World’s largest economies pledge cooperation on clean energy - 23 Jul 2010  
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Energy ministers from the 21 nations whose combined national income comprises 80% of the global economy met this week for two days in Washington, DC, USA to find common ground in addressing energy concerns. During the conference, 11 eco-initiatives were agreed, including one to improve energy-efficiency of home appliances, with collaboration among the United States, Japan, South Korea, India and European nations. Meeting participants also agreed to share information on electric vehicle technology as well as the design of smart grids to improve management of regional power consumption.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for early 2011 and will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates. US Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who led this year’s conference, stated, “What we've seen here is that working together, we can accomplish more, faster, than working alone.”

Our accolades, Your Excellencies and participating countries, for your shared commitment to a green future.
May your noble measures be joined by fellow citizens worldwide to preserve our Earth and all her inhabitants.