Hundreds of European join in a pledge to curb CO2 emission - 6 May 2010  
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On Tuesday, May 4, over 500 European mayors gathered at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to sign a declaration known as the Covenant of Mayors.

This document reflects the ambitious commitments of participating towns and cities to reduce their carbon emissions more than 20% by 2020, going beyond the stated climate change goals of the European Union as a whole.

Present for the signing was European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, joined by European Union Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain, EU chair Presidency: All the society must be involved and especially the local and central authorities.

EP President Jerzy Buzek: We are at the dome of a green revolution, but in this revolution you, the mayors of our cities are the front line.  You are best placed to propose solutions which coincide the public and private interests.

Sten NORDIN, Mayor of Stockholm (in English): The local level is very important when having sustainable cities. And you have to work together with the citizens; you have to involve the citizens in the work for sustainability. That’s my most important message.

Citing the key role of Europe’s city leaders in contributing to regional climate goals, President Buzek said, “They are closer to our citizens than any parliament, any government, [and] are the most important for solving our common problems.”

Since the movement’s launch in 2008, some 1680 municipalities across Europe have now signed the Covenant declaration, representing 120 million people in 36 nations.

Individual city participants are tasked with formulating their own Sustainable Energy Action Plans, while a new database launched at the Covenant meeting is designed to help the signatories share best practices toward the unified goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A big bravo, all signatory European cities and towns of the Covenant of Mayors for your laudable commitment to green living! Blessed be such eco-conscious initiatives as yours in helping restore our world to planetary health.[tt_news]=668&