Changing climate disrupts wheat production in Europe - 12 Jul 2010  
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Conditions of severe drought and the loss of nine million hectares of crops thus far prompted government officials in Russia to declare a state of emergency across 14 regions on Friday, July 9.

With southeastern and central Europe reporting crop damage due to floods, countries such as Russia, France and Romania have reported that excessive heat and water shortages are the reason for recent reductions in wheat harvest forecasts. This news has in turn caused global wheat prices to rise to their highest levels since winter.

Meanwhile, the United Nations anticipates that agricultural crop losses overall are likely to be much higher in 2010 in part due to changing weather patterns.

We appreciate these reports from the United Nations, Russia, France, Romania and countries for helping us to understand the urgency of our food security situation. Let us all act now in the most eco-conscious ways to restore balance to our environment and ensure adequate sustenance for all.