Danger signs for severe swine flu - 3 Aug 2009  
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a list of sign flu symptoms to alert the public in knowing when the flu has reached a stage where urgent medical attention is needed. Potentially life-threatening symptoms include: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, skin turning blue, coughing up blood, chest pain, altered mental status, a high fever lasting more than three days, and low blood pressure.

For children, one should seek medical attention immediately if there is fast or difficult breathing, lack of alertness, difficulty in waking up, and little or no desire to play. WHO also warned that once these danger signs occur, even in healthy people, the virus can rapidly become a severe and often fatal illness.In the latest reports, Qatar suffered its first fatal case of the swine flu.

New South Wales, Australia confirmed a total of 4,000 people stricken, although the number is assumed to be much higher since the state stopped testing for all cases. Iran has confirmed 61 swine flu infections, with several of people returning from the Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, prompting the Health and Medical
Education Ministry to call for a cancellation or limitations on people attending the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage.
Although a combined tally at this time would never reflect the true afflicted population, current reports from some 160 countries reveal a total of 184,870 cases worldwide, with 1,252 fatalities.

World Health Organization, we appreciate your thoughtful guide to help identify and respond to the symptoms of this potentially lethal virus. Our sincere sympathies to the family and friends in pain of loss these past several months, and pray the all are protected through practical precautions, as well as boosting our immunity through the most nutritious organic vegan diet.