[CAFO INVESTIGATION 3] Animal farms imprison families - 10 June 2009  
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Supreme Master Television spoke with residents in California’s Central Valley in the USA, to understand some of the wider effects of consuming animal products. With one of the highest concentrations of dairy factory farms in the country, the region is subjected to large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.

Some of the odors are intolerable and dangerous, causing human and environmental harm. There is a social impact as well. A common theme in surrounding neighborhoods is the depression felt by families who find themselves unableto breathe fresh air and enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time outdoors in their gardens.

Resident (M): Well, there, there is a lot of flies, and sometimes the smell is so bad that I can’t even come outside and play with my kids. (SupremeMasterTV (M): How bad is it?)

Unbearable. Well you’re going to throw up like, like someone went to bathroom. That’s how bad it smells.

Resident(M): There’s a lot of fleas here.

SupremeMasterTV(M): I am getting the same response from your neighbors, too.

Resident(M): Fleas?

SupremeMasterTV(M): Yes, fleas, flies, and the smell.

Resident (F): The smells really affects us. We can’t come out to get the fresh air, especially for my kids, and for me who is pregnant. I can’t come out get fresh air, because I need fresh air. And sometimes it’s hot, and we can’t come out. My kids, they don’t call it a home; they call our home is where the cow smell’s at. I don’t want my kids to grow up knowing that we live in this house where all it does is smell like cow. 

VOICE: As meat and dairy consumption degrade the quality of life for communities where the animals are raised, the public health threat from the swine flu virus, which had been bred within the animal agriculture industry, continues to extend its reach. More than 25,300 26,500 victims worldwide have fallen ill in 73 countries, with fatalities about to surpass 140. Places as far apart as India, northern Canada, and the Philippines are seeing jumps in the numbers afflicted, with persons contracting the virus that include prominent sports athletes and government officials, a reminder that few of us are immune.

May an emerging awareness of the full impact of meat and dairy products grow rapidly across the planet, so that communities currently bound by these animal operations may reclaim their rightful chance to enjoy fresh air and lives with loved ones. We send our sincere prayer for the safe recovery of all those enduring the swine flu and comfort for the mourning, until this global ordeal passes, with Heaven’s grace.

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