Life-changing measures to protect against swine flu - 27 May 2009  
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As the total confirmed cases of the A H1N1 swine flu exceeds 12,950 in 48 countries,first new cases have been reported from Puerto Rico and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The number of fatalities has also risen past 95. As one preventative measure, Hong Kong’s Department of Health has announced a series of smoking cessation programs to help reduce the risk of residents contracting the swine flu virus. A spokesperson stated, “Research studies show a higher risk of influenza infections among smokers when compared with non-smokers. Also, the mortality rate … among smokers is higher than that of non-smokers.”

While non-smokers may indeed be at less risk of contracting swine flu, perhaps an even more effective way to protect the overall public health lies in the current meat production system. Epidemic experts fear that unless demand for meat goes down, we may inevitably face even more fatal factory farm-related diseases.

Supreme Master Television spoke with Randall Ball in the US, a vegan produce distributor from a family of pig farmers, about why he felt it is important to switch to a vegan diet.

Randal Ball – Founder of “Paradise Found” local organic produce distribution service, USA, Vegan (M): My family historically have been pig farmers right here in Ohio. My father died when I was two years old and he died of a heart attack. We were pig farmers, and every single one of his siblings also died of a heart attack. It made me really wonder you know about that connection.

When I look at the factory farms, they can only be described as an abomination to me, both health-wise and from an environmental standpoint. It's a virtual breeding ground for all diseases. Swine flu, bird flu, all these really aren't inherent in pigs. The pig is actually one of the cleanest animals on the planet, if given a choice.

Personally, I've been vegan for coming on two years. I've gained something that's really hard to describe in our English vocabulary, but it's a greater connection with life, and just a feeling of being more alive and a warmer environment. This idea that, with our meals, we cause this suffering and create this destruction, it's just like a ceremony that we carry into every aspect of our life. Are we going to celebrate life or are we going to celebrate death and destruction? That's really the choice.

VOICE: Our sincere thanks, Mr. Ball, for sharing your personal experience about the impact of pig farming in your life. We pray with sadness for the people worldwide suffering from the effects of the swine flu, especially those who have lost loved ones. Through opting for the wise vegan lifestyle, may we all awaken soon to a safer world and enjoy a future that truly celebrates life, together.