[CAFO INVESTIGATION 7] Factory farm neighbors call for help - 13 July 2009  
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Factory farm neighbors call for help. Ever since factory dairy farms were built in Washington state’s Yakima County, USA, area residents have suffered from ongoing sickness and a loss of their quality of life.

Supreme Master Television spoke with community members, some of whom are Native Americans living on ancestral lands that date back hundreds of years, as they shared about the cost of animal agriculture along with their vision for a better future. 

Resident (F): We have to make the general public aware of how their food is being raised. We need to have them know what damages this food can do.

One thing I want is for my kids to be able to go outside, and play, run in the grass and have the windows open, because the smell, you know, we are kind of prisoners in our home. And I want to be free.

Resident (f): We have no clean water. When I was a kid we had clean water; we went camping, we could drink the water in the mountains. Now there's no clean water left.

I’d like to see the Farm Bill revamped. Because too much money is going in to support, support these factory farms.

This is not a problem that just affects us here on the Yakama Reservationor the people that you’ve seen today. This affects every one of you. We need to make a voice that can be heard. This voice needs to be heard in every leadership position in the world.

VOICE: Meanwhile, the shocking and inhumane treatment of animals has continued to make people ill and is responsible for now hundreds of fatalities through the latest viral infection: swine flu, which originated in a Mexico factory farm. The swine flu pandemic is still spreading rapidly, with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reporting 114,569 official cases and 572 fatalities across 134 countries.

Our sincere thanks, Yakima residents, for providing us with a deeper understanding of animal agriculture's devastating effects on communities. We send our sympathies and prayers for those who have perished or fallen ill from the grip of the swine flu. With the grace of the Providence, may we soon greet an organic vegan world where people can always enjoy vibrant health!