[Hog Farm Investigation 1] Inside view of a pig factory farm - 14 June 2009  
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New Zealand Comedian Mike King, the former spokesperson for the country’s pork industry, experienced firsthand the living conditions of pigs live in on factory farms when he went on an early-hour tour of a typical pig farm.

Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE), who helped arrange the visit for Mr. King, shared footage of the event with Supreme Master Television, in which Mr. King comments on what he sees.

Mike King – Famous New Zealand comedian, Former pork industry spokesperson (M): One word: Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting! The stench is unbelievable. Bad. Well, when you, when you first come down the driveway, the first thing that hits you from the road is the overwhelming, disgusting smell. And then you hear the pigs. Man, they just… It's not a nice sound. You see sad eyes…walking along. Saw pigs chewing bars, pigs frothing at the mouth. Just don’t even have words to describe it. It’s disgusting. I feel… I feel ashamed really.

VOICE: The conditions of factory farms have been cited as a serious issue for years by public health officials, who have been expecting a deadly pandemic virus to evolve out of them. A collaboration of researchers at University of Edinburgh and Oxford University in Britain and
University of Hong Kong in China have also confirmed again that the current A H1N1 swine flu virus has been circulating within pig populations for several years. They believe the virus was transferred to humans a few months before it was detected.

Now formally acknowledged as causing a pandemic, the swine flu virus continues to take its toll on global public health, with almost 30,000 confirmed cases in 75 countries. Fatalities of about 145 recently rose by 3 people, each in different cities and regions in the US. With the actual number of swine flu cases estimated to be many times more than these figures, the World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that low-income regions vulnerable to malnutrition, such as Africa, may manifest the swine flu’s worst outcomes.

We admire your honesty, Mr. King, and your courage in shining a spotlight on the plight of
the innocent pigs. Our thanks to the international scientists for their work in verifying the link between farmed animals and the swine flu virus. We pray for the rapid freedom from suffering of pigs and humans alike through a global switch to the vegan diet, offering a natural return to health and vitality for all.