Students awarded for reusable paper-and-ink design - 2 Apr 2010  
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Seventh grade students Anika Patel and Angela Riggins of Washington, USA have been named as winners from among 14,000 participants in the 2010 ExploraVision Awards, sponsored by Japan-based electronics company Toshiba. With a mutual love of scientific experiments, the two teens designed an eco-friendly printer
system that conserves resources by removing ink from paper, thus facilitating reuse of both materials.

They said they were inspired by the gecko lizard, whose unique feet are specially adapted for sticking to surfaces. Thus, the printer rollers are designed to be able to reverse their electrical charge, with the ink that was sticking to the paper being released and stored for re-use.

The regional award for their futuristic concept has qualified the two youths for a national competition.
Our green hats off, Anika Patel and Angela Riggins for your ingenious development and deserved distinction! Wishing you continued inspiration and the joy of discovery in such humanity- and Earth-enhancing technologies as these.