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UNITED NATIONS: Give up Meat to Save the Earth   
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Angela Cropper, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP: We are at the stage where this issue, which has long been talked about in the corridors and in the backrooms but never frontally as an important item in public policy, has now come to the fore, is now very much on the tables of governments and the United Nations system.

VOICE: A report released by the United Nations Environment Program stated that a global shift towards a vegan diet is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Achim Steiner – Executive Director, UNEP: Production of livestock, in particular meat products, is an enormously intense one in terms of consumption of resources. Therefore, the panel is saying that, yes, let us change our lifestyles. Reducing meat consumption is part of the solution in a world with soon 9 billion people.

VOICE: The report, as presented to world policy makers, urges strict measures to avoid devastating consequences.

Excerpt from United Nations Environment Program report (June 2010) p. 78
“Both emissions and land use depend strongly on diets. Animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives.”

p. 80
“More than fossil fuels, agricultural activities directly influence ecosystems by occupying large land areas and using huge quantities of water.”

 “Animal products are important because more than half of the world’s crops are used to feed animals, not people.”

VOICE Findings conclude with the following statement: “A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.”
Graphic: the report on the government desk opens up to reveal quote

Angela Cropper, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP: This is a time now for a report such as this to help the analysis and the decision making of governments and entities everywhere.

VOICE: The United Nations has spoken. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: Experts say that eating less meat will also minimize our impact on the environment and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The message is clear: climate change is about our health and the health of our planet. We are all in this together.

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