Enthusiasm runs high in Formosan (Taiwanese) school for reduced-meat program. - 29 Dec 2009  
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Following an initiative launched by the Student Council, Yangtze High School in Yunlin County, Formosa (Taiwan) began to adopt meals without beef, pork, chicken, and fish, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The program is starting with one day, and eventually will extend to all days of the week. With students who were inspired by a recent presentation on the climate impact of meat given by the Yunlin County Government, Supreme Master Television’s correspondent reports on the program’s success from Yangtze High School, Formosa.

Formosan (Taiwanese) Correspondent (F): Earth-loving viewers, I am here at the Yangtze High School of Yunlin County, Formosa. In this school, a group of students realized how desperate the warming is now faced by the planet.
On their own accord, they asked their principal to offer the whole school a “Healthy Less-Carbon Diet” to help save our precious Earth.

Alex Wu – Student Council chair (M): We thought it will impact the planet a lot if we continue to eat meat.
Therefore at first, I promoted this measure in our class.

Eric Hong – Student (M): We held a class meeting and decided to extend this activity to the whole school in the future. Then hopefully in the future it can be extended to our families.

Peng-Chou Wei – Principal, Yangtze High School (M): After the media reported the fact, I received many calls and many internet messages, commending us.
They also look forward to our students inspiring other schools – all of us together to save the planet!

Correspondent (F): The Student Council chair represented all students in the pledge: “Cherish animals, respect lives and eat vegetables to stop global warming” and save the Earth.

The decision has brought about enthusiastic responses from the students. Many conveyed their messages in the school newspaper to show how much they support this wise, loving decision.

“Only after having this lunch do I feel that I have made a contribution to the Earth…” – Yang Kai-Hsiang

(female) “… I realize how valuable each life is. I also understand how I can change the world through small actions.”
–  Wang Sheng-Wen

Correspondent (F): Let’s take a look at these young, healthy and active friends.
Correspondent (F): What is your vision of Earth’s future?
Eric Hong – Student (M): So we hope that in the future, through the vegetarian activities we promote, we can gradually curb climate anomalies.
Janny Yang – Student (F): I think it’s a very great measure. We let ourselves be healthier and even protect our environment. Classroom of students: Be veg,  go green, save the planet! Yeah!

VOICE: Bravo and many thanks, Yangtze High School Student Council, fellow students and faculty, and the Yunlin County Government of Formosa for your leadership in reducing meat to stop climate change.
May this be the start of the most ideal organic vegan trend benefiting schools throughout Formosa and the world!