WHO investigates Africa’s first potential swine flu cases - 25 May 2009  
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The number of confirmed swine flu cases around the globe continued to rise past 12,000, with at least 86 newly confirmed cases in the UK, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan. The World Health Organization (WHO) is testing two people for the A H1N1 swine flu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If confirmed, these would be the first on the African continent, raising concerns due to under-funded health services that are already struggling to cope with malaria and typhoid.

In New Zealand last week, Television New Zealand broadcast an exposé of a pig factory farm visited by comedian Mike King, a former pork industry spokesperson who expressed his dismay and sorrow at what he saw. A similar sentiment spread among New Zealanders, who consider themselves animal lovers. To continue raising awareness of the inhumane plight of pigs, several animal rights groups held a peaceful rally through the streets of Wellington.

Terina Graham, SAFE (Saving Animals From Exploitation) representative, Vegetarian (F): We’ve just been flooded with e-mails and phone calls and that saying “I cannot believe this is going on.” With the program that was aired last week, it was a TV celebrity that had actually exposed the industry to the public, and he’d been supporting them, doing advertisements, and he didn’t know. And that has put him off factory farmed pork so he will not buy factory farmed pork at all. So the majority of the public have got on board and they too are putting their foot down. Supermarkets will even tell you themselves that consumers are not even going near the aisles of pork.

VOICE: We thank Television New Zealand for your timely and sensitive coverage of the true plight of farmed pigs, and our hats off to New Zealanders for their prompt and compassionate response. We continue to pray for the victims of the swine flu and that lives may be spared to diminish the suffering of loss. May we all look forward to the day when there is no need for such concern as everyone adopts the clean and animal-friendly vegan lifestyle.