The cultivation of the amazing Moringa tree is encouraged in Sierra Leone. - 3 Apr 2011  
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An initiative has been launched by the United Methodist Committee on Relief, in conjunction with the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, to promote the many benefits of this wonderful tree. Native to the Himalayan Mountain foothills, it is now widely grown in Africa, Latin America
and parts of Asia.

The pods, which taste like asparagus, are very nutritious. Furthermore, the leaves are full of amino acids and are one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals available in the plant kingdom. They are also capable of cleaning water. The Moringa tree can be seeded in arid, tropical and
sub-tropical conditions, in sandy or poor soil, and it will flower and fruit within a year.

Our heartfelt gratitude, United Methodist Committee on Relief and Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, for your dedicated efforts. May we look to the Moringa Tree and other miracles of Nature to provide abundant sustenance on a gentle and sustainable Earth.,