WHO forecasts more virulent and persistent second wave of swine flu - 6 July 2009  
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WHO forecasts more virulent and persistent second wave of swine flu.

During a meeting last week of the World Health Organization (WHO)with health ministers and experts held in Cancun, Mexico, WHO Deputy General Keiji Fukuda was joined by representatives from several countries in warning of the swine flu’s effect when it arrives for a second wave this fall in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Meanwhile, El Salvador saw its first swine flu-caused fatality along with a first in London, United Kingdom. This was the nation’s fourth swine flu death, with cases that have jumped significantly to around 7,500 in recent days. In Australia, Co-director of the National Center for Immunization Research at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital, Professor Robert Booy, announced that twice as many fatalities in children with swine flu than seasonal flu are expected over the next 12 months.

In another update, Japan has discovered a genetic mutation of the swine flu that is resistant to the anti-viral medication Tamiflu. The two patients in which this has been seen are thus far responding well to the alternative medicine, Ralenza. In all, some 123 countries are now afflicted, with confirmed cases surpassing 90,000 and more than 382 who have perished. Libya has recently reported a first-ever swine flu case.

We are grateful, World Health Organization and all officials, health care workers, organizations and companies, for your work to protect the health and safety of people around the globe. Our sincere prayers for the recovery of those suffering from the swine flu, and for anyone who has suffered loss. May afflictions such as these diminish quickly as humanity eliminates viral breeding grounds by halting the practice of raising animals for meat, instead adopting the lifesaving organic vegan diet.