Swine flu cases too many to test in Australia - 18 Jun 2009  
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Only a fraction of potential swine flu cases are being tested in Victoria, Australia, because the significant increase in cases has overwhelmed the public healthcare system’s ability to test all of them. 

Acting Chief Health Officer Dr. Rosemary Lester stated that although only 1,210 cases have been confirmed, the actual number of infected people is higher. 

The Victoria healthcare system has moved to testing only those most at risk, including the elderly, expecting women, and people with underlying medical conditions. 

Because 40% of those admitted to the hospital with swine flu in New York, USA also had asthma, the National Asthma Council of Australia is encouraging asthmatics especially to be careful and seek testing.

Supreme Master Television interviewed by phone Dr. Anne Marie Kimball, MD, a leading epidemiologist at the University of Washington’s Department of Health Services in the US. Dr. Kimball highlighted her concern about the significant increase in swine flu cases in southern hemisphere locations such as Australia, which has also entered its regular flu season. 

Dr. Anne Marie Kimball – Epidemiologist, University of Washington Department of Health Services, USA (F):  We are a global community, we are really interconnected with one another, not only in terms of travel but also in terms of trade. And that is a trend that makes us more vulnerable, as we are basically as safe as the weakest public health system in the world, in terms of flu.

VOICE: The swine flu has taken more than 170 lives in the past few months, as infections worldwide are surpassing 36,000 in 81 countries. Meanwhile, companies such as Baxter and Novartis have developed and begun to produce swine flu vaccines, although it still remains for countries to decide which group should receive the limited supply of vaccinations first. 

Dr. Kimball we thank you for your insights, and offer our sincere gratitude to healthcare workers and officials across the globe for helping to protect and treat people for the swine flu. As we pray for those suffering and in mourning at this time, may all of us shield ourselves and one another by enhancing our immunity through the balanced, nutritious vegan diet.