Swine flu cases jump in both north and south hemispheres - 3 June 2009  
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With the swine flu now detected in Luxembourg, Ukraine, and a first-ever African country in Egypt, the total number of cases have climbed to about beyond 19,000 over the past few days. In Australia, the tally has doubled every two days to nearly 500, over 400, making it the country with the largest number of cases in the Asia-Pacific region, now followed by Japan. It is also the fourth largest after the North American countries of Canada, US, and Mexico, where new fatalities were reported over the weekend.

According to University of New South Wales’ Head of Public Health Dr. Raina MacIntyre, a continuing trend may lead to a pandemic being declared by the World Health Organization. Swine flu is named after the species that is also victim to the same disease, and may have played a helpless role in its development. The emotional suffering of farmed animals are complex is enormous.

It was in learning to understand and appreciate them that Dr. Jeffrey Masson, an international bestselling author and vegan, began to write books about the animals, including the international bestsellers “Why Elephants Weep,” “Dogs Never Lie about Love,” and “The Pig Who Sang to the Moon: The Emotional World of Farm Animals.”

Dr. Jeffrey Masson – International bestselling author of “When Elephants Weep” and “Dogs Never Lie About Love” (M): Now I learned that when pigs are slaughtered, they scream. I asked some scientists, who again had no interest in vegetarianism and were not particularly concerned with animal suffering, and I said, “Why do they scream like that?” And they said, “Oh, don’t you know? They are calling for help! In the wild when a baby pig, is being attacked, it gives this high pitch squeal and that immediately calls the herd, and the whole herd comes thundering over and they protect the baby.”

It’s really sad to recognize that when these animals are being killed today by us, they’re basically calling for their mother. They’re saying, “Please help me, don’t kill me!” And when you realize that, I don’t see how anybody of compassion could go ahead and just take their life, and for no reason, just because it tastes good.

VOICE: We sincerely appreciate Dr. Masson’s compassionate glimpses resulting from his fascinating research into the emotional lives of our animal co-inhabitants. Our sympathies and prayers for families coping with loss from the swine flu as well as for the afflicted. With Heaven’s grace, may more of us
choose the wise, life-sparing choice of an animal-free diet for the ultimate safety and well-being of all. 

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