More lethal mutation risks in human-to-pig swine flu transmission - 2 Aug 2009  
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Officials in New South Wales, Australia estimate that around 2,000 pigs have become infected from a pig farmer and his staff, and they have quarantined the pigs to keep the virus from spreading.

Experts say that such events pose even wider dangers because while the pigs are infected, other human or
bird flu strains could mix with the swine flu virus, for an even deadlier outcome. Meanwhile, the official number of swine flu cases, which represent only a fraction of the actual people afflicted, reached 184,435, with 1,247  who perished in more than 160 countries.

France and Lebanon both lost first lives to the swine flu, while Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and California, USA
each reported the death of a health care worker. Saudi Arabia to date has had four fatalities as concerns remain heightened regarding the coming hajj pilgrimage. While Tamiflu remains the best known anti-viral medicine, a study in the United Kingdom reported that over 50 percent of children taking the drug are having side effects that include nausea, insomnia, and nightmares.

Australian officials and all health care personnel around the globe, you have our gratitude for your dedicated efforts as you even risk your lives for others.

We pray for the comfort of those who have lost loved ones and the recovery of victims. May lives be ever spared through our own choice of wellness in the immunity-fortifying organic vegan diet.