Eco-friendly Austrian project uses grass for fuel. - 28 Nov 2010  
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Sponsored by some of the nation’s large energy providers, a pilot project in the state of Lower Austria has successfully produced natural gas as a fuel source without a loss in food production.

To achieve this goal, participating farmers first harvested their primary food crops in late July or early August, then sowed the fields with grasses that served as secondary bio-fuel crops to be harvested in late October.

The biogas fuel from the crops was then refined so that it could be introduced into the existing natural gas network. The results of the pilot test have shown that Austria has the potential to sustainably provide for nearly all of her natural gas needs through this bio-fuel.

In addition to the energy benefits, the secondary planting has also been noted to benefit the soil, as the grass cover crop helps retain moisture, and its by-products can be spread on the field as an excellent natural fertilizer that retains a high proportion of total nitrogen.

Bravo, entrepreneurs and Austria for your work to introduce sustainable bio-fuels while protecting food security.
May your endeavors continue to be graced with success, yielding abundant energy supplies in harmony with nature for all.