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The future perils of climate change are unpredictable - What are we waiting for?   
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Thousands of glaciers are in retreat or vanished.

Billions of tons of toxic methane gas are being released from the thawing Arctic soil and elsewhere.

West Antarctic and Greenland ice melts are accelerating sea level rise.

Many island nations are sinking or submerged.

Tens of thousands of rivers,lakes, and other water bodies are dying or gone forever.

Hundreds of thousands of people perish by climate change each year.

Another 500 million are at extreme risk.

One billion people go to bed hungry every day.

One child dies every 5 seconds from hunger.

Tens of millions are uprooted as climate refugees.

Deadly tropical storms are increasingly deadlier.

Heat waves and fires strike more, too frequently.

Disease carrying mosquitoes are spreading as the climate heats up.

One- third of the planet's land surface is turning to desert.

The oceans are acidifying and killing marine life.

More ocean dead zones are appearing.

Up to 270 unique plant and animal species are lost each day.

Millions of acres of old forests are dying or dead.

Climate-related losses cost hundreds of billions of US dollars each year.

The losses suffered by future generations are immeasurable.

The future perils are unpredictable.

What are we waiting for?


- Supreme Master Ching Hai

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