Swine flu behaving similarly to deadly 1918 virus - 15 July 2009  
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Swine flu behaving similarly to deadly 1918 virus.

An international team of researchers led by University of Wisconsin scientists in the USA have determined that compared to the seasonal flu, the A(H1N1) swine flu is more likely to replicate deep within the lungs and lead to pneumonia.

This is a similar characteristic to the deadly 1918 H1N1 virus, which infected a full third of the global population and caused 100 million people to perish. Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who led the study, stated, “There is clear evidence (this) virus is different than seasonal influenza.”  The 1918 flu is in fact an related ancestor to the current swine flu, as it also began with a bird flu that infected pigs and was later passed on to humans.

Meanwhile, the official count of people sickened by the current swine flu virus has continued to climb, now numbering 116,943across 135 countries, with 580 fatalities. However, Dr. Kawaoka’s report estimates that the actual number of those infected bythe current swine flu virus exceeds one million.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia recently called for the vulnerable in all nations such as the elderly and expectant mothers to postpone their Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in November this year, in an effort to minimize the spread of the deadly virus.

Our appreciation, Dr. Kawaoka and colleagues, for your insightful research on the alarming similarities between the current swine flu pandemic and the fearful legacy of the 1918 flu virus. We send our condolences to the loved ones of all victims of swine flu, as we pray that those afflicted may have a swift and full recovery. Knowing as we do that this illness originates in the inhumane and shocking filth of the farmed animal industry, we pray that the consumption of all animal products may quickly cease worldwide to ensure the flourishing health of all.

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