Formosan (Taiwanese) high school students promote meat-free meals to save the planet.- 26 Dec 2009  
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The Student Council of Yangtze High School in Yulin County, Formosa (Taiwan) launched a campaign calling on the entire school to adopt meat-free meals to reduce carbon emissions, going from class to class to promote their message.

After gaining approval from the students and teachers in the school of over 1000 people, the high school is starting with one veg meal a week and will gradually increase to meat-free meals served daily in the future.
A statement from the Student Council said, "We can be just as healthy and happy without meat, and have the vitality for our study while we love our planet at the same time."

Student Council and participating students of Yangtze High School, we applaud and admire your noble initiative. Blessed be all such efforts as yours in bringing optimal refreshment and vigor to humans while restoring our Earthly home.