Former Miss World Irish celebrity promotes veg solution in campaign with Supreme Master Television.- 22 Jan 2010  
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With time running out to save the planet from irreversible climate change, a new public service announcement campaign has been launched throughout the Republic of Ireland, promoting veganism as global warming’s most effective solution. Irish top veg model and Miss World 2003 Ms. Rosanna Davison collaborated with
Supreme Master Television to produce the series of video as well as print advertisements.

Ms. Davison, daughter of the world famous Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh, reveals the secret to her picture perfect image of radiant health.

Rosanna Davison (F): Hi I'm Rosanna Davison and I'm a vegetarian. I get all the nutrition I need from a plant-based diet. According to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Report, 80% of the cost of climate change can be avoided if we adopt a plant-based animal free diet. With the world in financial turmoil, this is a great way to save your hard earned money and also benefit the environment.

VOICE: A vegetarian since childhood and up to the time of filming, Ms. Davison became a vegan through working with Supreme Master Television and learning about the harmful effects of meat production and consumption in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, health, and care for all beings.

Rosanna Davison (F): Yumm... Veggie chicken! Cruelty-free, a whole lot better for your health, easy to cook, and it tastes amazing!

VOICE: The announcements appear on the major television channels TV3 and 3E airing on the Sky TV network in Ireland. Their print counterparts appear on five large posters around Dublin, in every carriage of the Luas, the capital’s light rail tram system, and on the buses of Ireland’s four largest cities, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway.

Rosanna Davison (F): To learn more about the healthy, compassionate vegetarian diet, Supreme Master Television, SKY channel 835.

VOICE: You are beautiful inside and out, Rosanna! Our kudos and thanks for the noble choices you’ve made in being vegan and encouraging others to do the same. May the heroic people of Ireland and beyond join the loving veg trend to save the planet.