Swine flu expected to worsen in the fall - 22 July 2009  
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Swine flu expected to worsen in the fall.

During a press conference, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat, M.D. shared the organization’s most recent observations on the swine flu, including its continued spread in the northern hemisphere outside the normal flu season.

Dr. Anne Schuchat (F): This virus is not going away. The patterns we have been seeing with the 2009 H1N1 virus are quite different from seasonal influenza. This virus is continuing to cause illness and outbreaks in the summer months here in the US. We′re seeing disease, including severe illness and fatalities, in a generally younger population from what we′ve seen with seasonal influenza. And those have been one of the reasons we have been quite concerned in the spring and continuing on into the summer.

VOICE: Dr. Schuchat also warned that the flu would likely get worse at the end of summer. 

Dr. Anne Schuchat (F): We think there may be challenges when people return to schools and our communities get back into the sort of the regular times with lots of kids congregated together. We need to remember that influenza is unpredictable, including the new strain, the 2009 H1N1 virus, and we don′t know the extent of the challenges that we′ll face in the weeks
and months ahead. So, the main message is the virus isn′t gone. We′re concerned that
there will be challenges in the fall. We′re working hard to be ready for them. 

VOICE: The US Food and Drug Administration approved seasonal flu vaccine will only protect against three standard flu strains this fall, not the deadly swine flu.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways of UK are banning anyone showing signs of illness from their flights. Globally, the virus continues to spread rapidly, and Albania has confirmed her first swine flu case.

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old Egyptian woman lost her life when she succumbed to the grip of the disease while making the Muslim umra pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. This was the first swine flu-related death in Egypt, where10 new cases were confirmed on Sunday alone.

The official count also continues to climb globally and has reached 139,566 across 138 countries, with 781 fatalities – worrying increases that reflect just a fraction of swine flu’s actual toll.

Rear Admiral Dr. Schuchat, we appreciate your words of caution, as well as the efforts of all other officials and personnel working to contain this pandemic. We sorrow to hear of such tragedies resulting from the factory farm-borne swine flu virus, and pray for the quick recovery of all afflicted. Let us all unite in adopting the wholesome vegan lifestyle to diminish such devastating illnesses and ensure a brighter world.