Countries hope to avoid fatal swine flu resurgence - 2 June 2009  
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With a total of more than 17,400 cases 115 fatalities now in 62 countries,  the swine flu is causing healtho fficials worldwide to urgently plan countermeasures. Wishing to avoid a repeat of the highly lethal 1918 influenza, France is evaluating plans to spend US$1.4 billion on vaccines to immunize the entire country. Although the 1918 influenza was attributed to a pig source for many years,

Kansas State University, USA veterinary virologist Dr. Juergen Richt explains it is likely that humans actually caught the virus from birds and passed it on to pigs, who are natural repositories for both human and bird DNA. The new swine flu strain spreading globally is also believed to have originated in a factory farm, where the close confinement causes not only the animals to have to endure illnesses together, but humans as well, especially in the rural communities located near livestock farms.

Helen Reddout, a cherry farmer and president of the Community Association for Restoration of the Environment (CARE), which helps US communities remain free of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), reported in a telephone interview with Supreme Master Television about one victim living next to a dairy farm in Yakima Valley, California, USA:

Helen Reddout – President, Community Association for Restoration of the Environment (CARE) (F): They’re very poor people and they were surrounded on three sides by these very nasty confined animal feeding (CAFO) operations. Early one morning she just stepped outside to look at the yard and everything. She said as she stepped outside onto the porch the smell of ammonia was so bad that she went “hhhhah,” like that, you know how when something shocks you, how you have a tendency to do that. And she says it burned her vocal cords because now at best she talks in a whisper.

SupremeMasterTV(f): One breath changed her vocals.

Helen (f): She said it was so strong. I mean we smell ammonia here quite a bit. And I’ve been going down the road to the point that I would have a gag reflex just from driving by one of these operations.

But she was right in the misdt of it and evidently this was when they were really spraying a lot and she just gasped.

VOICE: Many thanks, Ms. Reddout and Community Association for Restoration of the Environment, for your work to protect the health of vulnerable community members. We pray for all communities afflicted by the presence of animal farms, as well as for people worldwide who have suffered loss or illness from the current swine flu.

May Heaven keep everyone safe as we quickly transition to the freedom and health of the wholesome vegan lifestyle.