celebrate the wonderful occasions today. On Earth Day,or world conservation day,many international organizations participate in conservation activities and organize various types of effective public events to save human lives as well as Mother Earth.
Even large fashion agencies have refused using animal-fur clothes and,instead,look for alternative materials free from any animal products for their designs. So,I'm happy to announce the commencement of this event of Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creation, 『The Book Premiere of `The Love of Centuries,' Mongolian Edition』on Earth Day. Let's watch a short video on the current situation of our Mother Earth,as well as global warming.
The threat from climate change is serious,it is urgent,and it is growing. The problems are enormous. Every day,about 150species of both flora and fauna become extinct. Rising sea levels threaten every coastline. As a nation made up of over 7000islands,rising seas due to global warming take on whole new meaning. More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent. Disasters like [Typhoon] Morakot are not that unusual now,so we have to be prepared for the worst. More frequent droughts and crop failures…
A few years ago in Zimbabwe we would be able to predict when the first rain will fall. But today,rains are not predictable. They fall any time. And when they do,people are swept away. On shrinking islands families are already being forced to flee their homes as climate refugees.
Our islands are just 1meter above sea level,and the impacts of the greenhouse emissions are killing our people. We know that short lived carbon forcers like methane contribute significantly to the warming of our planet. And because they are short lived they also give us an opportunity to make rapid progress if we work to limit them.
I've been seeing as a state senator the environmental costs of live stock production. It's a source of pollutants and toxic contamination,nitrogen run off,as well as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
It's much easier to think it's all the fault of coal miners or a power station a long way away,we can all focus the blame somewhere else and just say,『Governments got to make the change over there,』rather than think, 『Well,actually,we've got to make some change ourselves.』We've got to reduce the amount of animal products we consume. And we can do it now. We don't have to wait for government to do anything.
Regular citizens can do all kinds of things. Just make smart choices about the kinds of products that they buy. Fresh fruits and vegetables,organic food. And we believe that if people are given an abundance of healthy choices,they will make the right choice.
Because I know that environmentally it's the right thing to do. I know in terms of health it's the right thing to do. And ethically it's the right thing to do. By making this small change in our family's diets and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables,Barack,the girls,me,we all started to notice over a very short period of time that we felt much better,and we had more energy.
And really inducing all the people to go vegetarian. Be Veg,Go Green 2Save the Planet!This is the moment now to limit and reverse the climate change we are inflicting on future generations. Not later,not at another conference,not in a later decade. To save the planet is to save ourselves,to save our lives and that of all other living beings.
This is a new,a fresh dynamics which we must seize. I sincerely hope that we can seize this momentum. I think if all the governments of all the countries work together to promote the meatless style of living it will definitely save the planet.
Be Veg,Go Green 2Save the Planet!
Methane is also a big part of the issue: livestock farming particularly the industrial feedlot operations. When you hear the people say that industrial livestock farming is a big part of global warming,they're absolutely right.
* Meat factories,meat consumption,release lots of greenhouse gases. One of the 5biggest sources of greenhouse emissions from man-made activities in the world is the livestock industry.
* Eating veggie food is a beneficial action against the development of the livestock industry and the use of meat as food and it's the easiest,least suffering-causing and cheapest way that everybody can do it.
*Distinguished guests,thank you very much for your attention. I would like to tell you wonderful news about why we are celebrating 『The Book Premiere of `The Love of Centuries,' Mongolian Edition,』on Earth Day. It is that the income from Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creations goes to humanitarian and nature conservation activities worldwide.
Therefore,this new creation will contribute a huge effect for our world's sustainability,as we celebrate this event on Earth Day,which is why it's a big celebration for us. So I would like to thank you once again for coming to today's event. Humankind should make efforts to save their home,Mother Earth,in any way they can.
Now I would like to invite Mrs. Nyamkhuu,manager of doctoral education and training at the Academy of Management,to give a presentation on 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』Hallo,and good evening. I'm happy to share with you my opinion about global warming. We have a precious treasure,the world's natural resources which are limited.
So,one of the big challenges for human beings is global warming. How global warming is affecting nature: glaciers are melting,the permafrost is melting,the soil is drying,wetlands are drying,rivers and lakes are shrinking,more earthquakes,as well as extinction of biodiversity,etc.; therefore,one of the factors in this situation is greenhouse gases. Humans' unsustainable activities have caused greenhouse gas emissions.
All power stations,generators,and waste-production,generate methane which is released into the atmosphere. If the methane is being released from the permafrost,etc.,and from the ocean,from all the livestock,animal raising - it keeps adding up and it would stay in the atmosphere for a long time. Updated calculations tell us that the livestock industry is responsible for at least 51%of global warming.
Methane's biggest source is the livestock industry,which is indeed one of the top causes of global warming. The best solution for this is reducing our meat consumption. Reducing meat intake is the fastest way to reducing greenhouse emissions,and it will stop the improper use of water,as well as stopping pollution,killing (of animals) and other indescribable damages. If you compare it to a vegan diet,a meat diet uses up to 17times as much land, 14times as much water and 10times as much energy. Arctic ice cover is melting and is going to disappear,and due to rising sea levels,many islands are sinking and we are losing flora and fauna.
It is predicted that we may experience an ecological crisis in Mongolia if the melting of the Arctic ice worsens. There is a calculation that if the area of ice melts by 50%,the average temperature in Mongolia will increase by 7degrees. According to the United Nations,the deforestation and damage that occurs from such activities as cattle grazing,is threatening the well-being of more than 1.2billion people in over 100countries.
We can see how the Mongolian ecosystem has changed due to global warming from the latest study of climate change in Mongolia. For example: Precipitation reduction,temperature increase,change in type of rain,greater number of hot days,increase in the number of fires; and we have contagious diseases of humans and animals,etc. In the last 20years the Mongolian ecosystem has been affected so intensively that vegetation has decreased and many rivers and lakes have dried up.
It has been shown in research that Mongolia is more affected than other countries. So we have to ask ourselves seriously: Are we ready to overcome these natural disasters and other challenges?According to a study of the last 40years,the patterns of climate change in Mongolia show that water resources will be reduced,biodiversity will be reduced due to extinction,and we will face a serious ecological situation. 30,398,400livestock are grazing on 97.5%of our land,and 80%of our land is somehow affected by over-grazing.
For instance,50%of livestock are goats,and according to a 2008study,the number of goats has reached 18million. This is a not good number for which we can feel happy about. We have to think about it. By 2070,steppes and grassland will have become desertified,and it has been shown that desertification will move northward by 300-400kilometers.
Sand movement will be dramatically active in desert and semi-desert regions. According to the study,the total area covered by sand is 3800square kilometers,and it's 8.7%of the total sand,88%of which is in the Gobi area and 12%of which is in the mountainous area. The evaluation of water resources in 2003presented the fact that 683rivers and springs are already dry; 1,484springs and water wells are dry; and 760lakes and wetlands are dry.
For example,from 1996until today,large lakes such as Taatsiin Tsagaan,Adagiin Tsagaan,Ulaan Nuu,and Orog Nuur in the Gobi have been dry. Due to the decrease of permafrost,permanent snow and glaciers,springs,rivers and lakes in the Khangai mountain areas don't receive the supply of water and thus have shrunk.
As a result of melting permafrost and changes in precipitation,the number of fires has increased,causing the loss of forest and its recovering ability. In the future,provinces like Tuv,Arkhangai,in the northern part of Mongolia will lose half of their forest. Some areas of wetlands are also disappearing.
So,to eliminate methane gas we should adopt a plant-based diet,which will also be beneficial to our healthy lifestyle,and is a real way to love Mother Earth and protect her,because she's a really precious treasure for our next generation. Therefore,we are confident that you will also support us and have the same ideal as we do.
Many climate experts and environmentalists have already begun advocating this approach to saving the Earth from the worst effects of climate change. So,the first thing we should do is to cool our planet,to be true stewards of the Earth,and to rehabilitate it. Then we will have peace on Earth and live in this world in happiness.
Therefore,you should understand at present our global situation is dependent on your choice of food. An area of rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed every second to produce just 250hamburgers. We are losing 55square meters of rainforest whenever we eat one beef hamburger patty. If we change our diet and become vegan we can stop up to 80%of global warming,and we will use 4to 5times less land for vegetable growing.
We can conserve 70%clean water,save up to 70%of the Amazon rainforest from clearance for animal grazing,and that would free up to 3to 4million hectares of land annually. We can save one-third of energy which is used for meat production. To save the world,humans should contribute - by changing to a plant-based diet. Then we can reach peace and we will have happiness in our life.
So,vegan foods are very light and there's no need for killing,thus vegan foods give you a positive,happy energy and you will be full of energy. Moreover,you will attract happiness and share it with others,and you will have a joyous mind and heart and all other things will also improve. You will be smarter,more creative,more loving and compassionate.
Through this action,your life will improve,even more than from other things. We will save the world,our lives,our children and the animals. And nobody will lack of anything - no more hunger,war,killing,disasters,and global warming. Today,everyone has to be aware and wake up. And I ask you to be veg and join in our compassionate action to save the planet. That is why our participation is very important. Thank you for your attention.
*Thank you. Thank you very much for giving us a special and wonderful speech,Mrs. Nyamkhuu,manager of doctoral education and training at the Academy of Management. I wish you great success in your work. Now,I would like to invite some members of our distinguished guests to share with us their comments on 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』Thus,I would like to invite Mrs. Davaajav,Professor of Chemistry at the National University of Mongolia to the stage.
* Dear honorable ladies and gentlemen,good evening. I'm happy to share with you my feeling after I heard the presentation 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』During the past year in Mongolia,we had questions regarding the impact of climate change in Mongolia:
What is the solution and where will human beings go?How to manage food security?These questions were asked to Mongolians as well as internationally,and we had different,interesting facts and news. Among the news,one activity was known to be very effective and fast,which was very interesting,and that is the activity of the Loving Hut vegan restaurant.
Today our home,this planet,is losing its ecosystem balance,and it's obvious that climate change is one of our most urgent and serious problems. For this issue,the whole world and humankind are concerned and are dedicating themselves to it,and I'm personally very happy about this. About a year ago,there was a conference, 『Global Warming - SOS International Conference on Urgent Problems of Climate Change.』
I was invited for the first time to participate and it was my first time that I received clear information. For one year vegan food was introduced very intensively; and it is because Mongolians are wise,have compassionate hearts,are re-introducing their traditions,love our co-inhabitants as well as other people,also they work diligently and responsibly in their roles and work. I can give you some examples.
For example,during the first conference vegan restaurants and choices of vegan food,as well as vegan people,were few. This was about one year ago. But today,we have over 10Loving Hut restaurants in Ulaanbaatar alone. Other restaurants have added vegetarian dishes to their menu. Delivery services are available to children,organizations,as well as families. We Mongolians have been able to do this in a very short period of time,and this makes me very happy.
And,I think I'd like to proudly say that this is the result of the people who are working in Loving Hut,the managers of the restaurants,and the sincerity of other people. Although we have had this success,we should not relax,but we should think further about how we are responsible to the world and what more can we do. We are Mongolian people.
We,as Mongolians,we should consider what is our priority in confronting climate change in Mongolia. Every citizen should compare and think about what they eat and think about their children and the future of Mongolia,what they are going to leave for them. It's time to think about this urgent issue,we all know this.
This should start from every household,every citizen. I hope we have commenced. Furthermore,according to my observation based on this success,Ulaanbaatar and other urban cities basically know what a veg meal is. They have started to cook and it is becoming a daily routine. In addition,I would like to say a couple of things from my heart.
We should intensify the advertisement and the raising of awareness to the remote,rural people who are lacking the information. Secondly,it's necessary to prepare the next generations who will be taking care of our home,so we should develop complex training curriculum on the relationship between humans and nature,and how humans are closely connected with nature,and teach them more about this and provide this knowledge to children when they are in kindergarten,as well as at the university level.
Moreover,we need to prepare more trainers for this subject. And every Mongolian person,all Mongolian households,should be aware of their role and protect our home,the world,Mother Earth and give their contribution to save the world by choosing the vegan diet. Thank you for your attention.
*Thank you,Mrs. Davaajav,for your wonderful appeal to action.
*I felt a lot of love from this book. I truly realized that we should teach youth with love and explain to them,including my children,what we should do in order to love our planet,and what love and compassion is. I wish that Master will put us Mongolians under your protection and blessing,and I wish your love may shine again and again.

*Now ,I would like to invite our distinguished guest,Mr. O. Sundui,Director of the Mongolian National Center of Children Literature,to the stage.
*It's clear to us,our motherland Mongolia,we Mongolians are gathering here for Mother Earth,our mother,our home,as we are one part of humanity. I'm happy to be participating in this event as an artist,especially as a writer for children.
First of all,I have read the presentation yesterday and I have thought about what the solution can be to save the planet. So I would like to share with you my viewpoints. Many magazines and media write that global warming is caused by greenhouse emissions.
Actually,greenhouse emissions are the result of humans' unsustainable activities. Generally,humans don't carry out activities without any purpose or directions. It's their heart or mind that directs that activity. So,according to our understanding,efforts to save the planet and the desire for the world to continue for a long time,this is related to our heart.
Since ancient times,Mongolians have explained things according to yin and yang,whereby yin is heart,yang is mind. Nature conservation activities were managed by worship and through restraint. An example of the culture of restraint is that we were not allowed to drop red and white food into the water.
To protect the mountain areas,we named them as 『pure land,』and trees have spirits,so it was forbidden to touch those lands. Mongolians have always trained their children in this way and have guided them to protect nature. So,we,children's artists,are closely working with state organizations and NGOs in organizing different contests for children's art and in creating children's art.
This art creation is also related with nature conservation and I think Mongolian artists and children writers are also giving their contribution to love the planet and save the planet at this time. Eastern philosophy describes yin and yang. According to our opinion in the last 20years,Mongolians,as well as all humans perhaps,chased after wealth too much. When we hear that something has some profit,we run there,for example,to mining,gold,etc.
Today,now when we look back,we start realizing this and that we have reached the red line,and we think, 『Are we going to correct our direction or not?』Somehow we started to think about this. Therefore,we have had some good results,and the proof is today's event and Mongolian vegan people organizing these kinds of activities. It has started and I think it will extend even more. And since ancient times Mongolians have talked about 『white food』(bloodless food); the meaning of 『white』being pure-hearted - pure,white action is hidden in this meaning.
So,the modern meaning of white food,or vegetarian,is eating properly. And if you do some study and look at some ancient scriptures you will find that Mongolians were using different plant seeds to eat. About this topic,the honorable Mr. Tudev wrote a wonderful essay called 『Seed Eater.』So I think Mongolians were also vegan before and I believe we will be in the future.
So,at this moment we share from our hearts,if we eat properly,our hearts will be correct. That's right,pure hearts will save this world. So,I would like to say,『Let's unite with humankind with our diet and hearts.』Good luck to you all.
*Wonderful. You are right. Mongolians have a great tradition and culture in eating methods. We can't go without being proud of our national history and culture. Mongolians were glorious in many ways throughout history. Children's writers are very close with children,and move their inner compassion and expression and describe how children see the world.
I'm happy to know that those people who touch our future generation have the heart to save the world,and I'm confident that we can definitely save our planet. Thank you very much,Mr. Sundui. I wish you much good luck in your work!
Now,I would like to invite Mr.Bum-Ochir,Faculty Director of Anthropology,Social,Culture of the National University of Mongolia,to share with us his viewpoints on the presentation of 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』
*Good evening to you all. Today is a wonderful day. I'm happy that I'm with many saints and spiritual people. One of my majors is anthropology. I would like to share some ideas about this presentation based on my profession. If you see global warming from another angle,we are eating and drinking up our world. Although humans are good,perfect beings,we have lost today our certain identity in some way.
Why we are losing it?It is because humanity have become greedy,grasping to take and eat all that is nearby. This is not just spoken today on this stage,it has been always been expressed in every generation's philosophy,philosophy of religion or philosophy of science,etc. Different fields have talked about it. It has also been talked about in anthropology. In other words,today we are consciously aware of this situation and have accepted it; and now it's time to fight it.
Are we living only for eating?Or eating for living?As mentioned before,the meal on your plate is related to our future generation,and it's becoming the basic root and main key to everything. Personally,I don't want to eat my child's future. I think you also don't want to eat your children's future. In another way,our conference is trying to say to you that our world might be finished through being eaten or drunk up in just 100years.
Today,personally,in some ways I'm afraid to have a baby. What will happen after I have a baby?What can I give it to survive?Maybe if not my child,then what will my grandchild eat to survive?What about water,if he wants to wash his face?How to make tea to drink?I hadn't been thinking about this consciously or deeply until recently.
According to studies by researchers,as well as Supreme Master Ching Hai's various books,and other scientific facts,it's really an urgent issue. It's already beyond the level of just one person talking on the stage. It's not just us,other great people who have received Nobel prizes,who are famous in many fields of sciences,have already said this.
I regret one thing: Why didn't I understand this until now?I think people should consider their children,for the future or for humankind - such great beings - to give them a chance to live 100years. So I would like to say: be more responsible for ourselves now!Like all of you,I am a Mongolian. I grew up eating meat,but I would like to say one thing: I love animals more than meat. It's also a Mongolian mindset.
What I learned today is,I think I learned to love animals more than meat. It's not only that we love animals. Really,it's loving ourselves. We are loving our children,we are loving our planet. If even one person can understand this and change their diet consciously,then that's my contribution; that's your contribution.
Maybe I cannot do anything,but I'd like to make my contribution by changing my meal that I eat today. At least. At the very least. Maybe we are not able to work like this great person (Supreme Master Ching Hai),sacrificing herself,her heart and mind,every minute for this,and writing poems and books,but I would like to change my food for this,I'd like to say that I'm fighting for this.
Inside I will be happy that I'm fighting for this and I'm loving animals,myself,our world,our future,our children,and I think I am able to do it for them. I know we can do it. We are conscious human beings. We are smart beings. In every era,we have been leaders through our wisdom and we've shown it,and I know we all have the capacity to understand it. We all have this. Supreme Master Ching Hai talked about it too. Thank you for your attention.
*Thank you very much,Mr. Bum-Ochir. If more uplifted leaders are like you and many of the top leaders or people who live amongst us,our future outlook will be brighter. Now,let us invite our next guest speaker. She is the wonderful lady who has supported our mission to halt global warming since our first meeting,and who has earnestly called on Mongolian people and youth to follow and choose a more enlightened path and to do good deeds. She is the head of the Department of Children and Youth Programming of Mongolian National Public Radio (MNPR),Ms. Ariunjargal J.
*Hallo everyone. So many touching feelings have been shared by many guest speakers; maybe my expression will seem so simple. Anyway,I feel so happy that I have changed my everyday life's direction to this place,to go from home to work regularly,and to be in such an amazing atmosphere by joining you all. I really am keen on Master Ching Hai's photo. Everyone looks at it… The cover photo of the book… I think everyone wants one; I believe that 1000%.
Because everyone wants to be satisfied,good looking,very happy,very beautiful in the heart,very optimistic,very nice. I don't know why but I feel happiness immediately upon seeing that photo. I have been working as a radio journalist for 11,12years. During that time I have met with youth. When you meet with young people,it's very nice,because they have great spirit in their hearts.
They wish to live with joy. Truly,they want to make life beautiful. I have confidence that I can do it. Why does this seem distant,and going in the wrong direction?Why not be vegan?Why don't we love animals who are just like us?Why do some live in hunger,get affected by natural disasters and die,leaving the world too soon?
Until now I have tried to find the reasons for all of these. What is the answer?I'm sure you are also thinking about it. About global warming,we have heard,many times,a lot of discussions. Even today,we have watched many short videos about it and heard people's viewpoints. We understand it,not that we don't. Let's fight this together. There are many young people who have the same questions as me and are looking for answers.
Let's unite and discuss together. If we all discuss together,we can get a correct,conclusive solution. Discussion is a very big part of the work. So,since we are concerned,let's get together,support each other's work. Let's support one another. What shall we do to be so nice like Supreme Master Ching Hai?What do we have to do to have this kind of situation?This is what I want to say to you. Thank you.
*Thank you very much Mrs. Ariungerel. Good luck with your work!I want to extend my wish to all of the guests that they will be fulfilled and that our Mother Earth will continue to exist wonderfully for many hundreds of years. So today's event on Earth Day is organized by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in Mongolia,Vegan Youth Union,Vegan Children Union,and Loving Hut international vegan restaurants.
Therefore,I would like to say again and again. Thank you very much for coming today. I want to say your coming here is a big contribution to the stopping of global warming. And today's event is organized into two parts.
The first part is the participation of individuals,organizations,to stop global warming on Earth Day and to discuss and find the solutions together on urgent environmental issues. The second part is the book premiere of the newest book of poetry, 『The Love of Centuries,』of a world-renowned humanitarian,environmentalist,spiritual teacher for humankind to follow the path of enlightenment: our beloved guide Supreme Master Ching Hai.
I would like to read a poem entitled 『The Love of Centuries,』which is also the title of Supreme Master Ching Hai's book. 『Tonight resting under the shining stars My thoughts are with the one from planets afar Space and time divide not our sacred love My heart withers,waiting from centuries long ago. Where are you in the vast transmigration?I've searched through millions of galaxies Feet weary in thousands of turbulent worlds,Know you not?』
When I first read this poem,I immediately felt her devotion,her generosity of heart,to humankind and all beings. There are many more wonderful poems in 『The Love of Centuries』- a collection of exquisite poems. I recommend you read this book. And now,I would like to thank and introduce our guests and delegates who came here for Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary artistic creation, 『The Love of Centuries,Mongolian Edition Book Premiere』on Earth Day.
Today we have representatives from state and non-governmental organizations: Urban and Rural Development Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia,Mr. Erkhembayar Lombo; Senior Expert of the Law department of Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia,Mr. Bolor-ErdeneDavaasuren; Expert of the Law Department of Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia,Mrs. Bilguun Khuukhenbaatar - let's thank them!
Expert of Administration Department of Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia,Mrs. Oyun Narankhuu. Our next guests includes Advisor of Democratic Party of the Great State Khural,Mrs. Oyunsuvd Purevdorj; Advisor of the Member of Great State Hural,Mrs. Munkhmaa. Another distinguished guest who is joining today's event is Advisor of the Democratic Party of the State Great Khural,Mr. Erdene-Ochir; and the Member of Mongolian Parliament and Environment,Food,and Agricultural Standing Committee,
Mr. Bayarsaikhan Garidkhuu,who is coming to join us. I'm happy to inform you of this. It's my pleasure to introduce our next guest who requested to work with Vegan Youth Union's 2-month campaign called 『Be Veggie to Save the Planet,』now cooperating and also attending today's event,international journalist Mr. Dashzeveg. Also with us is director of ADMON printing company who made this wonderful book that it may be in your hands,while dedicating his heart and working diligently to help us a lot as a collaborator,Mr. Ganbold. We are pleased to express our gratitude and happiness for today's event,which takes place with uplifted,wise,and foremost leaders,and proceeds with warm hearts and applause,with love and grace to everyone. Now comes the most special,happiest moment because our most respected,beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai is connected with us,right now.
Hallo!Hallo!How are you?How are you?Hallo,how are you?
*Hallo,how are you,Master?
I'm good,I'm good.
*You are beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you for inviting me.
*You're welcome,Master. Thank you for coming to this event,for joining us.
We are very happy to see you via videoconference.
Me too. Thank you,thank you.
*You look so beautiful and lovely,dear Master. First of all,we are more than grateful from our deepest hearts to Master for joining this beautiful celebration day. Much beloved Master,we are celebrating Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creation, 『The Love of Centuries,』Mongolian version,book premiere on Earth Day (Thank you.) and we happily welcome you,our enlightened Master,to this event of a lifetime memory and the greatest honor for us Mongolians. Master,happy book premiere,Love of Centuries!
Thank you!Thank you!Thank you.
*Dear Master,we are holding our celebration at this wonderful Loving Hut vegan restaurant,which serves Earth-saving vegan meals. We have over 100guests,including VIPs,representatives of over 50NGOs and media,to join our joyful celebration.
Impressive!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you,thank you.
*And with Master's blessing,we are now able to have The Love of Centuries in Mongolian language.
You are very efficient. God bless you!Thank you.
*Thank you,Master.
Thank you for inviting me. Thank you so much,and thanks all the media,the government officials,parliament members,and wonderful guests.
*Master,you're so beautiful,I must say.
Thank you.
*You look so lovely.
You too. I can see you,all of you.
*Thank you.
I'm glad that I have the honor to see all these beautiful people and important personages that visit your noble restaurant.
*In my opinion,she is the Supreme Master. Spontaneously,Master appeared on the screen and communicated live. I just felt unique and extraordinary impressions in my heart at this very special moment. And really,the Supreme Master Ching Hai is one of the rare enlightened persons in this world at the present time.
So,living in this time with this person,we should be grateful and happy. Now,the history of human beings has continued for a long time. It has taken many thousands of years. During this time,among the 3,4,5,6billion people,there were times or eras without any enlightened Saints. But today on this planet we have the Supreme Master who is teaching us and living in this time,and she especially just spoke with us,which was a miracle for me. I'm trying to be veg.

*Dear Master ,we have some questions from our noble guests.
Yes,please go ahead.
*We have the first question from Mr. Bayarsaikhan Garidkhuu,a member of the Mongolian Parliament and Environment,Food and Agricultural Standing Committee. We welcome Mr. Bayarsaikhan to ask his question.
Welcome,sir. How are you,sir?
*Mr. Bayarsaikhan is saying 『good,』he is very grateful to see you.
I am grateful.
*Good evening. Happy to see you.
I'm happy,too.
*We have recently drafted and submitted a law on the prohibition of exploration and utilization of natural resources in the protected areas of water bodies as well as areas with forest. I think this would be a good way to prevent anyone from destroying the environment,and we save our nature. In addition,members are working well on expanding the network of protected areas. Humans are beings of nature. We think we must protect our homeland. I believe the life of Mongolian nationals will become prosperous. We would like to hear your thoughts in this respect. Thank you!
Thank you,sir. Thank you,Mr. Bayarsaikhan. Yes,it will definitely help to protect the environment and consequently save the planet if every country does this. If every country does what your country does,what you have proposed,then a lot of environmental impacts will be beneficial to our planet and to the people,to humans,of course. You are right that humans are part of nature,and to protect nature is to protect ourselves. 
And it's excellent news to hear. It makes me feel so pleased to hear the excellent news that you have just told us about Mongolian Parliament's diligent and noble efforts to conserve the natural environment. I'm sure the Mongolian people are happy about it and the world at large appreciates it. I appreciate it personally,because Mongolia still has beautiful,even though fragile,steppes and meadows,forests and natural deserts.
We have to conserve all that. Outside the city,the air is still pure in the 『Land of the Blue Sky,』Mongolia. The wilderness areas should always be protected,because they keep the air pure,keep the air healthy,keep water pure and keep the land protected. But even as we designate land to be protected,it is also important for us to check how we are treating the land that we are living on.
So now experts say that human activities often play a larger part in making desertification worse in your country,in Mongolia,such as livestock overgrazing,using water inefficiently and inconsiderately,overcutting the trees which are precious for your land,and mining,etc. The Mongolian National Agency for Meteorology,Hydrology and Environment Monitoring have identified livestock overgrazing as the most prevalent cause of land degradation which worsens desertification in your country.
And 70%of Mongolia's land has already been affected by desertification. The UN Environment Program reported that in the past two decades,the barren land without grass tripled to almost 10%of Mongolia's total land area. Surface water decreased by 19%and forests shrank by at least 26%. So,overgrazing is also causing decline in wildlife species and soil erosion,which is very difficult to restore.
The expansion of herds has also caused ground water levels to drop across the Gobi Desert. Meanwhile,more than half of the Mongolian people don't have access to clean water. This is partly due to climate change,which is also impacting Mongolia with extreme weather disasters such as droughts,floods and heavy snowfall - heavy snowfalls you have experienced,yes?
The number one cause of climate change is livestock breeding;  we all know that by now. In particular,the world's ruminant animals,such as cows and sheep,every year produce millions of tons of methane,which as you may know,is a gas that is at least 72times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.  
But with a sharp halt and reduction in the number of livestock animals,this heat-trapping methane will also dissipate from the atmosphere in just about 12years or less. They are responsible for more of the warming than we think.  
So in our urgent situation of climate change,I think it would be more effective also,apart from the proposal that you made,we should stop the damage-inflicting activities such as livestock breeding,in addition to having the protected areas as you have mentioned. Thank you,sir,for raising this important matter,and I hope you're successful in protecting Mongolia.
*Thank you,Master.
Thank you.
*Our second question,from Mrs. Bilguun Khuukhenbaatar,Expert of the Law Department of Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia.
Welcome Ms. Bilguun. Welcome.
*Hallo,Supreme Master Ching Hai.
Hallo,Ms. Bilguun.
*Thank you.
*It is a great honor that I can hear your beautiful voice. The very essence of this new poetry book is about eternal love and to love all sentient beings and all things. I realized that love can save our planet. But people forget their natural essence,which is love.
For example,from your poems, 『Words of a Piglet』and 『Words of a Hen,』I realized that we should have loving quality. Why do people forget to love animals and eat them instead?How should we start to love animals?How can we improve our loving quality?Thank you,Master.
Thank you,Ms. Bilguun. It's nice to hear your voice as well. Nice that you are concerned about our co-inhabitants and the love that we so desperately need to expand. I also ask the same question as yours,about how people can forget to love animals and even fellow human beings as well. We even kill our own species,not just animals,in war,in conflicts.
It is because we forgot our true nature. Our nature is love and compassion,as the Buddha has taught us. We have been misled life after life by our own ignorance,and the darkness of this realm has imposed pressure upon us that we forget even more. 
So,never have I blamed humans for forgetting to love themselves,the animals,or forgetting what they really are— that is,love. Humans are love incarnate. But it is time to remember again,or else we face extinction by our own hands.
One way to start to love animals is to understand what they experience. Go watch a slaughterhouse,go watch a killing of a goat,a horse or a sheep,or chicken,a pig,or watch it on television or a video,to know the true horror,fear,anguish that is behind the nicely packaged piece of flesh. If a person knows the truth about the hellish terror that these animals feel,it would be hard to swallow that piece of their flesh. 
You ask,how can we improve our loving quality?I call it LQ. Humans,we have many Q's: IQ,LQ,GQ (God Quality) also. Animals and humans both have this Loving Quality (LQ),and fortunately,humans are more privileged because we can improve our Loving Quality in exercising the love,like a muscle. So without changing our normal schedule at all,we can just flex and develop our love muscles at breakfast,lunch,and dinner; no need exercise.
Be veg to show love,as well,to your family,your pets,your friends,and your enemies,and extend this love to all the world's co-inhabitants at large. Even to the trees,the plants,the flowers,the stones,the pebbles. Just being vegan alone,automatically after a few days or a few weeks,you'll feel something change in you. 
Your own loving nature will flow effortlessly like a spring,spring of love. You will be more able to receive the love and blessing from the sun,the moon,the stars,from all of nature and our co-inhabitants. And the animals will suddenly,truly,look like friends and neighbors - so beautiful,friendly,intelligent and loving. 
Then it's very easy for you to love them,and extremely difficult to ever dream of harming them again,even indirectly,or consuming their suffering flesh. Thank you for your question,Ms. Bilguun. (*Thank you,Master.) I hope you're satisfied with my answer.
*Our next guest,Mrs. Oyunsuvd Purevdorj,Advisor of Democratic Party at the State Great Khural Parliament. She has three questions for you,Master.
Welcome,Mrs. Oyunsuvd.
*We welcome Mrs. Oyunsuvd to ask her questions.
*Hallo,respected Supreme Master Ching Hai.
You're beautiful.
*On behalf of the Mongolia's population of 2,700,00,I feel very privileged and blessed that I am one of the persons who can contact you right now.
Bless you. I am also privileged.
*I think humans are from God,and nature and humans are interrelated. Today in the world there are many negatives; many people are suffering. Mongolia,Japan,Germany… How can humankind be united to love our Mother Earth?How can we be in harmony?
And a mother doesn't discriminate between her children; for me you are like a mother without any discrimination between this and that country,nor do you distinguish between people in any corner of the world,or Mongolians,etc.,and you are devoting yourself to humankind.
Therefore,what should Mongolians do for the people of Mongolia that consists of 6letters (M-O-N-G-O-L) today to live with no suffering,to be happy and good?
Madam,thanks for coming. And you are right. I know well that we must join together before it's too late,and that includes the governments and citizens alike. You ask me what we should do first and foremost - it is very simple: a timely vegan diet,because that will bring the benevolent atmosphere to protect our planet.
Without being veg first,no other solution is guaranteed to work,really. But by being vegan alone,we are assured of preserving the planet and,of course,human lives thereon. Because raising animals for meat is,as we know already through all the reports and scientific evidence,that it's the number one cause of global warming and a major cause of desertification and deforestation. So,the number one thing to counter this number one cause is to do the opposite,to be vegan. Thank you. Just like the Buddha taught us: compassion.
*Thank you,Master. Her next question is: We are witnessing the destruction on the environment and a massive number of people suffering from diseases in every corner of the world. (That's right.) My heart,as well as others',are in pain. What would you like to say foremost to humanity right now,at this moment?
Yes,similar things again and again,that we have to be merciful and compassionate in order to beget the same quality. We have to be loving and kind to our own co-inhabitants so that we can attract loving and kind mercy from Heaven.  The Buddha has taught always compassion; Jesus taught the same thing. All the masters in the past taught the same things,that we have to return to our kindness and love,which is our own nature.
Stop killing,stop oppression of all kinds. We can save ourselves and our loved ones. Stop killing,be loving,be compassionate,be kind. Thank you.
*Thank you,Master. The last question: (Yes.) I know well that you do not discriminate,like 『your country』or 『my country.』Just like a mother loves all her children. What does your country look like in your eyes?What should we do so that the 『Mongol』people,with 6letters in its distinction,can live without any pain and disease?
Your country is my country.
*Thank you,Master. We love you.
And I think,for what I have seen,your country is so beautiful,so beautiful. And your people are so kind,so kind.
*Thank you for your love and blessing,Master.
I really love Mongolia and her people very,very much.
*We love you so much,too.
The Mongolian culture has deep roots in warm tradition,with close family bonds and hospitality to strangers: shamanism which imbued a reverence for the sun and nature; and Buddhism,which is embraced by many Mongolians as it was for centuries. The nearly 2.7million Mongolian people,like all of the world's people,deserve to be prosperous and free from suffering.
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization,82%of Mongolia's total land area is permanent pasture for livestock grazing. But the overgrazing of livestock is the single largest threat to biodiversity,and causes erosion and extreme desertification and,therefore,also causing suffering for the people of Mongolia. In the winter of 2009-2010,Mongolia suffered her worst 『zud』in 30years. (*Yes.)
A 『zud』is a harsh,snowy winter event after a dry summer. Almost 10million,or one-fifth,of the nation's poor livestock animals froze and starved to death even. Farmers' and herdmen's families,who are almost a third of the population,suffered tremendously as well. Such extreme winter weather had already struck three years in a row starting in 2000for Mongolia.
I cannot express enough sorrow and sympathy for people who are involved in these cruel fates of disaster. These people,they are just simple folk,and they think they're doing their jobs,and they're trying their best to do it,but they suffer so much,so much; and also the innocent animals suffer so much. We cannot imagine how much they suffer.
Words cannot express it all. Scientists would say that such a pattern of extreme weather indicates climate change effect,but we now know that climate change is affected by things like overgrazing by livestock,whose impact is very severe and can quickly turn a lovely grassland area into a barren piece of soil or desert. The number of livestock on Mongolia's land increased since the 1990s to 43million today,and the number of livestock in Mongolia outnumbers people by 16to one. Can you believe this?
As a consequence,problems also have worsened,such as decreased rural water supplies,deforestation,and land degradation due to overgrazing. As you now know,water scarcity is a serious concern in Mongolia,worsened by global warming. Livestock raising only makes this worse,as it consumes huge amounts of water. And,alternative options,such as diverting water to the Gobi Desert from the already scarce Kherlen River basin,appear to be inefficient and might cause even more shortages of water soon.
The UN Environment Program just reported in March that more than half of the Mongolian people don't have access to clean water. With increasing water shortage,land deterioration and desertification,worsened by global warming,soon it won't be possible to sustain the livestock way of life anymore,even if we want it.
And we haven't discussed the threat of infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease,brucellosis,rabies,and anthrax that have impacted the livestock industry in recent years. The foot-and-mouth disease outbreak was the most harmful livestock disease in 2010,which cost the government 6billion togrog and led to the massacre of almost 26,000animals,innocent animals.
So this way of life of animal raising is risky,even fragile,damaging and violent to animals and humans,and costs a lot of expense to the taxpayers. And,spiritually speaking,whether we are Buddhist or Muslim or Christian in Mongolia,we must refrain from killing to avoid the extremely heavy killing karma (retribution),which could lead us to a terrible place where we would never want to be after we die,or before that even. 
So perhaps it is time to change,to make Mongolia a newer,healthier,exciting,greener,developed,and prosperous country.
More prosperous.
*Thank you.
*I'm very happy to participate in this book celebration event. Today our planet is facing different problems from climate change,global warming,and we are in a very difficult situation. We have only one planet,so everyone who is living on this one planet have to love it. The easy way to love this planet is,and the way that everybody can be involved and should do,is eating vegetables,becoming vegan. I'm appealing to the Mongolian government and other international leaders,politicians,for this great challenge,as well as to our citizens to be an example and make your contribution to this challenge,to save the planet.
*I'm very grateful to you that I could be able to meet Supreme Master Ching Hai,and it is rare to meet her. I think this book premiere of 『The Love of Centuries』offers people a big step towards being confident within themselves,and giving us another purpose for where we should go.

The Mongolian government have done a lot, a lot, already for the country, but they could do more, a little bit more. Like, they could support crop-farming alternatives, like vegan organic farming or other means of livelihood for livestock farmers. Heart disease and cancer cause about half of all deaths in Mongolia, and meat eating is a major risk factor for both of these diseases, and more.
So the intelligent Mongolian people know more and more about the health benefits of the plant-based food, animal-free diet, and there are delicious vegetarian alternatives to the traditional Mongolian foods like cheese and mutton. On January 10, your country established a moratorium on the death penalty to respect life. I really am very thankful for this courageous and benevolent law.

*Thank you, Master. It's an excellent law. I pray this will also be extended to our co-inhabitants, the innocent animals, as well since they have not done anything wrong even; they have never committed any crime. So that would bring tremendous peace and blessing and benevolent energy, for the Mongolian nation, so that they will live free of all pain, disease, and disaster and will live in happiness, peace, prosperity.
And it will also help to save the planet. (*Yes, Master.) You have said correctly, madam. Humans are from God, from Buddha Nature. So the more Godlike, more Buddha-like and kind our actions, the nearer to God and Buddhahood we become, and the more protection from Heaven we can receive.  Thank you, Ms. Oyunsuvd. God bless you. (*Thank you, Master.) Good question.
*We have our next question from Enebish Tsagaach, businessman and mathematic instructor. We welcome Mr. Enebish Tsagaach to ask his question.
Hi, Mr. Enebish.
*Hallo, Master.
* How are you, Supreme Master Ching Hai? I am most grateful to meet you again. It is a great honor for me. The very first time I saw you was during a Mongolian conference in 2009. At the previous conference, I was just wondering about the planet-saving solution of a vegan lifestyle. At that time, I decided to be a vegan. Observing the Mongolian situation at that time, there were no vegan restaurants.
But right now there are many Loving Huts in business. The most important thing that I would like to ask you is: At this critical time, people's consciousness is getting higher, but I think it is not enough. We still need to save our planet. Is there any chance to save our planet before the numbered days end? I mean, the days being deducted every day one by one shown on Supreme Master Television? Thank you very much, Master.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mr. Enebish. Thank you. I'm very touched about your concern for our planet, and I'm so happy that you became a vegan. Thank you so much. Buddha bless you. God bless you. Now, the countdown on Supreme Master Television has been going on for a while now, through very certain, fixed and unchanging information that I have been able to receive and to share via television
We can't buy more time like we could before. Very little. Very little time we can buy, even if we can or not, yes. Not sure that we can even buy more time. Meaning, to save the planet, all of humankind must stop the killing and become vegan before we run out of time.  If you watch it, we are now nearing the date of 640, so we are in hot water right now.
So that is why I have been working very hard to find other plans for our planet, and I meditate as much as I can, day and night, apart from what I have to do even, yes. As I have revealed a few months ago, I have earned enough spiritual points to save the souls of everyone on this Earth and to come in the future, like 10 billion souls at the time of their passing, in case we should sadly lose our planet.  
But now, I am trying my best to also save our physical planet, as well as the humans and all on this world. (*Thank you, Master.) I just hope that I have enough time and we all have enough time and that we pray that humans will help and do their part as well. So simple: just be vegan to bring the merciful energy onto our world so we can work together to earn enough spiritual points, so we can change our destiny.
Like all other planets, we must evolve as a civilization and learn to live in love and dignity and peace with each other, because if we don't, we will lose the privilege to keep our precious Earth, which we call home. So the chance to save the planet or not remains, to a significant extent, in humans' hands. I thank you, sir, for doing your part as a healthy, caring, heroic vegan. God bless you.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you very much. We have our fifth question from Noljirmaa Byambanorov, Director of Goo Commodities Corporation.
It's my honor.
* All humans live with our co-inhabitants in one world together. I've just received inspiring and positive information from Supreme Master Ching Hai's books and Supreme Master Television, but people still do not understand what animals are for. How can we expand our love for animals? How can we improve our approach, consciousness, to love with animals more? This is what I wanted to ask you, Master.
Thank you, Ms. Noljirmaa. Thank you for your question. Yes, as I mentioned earlier - and I'm sure you know, since you are wonderfully vegan yourself - we can expand our love for animals easily by simply not eating them. When you love someone, you want them to live, be well, happy, no? So if we want to love animals, just stop eating them, let them live.
Stop raising them in enormous numbers and then killing them en masse. We have to return to our Buddha Nature, to Godlike nature; we cannot say that enough, ever, because we are Buddha, we are God, we are loving and kindness. So we have to stop all the things that are opposite to our nature, and have respect for all animals and all beings on this planet alike. Only that kind of love in action can dissolve the walls of ignorance that we have built up through generations and years.
Just by being vegan, our love circle instantaneously expands to all animals and others.  For example, we have already love for dogs, cats, and birds, etc., etc., but as a vegan, we can proudly say that we love all the species on the planet - all that moves, has a face, has feeling and love, just like us humans. The thousands of species of magnificent animals on our world, on our planet, are here, not to be consumed, not to be eaten, but to provide us and our Earth with a stabilizing, unconditional love, blessing and evolutionary help.  
And as part of this love, they also maintain the delicate balance of all the ecosystems on land and in the seas, and in the atmosphere as well. So even the smallest plant or tiny piece of coral reef affects the lives of all beings on this planet, like the little sardine fish that we should not remove from the sea, because this little fish serves a vital role in maintaining oxygen and avoiding the conditions for dead zones. Every single being on this planet has a noble job to fulfill. So if we kill any of them, we are killing a part of ourselves, slowly or quickly.
As for the reason why people don't understand the truth of what animals are for, we have just been taught a certain way by our culture. That's why. We have been misled, mis-educated, that some animals are for meat, and fur and leather, while other animals are to pet and treat as family members. This is a wrong concept; has to be changed.
You see, nowadays scientists have discovered that sheep, cows, pigs, and horses, etc., are also delightful, sweet, and loving companions with lively individual personalities, and a strong will to live, like humans. They are even raised as family members, which mean they would never be killed. As the Buddhist sutra already has reminded us that “all meats eaten by living beings are of their own relatives.”
As our relatives, our friends, and helpers, animals are here to live out their natural lives in freedom and dignity and peace, just like the way we want. This way, they may send out the most loving and blessing energy to benefit our whole planet. They were never here for humans to kill and be violent toward them, to harm them in any way. They are here for us to love, respect, and be loved. Thank you.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you.
You're welcome.
*May Heaven bless the world and Mongolia and all the humanity.
And bless you more.
*Thank you. Our last question is from Baigalmaa Tserensodnom, the office manager of Ellehcor Corporation. We welcome Miss Baigalmaa to ask her question.
*Beautiful Master Ching Hai, welcome to Mongolia. We feel your love and blessings crossing mountains and rivers to us. Thank you for sparing your precious time to speak with us. We know that you have been in intensive meditation recently. Do you have any spiritual notes to share with us today? We are so elated and elevated while we listen to your newest spiritual notes on Supreme Master TV. Thank you very much, Master.
Hi! Thank you, beautiful lady. You are vegan, right?
That's wonderful! Buddha bless you, and the animals love you, and I love you.
* I also love you.
Thank you.
Thank you for being vegan, and thank you for listening, Miss Baigalmaa. I'm glad that my spiritual diary notes have helped you and some other people. I just hope that everyone can live in harmony, peace, and loving kindness with animals and all nature around us. I hope that people will stop mistakenly thinking that animals are food, skin, fur, or mere economic resource or cosmetic substance, but to receive the full blessings that they so freely give. And by doing all this benevolent change into a vegan diet, we will really save the planet and all lives on Earth. Thank you for your question.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you very much. Most compassionate, beautiful Master, we are blessed and elevated beyond words by your loving answers. (Thank you.) On behalf of the Mongolians, we'd like to ask: What would you like to advise and what would you like to share with us about how will we prevent the “zud” and disaster in the harsh cold winter, and what would make it more peaceful and heavenly, our country? And that's on behalf of Mongolia, generally.
Everyone loves their country, and the Mongolians, of course, the same, and mostly all of us want to save this beautiful planet and help our beautiful country to develop more in peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness. I understand this very well. Even if I'm not Mongolian, I feel very sorry for the people in times of trouble and disaster.
I wish I could do more to help all and each, every, being on this planet. But I need help from everyone. Everybody, help a little bit, just a small change to vegan diet. Instead of that piece of meat, we put in another piece of vegetable protein, which is more nutritious, less disease-laden, brings us more health, more happiness, more prosperity, more protection, more blessing; and that will save all the suffering and trouble for Mongolia and the world. Very easy: just be vegan and do good deeds.
*Yes, Master, thank you.
Thank you.
*We will do our best. Dear Master, we feel this precious and live moment is really a blessed chance for us to convey our most precious yearning - this is to extend our most sincere invitation to our beloved and enlightened Master to visit Mongolia, country of a blue sky where heavenly hearts live. Master, we hope you would consider our invitation, according to your loving grace. We will pray Heaven to make our wish come true. Thank you, Master.
Thank you. Thank you for your invitation. Let's see how things are going in the future, okay? Thank you so much - and I love Mongolia. I love your people. Very good people, very good people, yes. Very talented, very virtuous.
*We can feel your love across the oceans and mountains. Thank you ever so much for all the work you've done for us, including today's joyful occasion. We love you very, very much, Master.
I love you too. Thank you for inviting. And thank you for all the efforts to introduce the book, the poetry book. I hope your people will enjoy it, the work that you have done with so much love and so much devotion. Thank you. Buddha bless you, Heaven bless you.
*It's your blessing, Master, it's your blessing.
Hope you like them.
*Beloved Master, we have entertaining performances
More entertainment?
*We would really like to ask you to join with us to watch the entertaining performances of today's event, if you wish so, Master.
Okay, I watch as long as I can, otherwise I have to go back to my meditation quota, okay? My meditation hours are, at least, it's as important as watching your programs. I really love the Mongolians' talented and artistic nature. Last time, you overwhelmed the whole world with your program. I really loved it. If I cannot watch it all today, I will watch them another day when it's on Supreme Master Television. Please forgive me. I really love it, it's just I need to meditate more, okay?
*Yes, Master.
I tell you, I normally should not even be here. I tell you I have to meditate like, for example, at least from 7 to 11 o'clock, , and then from 11 to 12 maybe have something to drink or a little something, and then from 12 go back to meditate again until at least 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock.
*Yes, Master, we understand.
See, after 5 o'clock and then maybe, or 6 o'clock, and then from 5 to 7, I have to do all the homeworks that people ask - the correspondence, anything that the disciples or non-disciples required my attention, and then after that, maybe a bite of something and then have to go back to meditate again. If I can stick to that program, that would be more beneficial to the world. And really I have to, but sometimes it's less than what I desired. Now I save whatever time I can to meditate. So please forgive me if I have to leave, okay? I love you so much, but that's why I leave, okay? Thank you.
*Thank you again for your acceptance of our invitation to join us and blessing us with your unconditional love and boundless wisdom. We so much love you.
* Thank you so much
Thank you, thank you.) for being here with us. ( Thank you.) And we really enjoyed your loving answers and your grace. (Thank you.) And take care of yourself, Master.
Take care of yourself, too. God bless Mongolia. God bless Mongolia, Buddha bless Mongolia. I love you.
*Thank you, Master. We love you so much.
*Thank you, beautiful Master. We love you so much! Thank you.
Love you.
*Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
*Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
*For this event I'm invited as a representing artist who is working for children, representing other writers. This event was very helpful for me to gain sincere motivation to give children: how to understand and love Mother Earth and how to keep children's hearts pure as we talk, and keep nature as it is, untouched by people.
*I'm very grateful to be participating in this, “The Love of Centuries Mongolian Book Premiere.” In order to save the planet we should do different types of activities, right? But Supreme Master Ching Hai works
without losing any time. She works to save the world and uses different ways and methods to help people understand. So, through her poems I am able to understand. It's one of her special methods, and I understood it very clearly today.
* Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
Not all birds are normal birds. Some birds are kings and queens and princesses. They have rank.

*Our respectful congratulations to all dignitaries and distinguished guests invited to this very special enlightening moment with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Mongolians are truly fortunate and wonderful people,more uplifted and more blessed by Providence. Such a special people!By the love and blessing of Supreme Master Ching Hai,may humankind in different countries of the world co-exist on a wonderful,spiritual,enlightened path.
So I would like to bring your attention back to the concert of Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary artistic creation, 『The Love of Centuries,』Mongolian book premiere on Earth Day. A traditional Mongolian long song, 『Boundless Ocean,』performed by long song singer Ya Munkhbayar,Morin khuur musician,B. Baasansuren. Please enjoy. 『O,Boundless Ocean Your waves' hue looks lightening May all sentient beings in the universe Exist with full of bliss without suffering.』
*Now,let me introduce our next performance: music by Sukhbaatar entitled 『Uulen Bor,』performed by students of the Morin Khuur Class of the Children's Art Center.
*Thank you to the morin khuur players for the wonderful music. Let's hear some words from author Gun Uils.
*Greetings to you on this wonderful day,this time,this minute,this moment. Generally,people are born to be happy. They try to have happy moments in their lives. Wonderful moments like today will occur often in our life. Ultimately,people seem to live happily; personally,I understand that. I have understood many things from Supreme Master's book.
I have been translating classical novels of Pushkin,Shakespeare,Goethe,etc.,so I have a special experience. And now,Master has written it in Aulacese (Vietnamese),and it looks like the people who translated it are proficient in English. When I see all these,her skill seems to be on par with the authors of world-renowned classics. About the idea,it is totally,immensely great,exquisite,yes,like that.
So,the key point of the poems of Supreme Master is only love,love of centuries,eternal love. But how it will become reality isto know that this world,this universe,is not for a single person. Now,there is wildlife- many more types of fish,minnows,birds,animals,etc.,many beings - so to physically feel the suffering and happiness of all these beings,the existence of all these beings…
And after experiencing it physically,now,distributing love to them,shining the love upon them to live,like that,this is the main,key,philosophy of the poetry,the collection of poems. Since I'm here as a translator,and I think that if I read four verses to you,as you might be interested to hear,how the translator will read the poem. When I just opened the book, 『Bird of Paradise』appeared.
『Oh,Glorious Bird of Paradise!Where hither doth Thou go?On a span of wind that never blows... To the nameless regions `bove the rainbow?The sunless sun doth Thou acquaint The sandless shore Thy feet shall land Thy thirst Thou quench Thy thirst Thou quench Of the sweetest ambrosia `til Thy heart's content. Oh,Bird of Paradise!Fly Home!Fly!
On a spread of purple cloud Dost Thou arise... Lightest wing Softest heart Follow the stringless harp Thou doth arrive!At the land of endless time To bathe in the river of ever calm To play in the fields of ever young And spoken to by the Lord in melodious tone. Oh,Bird of Paradise!Thou knowest the most loved One Thou knowest the Benevolent.
Take me on Thy empowr'd wings For I also must come Must come Home... I must come Home... Far away sweet Home!Home,Heaven Home!』Thank you. Thank you all. God bless you,all of you. Thank you very much.
*Thank you,Honorable Gun-Uils. May God bless you. Through your efforts many,many people will experience the bliss and blessings of this book. It's a wonderful,honorable,virtuous work to give the precious creation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's wisdom through meditation to the public,and it will help many people to be elevated to a higher wisdom.
And now,I invite you to enjoy our performance for Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary artistic creation, 『The Love of Centuries,』Mongolian edition,book premiere on Earth Day. 『Biy biyelgee,』a compilation of ethnic dances,performed by the students of the Cultural University of Mongolia. Thank you for your great performance!Let's give a warm applause to the students of Morin Khuur Class. A unique performance by the special Mongolian contortionists,contortionists from the Mongol Contortion Center. Let's give a warm applause to encourage the Mongolian center's contortionists once more. Mongolian contortion is one of the unique,wonderful and delightful types of tradition. Now,『Love of History,』with music by saxophonist Gan-Erdene and Munkh-Erdene.
Today's event is simple but also very uplifting. We think you will like it,and we are very happy that you are with us on this wonderful evening. An exalted spiritual creation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's The Love of Centuries book premiere is a rare,truly rare,opportunity for Mongolia to be blessed by enlightening wisdom and the highest existence through contact with the author of this creation.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to our saintly,noble,spiritual,intelligent guests for this rare occasion with us. Sonow, 『Love of History,』musical melody by Munkh-Erdeneand Gan-Erdene.
Thank you for your wonderful music Munkh-Erdeneand Gan-Erdene. We wish you good luck in your career. Next,an amazing performance, 『Farewell Song,』by Mongolian national artist,Mrs. Munkhshur,music and lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai.
*: Thank you,life,wisdom,pure love. Beautiful Master,I wish you a long life and the highest happiness. And I also wish you the same: to be happy,and with the highest happiness.
Where,where are you going my winter sun?Won't,won't you miss me Standing on this shore,water blue. When,when will I see you,my everything?Won't someone hold you When you wake up crying?Where,where are you now,my only one Won't someone tell me if you will ever return?Won't someone tell me if you will ever return?
*Supreme Master Ching Hai's 『The Love of Centuries,』eight-language book premiere was also organized in Los Angeles in the USA on April 10,with one of those eight languages being Mongolian. As tonight's enlightening event that we have celebrated together,the poetry and art creation, 『The Love of Centuries』book premiere comes to a close,I am dedicating one of Supreme Master Ching Hai's poems - 『Please,Wake Up!』- together with a wish: may your actions,life,governmental activities,as well as your wisdom,all be elevated into a higher consciousness. 『O world,wake up and behold Rivers and mountains are in tumult Burnt forests,eroded hills,desiccated streams Whither do the poor souls go in the end of all dreams?』
*We wish you all every success in your work and spiritual path,and we wish you a loving and compassionate heart to save the planet and the environment. We sincerely express our thankfulness to everyone.
*When I saw Master on the screen,I felt great inspiration from the bottom of my heart,and I cried. I think it's a great honor for me that I am living in the same era in which Grand Master lives. I would also like to ask everyone: Please,let's refrain from eating meat to save the world. Let's not kill animals; instead,eat vegetables and be vegan to save the planet.
*This book is one which you can't stop reading,because every word,every letter,every page of this book shows you how to love others; and the way to love others,it's very magical.

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