World warned of full-blown pandemic - 11 June 2009  
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With the swine flu virus having afflicted more than 26,500 in 73 countries, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned this week that an official swine flu pandemic is now imminent, while preparing countries on how to cope with large infected populations.
A pandemic is the highest in WHO’s six-level alert scale, signifying a continued spread of disease in at least two WHO regions in the world. In this case, the regions are the originating continent of North America and Australia, where more than 1,200 swine flu cases have been confirmed.

The next countries outside these areas with the highest number of cases are the UK at over 660 cases, as well as Japan, Spain, China, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, and others. Cases are also noticeably rising in places such as Lebanon and Egypt.In addition, officials warn that the severity of the swine flu virus could suddenly increase at any time, possibly claiming many more than the 140 lives recorded thus far. The location most at risk for this to occur is actually a pig factory farm, where conditions allow rapid viral mutations.

Our appreciation World Health Organization and government leaders across the globe for your efforts to safeguard the health of fellow citizens. We sorrow for the losses already sustained by loved ones as we pray for the toll of this illness to be minimized through humanity’s awakening to the safety of the plant-based diet.