Swine flu’s unstoppable spread - 28 July 2009  
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Swine flu’s unstoppable spread.

An international summer youth camp in Norway that was just closed due to swine flu by Norwegian health officials, who has now counted 50 swine flu cases among the campers who arrived from 15 different nations. Three were reported to be in serious condition in intensive care hospital units.

Elsewhere in the world, a 39-year-old woman became the first swine flu case in the Maldives, while a 6-year-old girl was Indonesia’s first A(H1N1) fatality. As the vaccine development process is being rushed to be produced before winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, experts caution that using untested vaccines could have harmful side effects.

Meanwhile, use of the most trusted current medication, Tamiflu, brought about 150 reports of diarrhea, vomiting, and other adverse side effects in the United Kingdom alone. Amidst these challenges, the swine flu virus’ victims have risen to an official tally of 163,789 160,038 with 998 991 fatal cases, with infections across at least 160 countries. However, the actual numbers have been acknowledged as being too high to count.

During a phone conversation with Supreme Master Television, World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Mrs. Aphaluck Bhatiasevi Alphaluck Bhatesevi stated that the future of the pandemic itself is uncertain, and that no one knows whether the new vaccines will succeed.

Alphaluck Bhatesevi – Spokesperson, World Health Organization (F): This pandemic flu isa very new virus that is causing infection. It is spreading fast, and it is spreading at an unstoppable pace. We are still seeing the pandemic evolve and unfold, so we really don’t know what impact it would have.

VOICE: Our thanks Mrs. Bhatiasevi Bhatesevi and World Health Organization for this honest evaluation, and to all health officials working to minimize the pandemic’s effects on world citizens. Our prayers go to those affected and sincere sympathies to the loved ones of those lost to the devastating flu. We look forward to the soon day that the nutritious organic vegan diet is adopted by people worldwide, for its manifold benefits and protection from harm.

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