Hog farm owners ordered to pay for revolting smell - 23 July 2009  
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Hog farm owners ordered to pay for revolting smell.

A court in Missouri, USA has ruled that the factory hog farm owners have to pay Ed and Ruth McEowen US$1.1 million for the debilitating effects of its air and water pollution on their neighbors’ lives. The couple had been living in the home for 40 years when their peace was disturbed by the establishment of a pig farm nearby.

Mr. McEowen explained, “Night was always the worst. It's like the monsters come out at night. The sickening stench just lays down here in the valley once the sun goes down. You could never invite anybody over because you never knew how bad the stench was going to be.”

One of their attorneys, Mr. Charlie Speer, is involved in 350 other cases across the state regarding offensive air and water pollution created by factory farms. Besides the terrible stench, the atrocious filth of pig factory farms has triggered the deadly worldwide swine flu pandemic.

In France, 64 summer school students were quarantined after being confirmed with the virus, 47 at a school in Issy-les-Moulineaux and another 17 in a language academy west of the capital. British researchers now recommend against closing schools, saying that even this would not halt the spread of the illness, while South Korean health authorities have raised the national swine flu warning to the second highest level. The number of cases in Wales jumped from 500 to over 2,300 in just the past week, and Panama announced her first death.

Officially, the tally of people infected is 143,841 from 138 countries, with 813 fatalities, although the
World Health Organization has acknowledged that the actual numbers are too high to calculate.

We are grateful to Mr. Charlie Speer and all the advocates striving to ensure clean air and water for people like the McEowens who are coping with loss of health and quality of life due to the disgusting effects of factory farms. We sorrow for those who have lost loved ones to the swine flu and pray for the quick and full recovery of persons who have fallen ill.
May the grace of the divine quickly lead us to a vegan world free of the inhumane meat industry for the vibrant health and safety of all.