The Volt: Chevrolet’s new hybrid electric car. - 13 Nov 2010  
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With production beginning this month, this convenient plug-in vehicle from US-based General Motors offers an extended range of about 50 miles on a full electric charge, with 300 additional miles through a back-up gasoline engine. Several reviewers of the vehicle have noted its exceptionally quiet emission-free ride, even when the engine is activated.

Expressing his own excitement about the Volt’s new technology, General Motors Vice President of US Marketing, Joel Ewanick, announced that he would be personally driving the car several thousand miles from company headquarters in Michigan to the Los Angeles Auto Show in southern California. Averaging 38 miles
per gallon once it switches to gas power, the luxurious Volt features a spacious interior and is selling for around US$41,000. One of its first major customers is US-based General Electric company, which is purchasing 12,000 of the new model in accordance with its expanding electric charging station program.

Bravo, General Motors, for this green transportation innovation! May such clean and alternatively-fueled vehicles help speed our way to a more sustainable future in harmony with our planet.