French National Assembly presented with veg solution. - 25 May 2010  
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French Parliamentarians and other dignitaries were treated on May 19 to a vegetarian buffet and informational seminar. The event was hosted by a consortium of individuals and veg organizations sponsoring the website (, which is calling for a moratorium on factory farming and a reduction in the animal product consumption, with support from Parliament member Yves Cochet, journalist Yolain de la Bigne
and author and actor Laurent Baffie and many others.

Besides the delicious repast, the guests had the opportunity to learn about the adverse health and environmental impacts of meat-eating along with the benefits of veg fare.

As stated by Senate member Jacques Muller, "Less meat is more health, more for the environment and more for international solidarity."

Parliament member Cochet added, “We need to bring awareness to the government about the possibility of an amendment in the law that would establish a vegetarian day per week."

Paris is already home to a number of other initiatives promoting plant-based cuisine including school cafeterias that serve a purely vegetarian menu one day each week.

Bravo, sponsors, Parliament members Cochet and Muller, journalist de la Bigne and Mr. Laurent Baffie for your efforts to foster both greater humanity and health.

May the lovely people of France, and beyond, be graced with the manifold health and eco-benefits of wholesome vegan fare.