Animal agriculture affects global hunger. - 9 Dec 2009  
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With the numbers of people facing hunger worldwide having risen to more a billion for the first time in history, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released a white paper calling for reduced reliance on industrial animal agriculture and greater support instead for plant-based foods to provide nutrition
for more people.

The report points out that with over 80% of all soy and up to 50% of corn already being fed to livestock, forecasts of animal product consumption doubling by 2050 means that livestock animals may soon be in competition with humans for food. Worse yet, livestock production is a major factor in global warming,
which if continued will only intensify problems such as drought and extreme storms that are already threatening food security worldwide.

Our appreciation, Humane Society of the United States for this wise reminder that global hunger can be alleviated by the simple choice of plant-based foods.

May such research as yours lead us to swiftly adopt lifestyles that optimize the food supply for all.
In her dedication to ensure humanity’s wellbeing, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often warned of the major role of the livestock industry in world hunger, as during a January 2009 videoconference in Mongolia.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Actually, we should not have to worry about food because we have it abundantly on our planet. It’s just that we have to use it wisely. Instead of using it to feed the animals, we use it to feed humans and that will be fine. We should remind everyone to be veg to invoke the mercy of the Buddhas, and we will be better protected.

Studies have shown that if the grain currently going to livestock animals for feed, if we feed it to humans, then all the hunger in the world will disappear and the reversal of global warming from a vegan diet will result in more plentiful growing conditions. So, we even have more food than now if we turn to vegan diet.